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2 pairing knife recipes

Last Updated : Feb 28,2020

पेयरींग नाईफ रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (pairing knife recipes in Hindi)
પેરિંગ નાઇફ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (pairing knife recipes in Gujarati)

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Anjeer ( Dried Figs) 4.9 g of fiber is what ½ cup of dried figs offer and keep constipation at bay. Being a good source of potassium, dried figs can help balance the sodium and potassium ratio, thus controlling blood pressure and good for heart. Yes, figs contain a good amount of fiber which is sure to benefit you by keeping you full for longs hours and helping in weight loss. But do not overlook the fact that they are high in calories too. So do not over eat. The antioxidant phenol and fiber both work together to eliminate free radicals which would otherwise damage blood vessels and trigger heart diseases. See detailed benefits of anjeer, dried figs

Apples : Being low in sodium, apples are effective against high blood pressure because of its diuretic effect. Don't peel the fruit to get maximum apple benefits. Two-thirds of the fibre and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel. Apple benefits diabetics as the soluble fibre assists in regulating blood sugar and is heart friendly. See detailed 9 health benefits of apple

Avocado : Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) which help to manage the cholesterol levels within normal limits. They also help reduce inflammation in the body and prevent blockage of arteries – one of the main reasons for heart attacks. Further, avocados also have a good ratio of potassium to sodium. A high potassium and low sodium ingredient enables to keep your blood pressure stable, which helps to stave off heart disease and stroke both. Though avocados are high in fats, they are all healthy fats. MUFA not only promote healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure, but they also improve insulin sensitivity to help manage diabetes.  The fiber in avocado (5 g) and the healthy fats (11 g) along with low carbs (6.3 g) aids in weight loss. See detailed avocado benefits.

Banana : Banana is high in potassium. Potassium helps normalize the heartbeat and regulates the body's water balance. Bananas have low sodium content and high potassium content, and contribute for making it an ideal fruit for hypertensives. Bananas contain good amounts of potassium and magnesium which lowers the risk of heart diseases. See the 7 incredible benefits of banana

Blueberries : Blueberries are a powerful antioxidant, especially anthocyanins which help fight cancer and degeneration of cells. They are low in calories, rich in fibre and good for daibetics

Green Grapes + Black Grapes : The flavonoid quercitin found in grapes helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and prevents the onset of stroke. Resveratrol is another antioxidant that grapes possess. Grapes contain the necessary minerals to maintain or lower blood pressure. Vitamin C is known as an immune booster. Basically it helps to build our white blood cells (WBC), the immune cells, and builds a strong line of defence against common diseases like cold and coughDiabetics to eat in restricted quantity. See detailed benefits of grapes

Guava (Peru) : After amla, guava is a fruit, which is packed with immune building Vitamin C (275.5 mg / cup). Guavas are a great source of fighting bacteria, which cause diseases like common cold and cough. They do so by fostering  white blood cells (WBC) production. The high fiber in Guava which is known to show positive weight loss and blood sugar control results, also is an aid to control blood pressure and is one of the healthy heart fruits and diabetic friendly. The most fruitful way to treat obesity is to eat healthy for weight loss – low fat, high fiber and high protein foods. See detailed benefits of guava

Mango (Aam) : The most important role Mango has is to build our immune system by building our white blood cells (WBC) and in turn help to keep diseases like common cold and cough at bay. Another key nutrient that mango is brimming with is magnesium. This mineral along with potassium helps to in maintaining normal heart rate, relaxes the blood vessels and keeps blood pressure also under check. research shows that moderate consumption of mangoes could assist in weight loss. This is because mangoes are rich in fiber. When mango is in season, a diabetic can occasionally satisfy his/her cravings of this delicious fruit within the suggested serving size i.e. ½ mango or 2 to 3 slices. Remember to include these calories and carbs as a part of your daily meal plan. See detailed benefits of mango

Muskmelon ( Kharbooja): Muskmelon abounds in a key nutrient vitamin C, which strengthens our immune system by building our immune cells – white blood cells (WBC). These help to fight against the bacteria which usually grow within a clogged pore and shows up as acne. If you too are looking to loose weight, reach out for muskmelon. Its sweet taste is the best to turn your head to satisfy your sweet tooth. This low-fat and high antioxidant fruit holds the capacity of reducing inflammation in the body and thus protecting your arteries and in turn heart. Your diet triggers or controls acidity. The pH of muskmelon is in between 6.5 to 7. So they are considered to be almost neutral and thus help in balancing the acids of the stomach. See detailed benefits of muskmelon

Oranges, Sweet Lime (Mosambi) Citrus fruits : Low in calorie and rich source of fiber. Fruits are low carb and high in Vitamic C. Oranges, Sweet Lime are rich in Vitamin A. Sadly in India, poor rural families who don't get enough fruits like oranges, mango and papaya have high incidence of night-blindness. Read this article on benefits of citrus fruits

