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 Buckwheat Health Benefits

  Last Updated : Feb 09,2021

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Top 13 Super Health Benefits of Buckwheat + Heathy Buckwheat Recipes:

Buckwheat has been consumed in India since time immemorial. It has especially gained importance as a grain-substitute for fasting (upvaas) days. Interestingly, this gluten-free seed is now becoming very popular in the U.S., Canada and Europe too. Why? What are the health benefits of this nutrient-packed seed, which make it attractive to so many?

This tiny seed is a treasure-trove of nutrients. With protein and fibre, it improves heart health and helps prevent diabetes and digestive disorders. It is also loaded with antioxidants like rutin, tannin and catechin. It is packed with nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it good for health-conscious people. Compared to many other grains and seeds, buckwheat is said to have a unique amino acid composition that works against cholesterol, hypertension and digestive problems like constipation. With so many health benefits, it is not surprising that some people categorise buckwheat as a super-food. It definitely is a good addition to the diets of vegans and those with gluten-sensitivity issues.

Top 13 Super Health Benefits of Buckwheat 

1. Rich in Iron:

Buckwheat is a very good source of Iron, which is a prime nutrient in blood, required to carry oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the body. Good to prevent Anemia which is where iron stores are very less causing the body to prodce insufficient Red Blood Cells leading to weakness and fatigue. Suva Buckwheat Roti is worth trying. Each roti provides approx. 5% of iron. 

Suva Buckwheat Roti

Suva Buckwheat Roti

2. Provides Energy :

Buckwheat is rich in Vitamin B1 which forms ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which body uses for energy. Also it helps in Carbohydrate metabolism which means that it will break down the carbs for the body cells to use. Try Buckwheat and Green Apple Porrdige for Breakfast. It is sure to satiate you for long hours.

Buckwheat and Green Apple Porridge, Healthy Breakfast

Buckwheat and Green Apple Porridge, Healthy Breakfast

3. Good for Bones and Teeth : 

Rich in Magnesium and Calcium, its good for formation of bones and teeth. Calcium is a mineral that makes bones stay strong. The human body consistently remove small amounts of calcium from our bones and that has to be topped up with Calcium rich foods. Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi is a real multi-nutrient treat for your body.

Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi

Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi

4.  Good for Pregnant Women:

Rich in Folate, it helps your body produce and maintain new cells, especially red blood cells. It is particularly important for pregnant women to have enough folate. They must start having folate rich foods like Buckwheat even while they are planning to conceive. Consuming enough folate before and during pregnancy helps to prevent major birth defects concerning the baby's brain. Moms-to-be can snack on Rajgira, Buckwheat and Brown Rice Flour Khakhra.

 Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra


5. Keeps your heart healthy:

Buckwheat lowers your inflammation thus reduces your blood cholesterol levels. It contains a phytonutrient called Rutin which is a key antioxidant for cardiovascular health. As a nourishing breakfast option, try the Buckwheat Groats Strawberry Porridge.

Buckwheat Groats Strawberry Porridge, Healthy Breakfast

Buckwheat Groats Strawberry Porridge, Healthy Breakfast

6. Powerful Antioxidant:

Antioxidants are the substances that help in removing the potentially harmful substances called “free radicals” from our body. They prevent or stop cell damage in your body by reducing inflammation. They help in enhancing your body’s immune system. For dinner enjoy, simple and eas to make Buckwheat Khichdi.

Buckwheat Khichdi

Buckwheat Khichdi

7. Rich in Protein:

Buckwheat is a rich plant based source of protein and excellent option for Vegetarians. Buckwheat contains 2 essential amino acids, Lysine and Arginine which are not made in the body but are available only through food.  Gain 5 g of protein through 1 serving of Buckwheat Dhoklas.

Buckwheat Dhokla

Buckwheat Dhokla

8. High Fiber:

One cup of cooked buckwheat has 5 grams of dietary fiber. This helps you feel fuller for a longer time and hence you tend to avoid overeating. Fiber is also important for digestive health - insoluble fiber add bulk to the stools and makes waste move through the digestive tract more smoothly, which is better for the gut and can relieve constipation. Try the High Fiber Buckwheat Chillas.