Papaya : Being rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it helps to protect against heart diseases by oxidising the excess Cholesterol. Papaya is low in carbs and therefore does not raise blood glucose levels and relives constipation.The question is even if the glycemic index of papaya comes under medium range how this fruit is beneficial for diabetics? This is because the glycemic load of the fruit is just 6.4 for 1 cup of papaya, but diabetics should control portion size.  See detailed benefits of papaya

Pears (Nashpati) : Pears are an excellent source of fiber (7.3 g / cup). Fiber has key role in easy bowel movements and avoiding constipation. Pears are high in vitamin C, which enhances our line of defense against diseases by building white blood cells (WBC). These cells help us fight common bacterial and viral infections. Such high fiber and low glycemic index fruits like pears help to release the sugar in the bloodstream slowly. Pear is a fairly good source of potassium and magnesium which have a significant positive impact on heart. The presence of pectin fiber in pear is the secret nutrient to support heart health. It helps to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. See detailed benefits of pears


Pineapple (Ananas) : Packed with vitamin C (64.7 mg / cup), pineapple is one such fruit which boosts immunity. They help build our line of defence against diseases by building white blood cells (WBC). It is known for its laxative effect and overcome or prevent constipation. Pineapple is a rich source of Magnesium (54.8 mg / cup) which has a role to play in heart health. By reducing inflammation it helps to relieve the joint pain related to arthritis. Cons : Pineapple as a sole snack would not be recommended for diabetics. Paired with other high fiber and low glycemic index fruits, you can include it in small portions. Pineapple is not very low in calories nor carbs and hence not good for weight loss. See detailed benefits of pineapple

Pomegranate, Anar : Pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties. Pomegranate is considered as a heart-healthy fruit. Pomegranates contain nitrates which are shown to improve exercise performance. A study conducted on athletes stated that pomegranates if taken 30 minutes before exercise, significantly enhances the blood flow to the exercising muscles. High in vitamin C, a good source of fiber and low in calories, pomegranate juice contains antioxidants that will help to protect your blood lipids from oxidation and good for heart. See detailed benefits of pomegranate

Strawberries : Strawberries are chock-full of a phytonutrients, which are good antioxidants and reduce body inflammation. This pink-red coloured fruit abounds in vitamin C. You will be surprised that a cup of strawberry is enough to fulfills your day’s requirement of vitamin C, which helps in building a healthy immune system and keeping all types of infections away. These high vitamins C count benefits in preventing cancer and also fighting the existing the cancer cells if any. Strawberries are a rich source of potassium and magnesium, which helps in lowering blood pressure. With a glycemic index 41, they can be added in limited quantity to a diabetic meal too. Moreover they are a very good source of fiber too. A cup of strawberry yields 4.6 g of fiber, which is a boon for weight loss.

Watermelon  (tarbuj) : Watermelon is low in calories and full of water, thus is good for weight loss too. Citrulline in watermelon has been studied for its effect on heart function and it was revealed that it improves heart function and helps in the treatment of heart failure. Watermelons are a good source of Vitamin C and vitamin A which help in neutralizing free radicals thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Watermelons are incredibly high in Iron and help in the treatment of anaemia. Regular consumption of watermelon will prevent from iron deficiency anaemia. See detailed 14 benefits of watermelon, tarbuj.

Note that our parathas are cooked with 1 tsp oil or ghee and rotis are cooked in 1/2 teaspoon oil. We have taken into account these calories while computing total calories for each recipe.

What is a healthy Indian roti to have with Dal?

Combine the methi toovar dal recipe with a bajra roti, jowar roti and whole wheat roti to make a healthy combination. Note that when you combine any dal with any cereal ( bajra, jowar, ragi, whole wheat ) then the protein quality is enhanced.

What you should not have Rajma and urad dal with?

We all love Rajma and urad dal with chawal. But, rice will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and make it now unhealthy for diabetics. So if you have a health issue, then read is white rice good for you? If you are healthy, then we suggest to have more rajma and urad dal and less white rice. 

8 Pointers to get healthy on a Indian diet

1. Eat healthy and say yes to good home cooked food. Prefer whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and healthy flours like bajra flour, jowar flour, quinoa flour, wheat flour etc. rather than refined ones like maida. Have healthy Indian fats like ghee, coconut, coconut oil in your diet.

2. Opt out of junk food, packaged food, deep fried foods. Prefer steamed snacks and other non-fried snacks. Check out some Healthy Indian Snacks. Remember to eat small frequent meals through the day as that will keep you always full and prevent your blood sugar from dropping. By starving your body through some diet, will not help you one bit. In fact, dieting will make you binge on 2 to 3 meals which is not good. 