 High Fibre Chillas, Buckwheat chillas

High Fibre Chillas, Buckwheat Chillas

9. Diabetic friendly:

Buckwheat is a low GI seed which will slow down the release of nutrients and thus manages your blood sugar levels. Hence it’s an excellent option for switching your regular Dosa to having Buckwheat Dosa. This removes the rice from the Dosa which is pretty high in glycemic index.

Buckwheat Dosa

Buckwheat Dosa

10. Gluten Free:

Buckwheat works great for those who are Gluten intolerant and is suffering from celiac disease. Buckwheat is a great option for such people and can lead a healthy life with perfect gluten free options. As a replacement to maida and wheat based breads, try Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread.

Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread

Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread

11. Rich in Minerals:

Rich in Manganese, Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus. Magnesium is required for cellular metabolism. Magnesium in buckwheat further helps in growth and recovery of muscle. It reduces your stress and lower the impact of stress on your body. Buckwheat Moong and Vegetable Khichdi is an all-in-one treat for healthy dinner times.

 Buckwheat, Moong and Vegetable Khichdi

Buckwheat, Moong and Vegetable Khichdi

12. Maintains your blood pressure:

Buckwheat is considered as anti-hypertensive seed because of its high potassium and low sodium content which reduces the constriction of blood vessels and acts as vasodilator. It also maintains the electrolyte balance in the body and thus manages your blood pressure. Try Baked Buckwheat Puri - made with restricted amount of salt, they are yet flavourful.

Baked Buckwheat Puri, Low Salt Recipe

Baked Buckwheat Puri, Low Salt Recipe

13. Helps in Hair Growth:

With so many people facing hair-fall and other hair related issues, it is good to hear that buckwheat helps is hair growth as it has 75% complex carbs, abundant B-complex vitamins and Zinc too. Mini Carrot Cabbage and Buckwheat Pancake is a great snack to add in all these nutrients to your diet.

 Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake, Low Salt Recipe  

Mini Carrot and Cabbage Buckwheat Pancake, Low Salt Recipe

Nutritional Information of Buckwheat

30 grams of Buckwheat makes one serving. 
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance. 
Nutritional Information for 30 grams Buckwheat

96.9 Calories
3.09 grams of Protein
19.53 grams of Carbs
0.72 grams of Fat

4.65 mg of Iron (Fe) = 23.25% of RDA(about 20 mg for women)

0.27 mg of Vitamin B1, Thiamine : 22.5% of RDA (about 1.2 to 1.5 mg)

68.1 mg of Magnesium (Mg) = 19.45% of RDA (about 350 mg )

15.28 mcg Folate, Vitamin B9 (FA) = 15.28% of RDA (about 100 mcg)

1.32 mg of Vitamin B3, Niacin = 11% of RDA (about 12 mg)

2.58 grams of High Fiber = 10.3% of RDA (about 25 to 30 grams)

0.34 mg of Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 = 10.2 % of RDA (about 1.1 mg)

.72 mg of Zinc = 7.2% of RDA (about 10 to 12 mg)

3.09 g Protein = 5.6% of RDA (55 g)

108.6 mg of Potassium (K) :2.3% of RDA (about 4,700 mg)

19.2 mg of Calcium (Ca) = 1.9% of RDA (about 1000 mg)

3.39 mg of Phosphorus : .5% of RDA (about 600 mg for adult)


Top 7 Healthy Buckwheat Recipes

Many of you might have consumed buckwheat as part of your fasting/ upvaas/ faraali diets, but here are some recipes that will help you consume this superfood more often, as part of your daily cooking. From Buckwheat Khichdi to Buckwheat Pancakes, Suva Buckwheat Roti, Buckwheat Dhokla and Buckwheat Dosa too, buckwheat can be cooked in many forms, so you get a great variety and awesome taste along with the health benefits!

 Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks 

Buckwheat Pancakes, Kuttu Pancake Diabetic Snacks

These are some of our 7 favourite super healthy buckwheat recipes, but you can also head straight to our website and check out many more…

buckwheat health benefits

buckwheat khichdi recipe | kutto khichdi | farali kutto khichdi | healthy kutto khichdi | with 15 amazing images. One look at this buckwheat khichdi recipe and you know that faaral foods can be more sumptuous and often more flavourful than everyday meals! The garnish of sesame seeds and coriander is to this kutto khichdi what a cherry is to icing! It really boosts the aroma and flavour of the kutto khichdi. As you start making this kutto khichdi, you might have some concerns about the stickiness of buckwheat, and the curdled look of the buttermilk when cooked. Worry not, everything will turn out perfectly when done! Team this irresistible kutto khichdi with Peanut Kadhi to make a satiating meal. See why we think this is a healthy kutto khichdi? Buckwheat, a cereal not known to many, is a good source of calcium. To stock up on your calcium and protein reserves and boost your bone health, apart from greens you should also include this cereal in your meals. Apart from buckwheat itself, other ingredients like curd, peanuts and sesame seeds used in this khichdi also lend substantial amount of calcium. In all this khichdi fulfills 27% (164.9 mg) of your daily calcium intake. Learn to make buckwheat khichdi recipe | kutto khichdi | farali kutto khichdi | healthy kutto khichdi | with step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
buckwheat dosa recipe | kuttu dosa | healthy Indian buckwheat crepes | instant buckwheat dosa | with 15 amazing images. buckwheat dosa known as kuttu dosa is an instant buckwheat dosa which requires no fermentation. Here is an easy and healthy Indian buckwheat crepes prepared with buckwheat and urad dal. The twist here is that the ingredients are powdered, tempered and then mixed into a batter, which can be cooked immediately into yummy buckwheat dosas. See why this is a healthy Indian buckwheat crepes? Buckwheat is a very good source of iron and good to prevent anaemia. Rich in folate and good food for pregnant women . Buckwheat keeps your heart healthy and high in fibre and diabetic friendly. So dig into this buckwheat dosa. Serve the buckwheat dosa fresh off the tava with a chutney of your choice, preferably Green Chutney. Besides buckwheat dosa, we have many more recipes using buckwheat in our collection like Buckwheat Dhoklas , Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi , Buckwheat and Quinoa Bread etc. Learn how to make buckwheat dosa recipe | kuttu dosa | healthy Indian buckwheat crepes | instant buckwheat dosa | with detailed step by step photos below.
buckwheat pancakes recipe | gluten free buckwheat pancake | kuttu pancake - diabetic snack | with step by step photos. tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes is an Indian style chilla which is nutritious and tasty at the same time. Learn how to make tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes. In this Indian buckwheat pancakes, the not-so-common buckwheat combines with sour low-fat curds and bottle gourd to make iron and fibre-rich gluten free buckwheat pancake. To make buckwheat pancakes, combine the buckwheat and curds with 2 tbsp of water in a deep bowl and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep aside to soak for 1 hour. Blend the buckwheat-curds mixture to a coarse mixture without using any water. Transfer the coarse mixture into a deep bowl, add the ginger-green chilli paste, coriander, turmeric powder, asafoetida, bottle gourd, salt and 1 tbsp of water and mix well. Keep aside. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and grease it using 1/8 tsp of oil. Pour a ladleful of the batter on it and spread in a circular motion to make 100 mm. (4”) diameter thick circle. Cook, using 1/8 tsp of oil, till it turns light brown in colour from both the sides. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to make 7 more pancakes. Serve immediately with mint and onion chutney. These kuttu pancake - diabetic have 1.7 g per pancake and thus are a good option as a diabetic snack and also for women with PCOS who intend to achieve weight loss target. Fiber aids in managing blood sugar levels. Buckwheat is also a complete vegetarian food. It has all the 9 essential amino acids which most other grains don’t have. Benefit from 2.1 g of protein per pancake and nourish your cells and tissues. This gluten free buckwheat pancake is a good option for those who cannot tolerate gluten also. Have snack tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes along with Green Chutney or Mint and Onion Chutney for a delicious treat. Tips for buckwheat pancakes. 1. Remember to clean and wash the buckwheat before using as it tends to have dirt particles. 2. Grind to a coarse mixture only to enjoy its texture and mouthfeel. 3. Serving immediately is very important to relish its flavour. Enjoy buckwheat pancakes recipe | gluten free buckwheat pancake | kuttu pancake - diabetic snack | tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes | with step by step images and video below.