Skip having Indian junk foods like pav bhaji, bata vada, pakoras, gulab jamun as they cause your body to have insulance resistance. The resultant is your body will store more carbohydrates as fats, causing storage of fat in the stomach causing a paunch and slowing down of our fat burning process. So its a bad cyle which causes you more more hunger and fatigue every time you eat junk food. 

3. Have 4 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 3 servings of fruit is a must. Follow the logic of a vegetable in each main meal of the day and a fruit in-between meals. Check out a few Healthy Indian Soups and Healthy Indian Salads  recipes using this food group.           

4. Cut down on sugar and salt in your diet and pick honey ( very small amounts) or dates to sweeten your food. Slowly cut the sugar habit as this is not going to happen over night. Sugar  is also called white poison. It is a simple carbohydrate with zero nutritional value. On intake, sugar will cause inflammation of the body which will last for many hours. It will spike your blood sugar level and shut down the fat burning process. This also causes high blood sugar levels in your body. The development of prediabetes comes from uncontrolled eating sugar and refined food products for many years and the classic symptom is if you have excess belly fat. This leads to diabetes and further onwards to heart attack, high blood pressure, strokes, impotence and kidney damage. 

Salt and blood pressure. Apart from stress and obesity, one of the main reasons for high blood pressure is excessive sodium and salt intake. Most people find it difficult to limit the amount of salt in their cooking, thinking it will affect the taste of their favourite dishes. 

This is not true. Bajra and jowar are rich in potassium and critical for those with High Blood Pressure as it lessens the impact of sodium. Eating more Potassium Rich Foods will remove more sodium from your body through urine. So include the basic bajra roti and jowar roti in your daily diet to have with Lower Blood Pressure Subzis Recipes

5. Befriend a few healthy seeds and nuts like chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and almonds. 

6.  Sprouts are called ‘living food’. They are high is most nutrients and easy to digest as well. Let them feature in your meals at least thrice a week. Also Read : All Benefits about Sprouts

7.  Exercise 45 minutes every day. No excuse. You can walk fast, run, do weights, play your favourite sport or go to the gym. No activity reduces muscle tissue which will lead to muscke loss and all kinds of problems with that. 

8.  Sleep early and get up early. Get your body into rhythm and it will function best. Sleep helps your body to recover and makes you look much younger. Also getting good sleep prevent muscle loss. 

भारतीय आहार स्वस्थ बनाने के लिए 8 संकेत

1. स्वस्थ खाओ (eat healthy). स्वस्थ भोजन करें और अच्छा घर का बना खाना खाएं। दलिया, बक्वीट, जौ, क्विनोआ जैसे अनाज को प्राथमिकता दें | मैदे जैसे परिष्कृत आटे का सेवन न करें। स्वस्थ आटा जैसे बाजरे का आटा, ज्वार का आटा, क्विनोआ का आटा, गेहूं का आटा चुनें | अपने आहार में घी, नारियल, नारियल के तेल जैसे स्वस्थ भारतीय वसा लें।

2. जंक फूडपैकिज्ड फूड, तला हुआ भोजन  खाएं (avoid junk food)|  कुछ हेल्दी इंडियन स्नैक्स देखें दिनभर  छोटे-छोटे भोजन का सेवन करें क्योंकि यह आपको हमेशा भरा हुआ रखेगा और आपकी रक्त शर्करा को गिरने से रोकेगा। कम आहार के सेवन से आपके शरीर को भूखा रखकर, आप तनिक भी मदद नहीं करेंगे। वास्तव में, ऐसा परहेज़ आपको 2 से 3 भोजन तक सीमित बना देगा, जो आपके के लिए अच्छा नहीं है।

3. सब्जियों की 4 से 5 सर्विंग और फल की 2 से 3 सर्विंग का सेवन करना चाहिए। दिन के प्रत्येक मुख्य भोजन में सब्जी का तर्क और भोजन के बीच में एक फल का पालन करें। इस खाद्य समूह का उपयोग करके कुछ स्वस्थ भारतीय सूप और स्वस्थ भारतीय सलाद व्यंजनों की जाँच करें।

4. अपने आहार में चीनी और नमक को कम करें और अपने भोजन को मीठा करने के लिए शहद (बहुत कम मात्रा में) या खजूर लें। धीरे-धीरे चीनी की आदत में कटौती करें क्योंकि यह एक रात में नहीं होने वाला है। चीनी को सफेद जहर भी कहा जाता है। यह शून्य पोषण मूल्य के साथ एक सरल कार्बोहाइड्रेट है। सेवन करने पर, चीनी शरीर की सूजन का कारण बनेगी जो कई घंटों तक चलेगी। यह आपके रक्त शर्करा के स्तर को बढ़ाएगी और वसा जलने की प्रक्रिया को बंद कर देगा। प्रीडायबिटीज का विकास अनियंत्रित चीनी और परिष्कृत खाद्य उत्पादों को कई वर्षों तक खाने से होता है और यदि आपके पास अतिरिक्त वसा है तो क्लासिक लक्षण है। इससे मधुमेह और आगे चलकर दिल का दौरा, उच्च रक्तचाप, स्ट्रोक, नपुंसकता और गुर्दे की क्षति होती है।