Khichdi is light for the stomach, yet filling and nourishing. They often say soup is good for the soul, but I would say, "Khichdi is good for my soul". The aroma of this khichdi is irresistible, as it has been cooked with the aromatic spices. Buckwheat is commonly called as kutto or kutti no daro. This recipe is a variation of traditional khichdi in which rice is replaced with buckwheat due to its low glycemic index and high fibre content. Serve it with chilled Low Fat Curds, or Karela Kadhi, to make a satisfying meal.
farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe | kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack | vrat ka dhokla | buckwheat dhokla - Navratri fasting recipe | with 24 amazing images. farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe | kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack | vrat ka dhokla | buckwheat dhokla - Navratri fasting recipe is a soft melt in mouth snack, which can be enjoyed during the festival of fasting. Learn how to make kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack. To make farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe, clean and wash the buckwheat in enough water only once. Washing it more will cause the starch to drain out. Drain the excess water using a strainer. Combine the buckwheat, curds and ½ cup of water in a deep bowl and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep aside to soak for at least 4 to 5 hours. Add the green chilli paste, ginger paste and salt and mix very well. Pour half the batter into a greased 175 mm. (7") diameter thali and spread evenly by rotating the thali clockwise. Steam in a steamer for 10 to 12 minutes or till the dhoklas are cooked. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to make 1 more thali. Cool slightly, cut into pieces and serve immediately. This vrat ka dhoklavrat ka dhokla combines taste and nutrition in an easy-to-cook form. A batter of buckwheat is perked up with curds, ginger and green chillies to make soft and tasty dhoklas. Though the buckwheat in kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack needs to be soaked for 4 hours, the batter does not require any fermentation afterwards, so you do not have to plan too much in advance. Upvas or vrat is observed by many during auspicious occasions. Buckwheat is one cereal which is in the allowed list of vrat foods. Craft into tasty buckwheat dhokla - Navratri fasting recipe and enjoy it with green chutney. It is rich in carbs, energy and fibre and thus helps to satiate you during the festival of Navratri, Janmashtami, Ekadashi etc. Tips for farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe. 1. Soaking time may vary from 4 to 6 hours depending on the climate in your area. 2. Remember to grease the thali before adding the batter, else it will be difficult to remove them. 3. Also while removing, always use a flat ladle. Enjoy farali dhokla for upvas, vrat recipe | kuttu ka dhokla – faraal snack | vrat ka dhokla | buckwheat dhokla - Navratri fasting recipe | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
Mouth-wateringly tasty buckwheat rotis flavoured with aromatic dill leaves, this recipe is a delightful treat for your palate and your stomach. Made with alkaline flours like buckwheat and jowar, these rotis are spiced mildly with common ingredients like green chilli paste and a dash of pepper. It is very important to serve the Suva Buckwheat Roti immediately and fresh, to enjoy its vibrant flavour and interesting texture. Also try other stomach-friendly paratha like Minty Green Peas and Cabbage Paratha or roti like Nutritious Cabbage and Methi Rotis .
 by Tarla Dalal
Buckwheat and Sprouts Khichdi, is light on the stomach, yet filling and nourishing. The aroma of this khichdi is irresistible, as it has been cooked with an appropriate selection of spices. Moong dal and sprouts are a good source of protein, making this a very healthy and wholesome choice for pregnant women. Buckwheat is commonly called as kutto or kutti no daro – in case you have any trouble making your local grocer understand!
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Buckwheat Health Benefits
 on 27 Jan 18 12:42 PM

Buckwheat is huge source of energy and are used in our home regularly. My in-laws are diabetic and need to have their daily medicine. They do many fasting also. They like dishes made with Buckwheat. I make buckwheat ka Dhokla, pakodas, khichdi during their fasting days and during their non-fasting days Suva Buckwheat Roti, buckwheat Pancakes, Dosas etc. They enjoys all buckwheat dishes made for them and bless me.