नमक और रक्तचाप। तनाव और मोटापे के अलावा, उच्च रक्तचाप का एक मुख्य कारण अत्यधिक सोडियम और नमक का सेवन है। अधिकांश लोगों को अपने खाना पकाने में नमक की मात्रा को सीमित करना मुश्किल लगता है, यह सोचकर कि यह उनके पसंदीदा व्यंजनों के स्वाद को प्रभावित करेगा।

यह सच नहीं है। बाजरे और ज्वार उच्च रक्तचाप वाले लोगों के लिए पोटेशियम से भरपूर और महत्वपूर्ण नुस्खा है क्योंकि यह सोडियम के प्रभाव को कम करता है। अधिक पोटेशियम रिच फूड्स खाने से आपके शरीर से मूत्र के माध्यम से अधिक सोडियम निकल जाएगा। इसलिए लो ब्लड प्रेशर सब्ज़ि रेसिपी के साथ अपने दैनिक आहार में बाजरे की रोटी और ज्वार की रोटी शामिल करें।

5. चिया बीज, सूरजमूखी के बीज, तिल के बीज, अखरोट और बादाम जैसे कुछ स्वस्थ बीज और नट्स से दोस्ती करें।

6. स्प्राउट्स को 'जीवित भोजन' कहा जाता है। वे उच्च हैं अधिकांश पोषक तत्व हैं और साथ ही पचाने में आसान हैं। हफ्ते में कम से कम तीन बार उन्हें अपने भोजन में शामिल करें। Also Read: स्प्राउट्स के बारे में सभी फायदे

7. हर दिन 45 मिनट व्यायाम करें। कोई बहाना नहीं। आप तेजी से चल सकते हैं, दौड़ सकते हैं, अपना पसंदीदा खेल खेल सकते हैं या जिम जा सकते हैं। कोई भी गतिविधि मांसपेशियों (muscle) के ऊतकों को कम नहीं करती है जो मांसपेशियों को नुकसान दे और उस के साथ कई और प्रकार की समस्याओं भी।

8. जल्दी सोएं और जल्दी उठें। अपने शरीर को लय में लें और यह सबसे अच्छा काम करेगा। नींद आपके शरीर को ठीक होने में मदद करती है। इसके अलावा अच्छी नींद लेने से मांसपेशियों (muscle) की क्षति को रोका जा सकता है।

@Nisha has check the 8 points


Indian Spices

Hing ( Asafoetida) The active compound 'coumarin' helps in managing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Asafoetida is known to have anti-bacterial properties, which helps to keep asthma at bay. Asafoetida is an age-old remedy for bloating and other stomach problems like flatulence. The best solution is to gulp down little hing with water or dissolve it in water and sip it. It can also be used along with curd or almond oil as a hair mask. It helps to prevent dryness of hair and smoothen as well as strengthen hair.

हिंग (हींग): सक्रिय यौगिक  Coumarin ’रक्त कोलेस्ट्रॉल और ट्राइग्लिसराइड के स्तर को प्रबंधित करने में मदद करता है। हींग में एंटी-बैक्टीरियल गुण पाया जाता है, जो अस्थमा को दूर रखने में मदद करता है। हींग पेट के फूलने और पेट फूलने जैसी अन्य समस्याओं के लिए एक पुराना उपचार है। सबसे अच्छा उपाय यह है कि पानी के साथ थोड़ा सा छींटा मारें या इसे पानी में घोलकर घूंट-घूंट कर लें। इसका उपयोग दही या बादाम के तेल के साथ हेयर मास्क के रूप में भी किया जा सकता है। यह बालों की शुष्कता को रोकने और बालों को मजबूत बनाने के साथ-साथ उन्हें चिकना बनाने में मदद करता है।

Star Anise : Star anise is a star shaped spice used in Indian cooking. It has great immunity boosting properties to fight viral infections. The best way to have it is by boiling it in hot water for 5 minutes and then letting it steep to absorb the flavour. Drink as is as a healthy Indian drink or dip your green tea bag into it.   star anise has shikimic acid in it which is used by pharma companies to make anti viral drugs to cure infections.

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Orange Gateau ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 33947
23 Aug 12

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
An aesthetic gateau laced with the tanginess of orange and whipped cream.
Gooey Coffee Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 35843
23 Aug 12

 by Tarla Dalal
Some things taste best at the zenith of gooeyness and cakes are no exception to this rule! you are sure to enjoy this saucy coffee flavoured cake.
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