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 Calcium Rich Indian Foods List

  Last Updated : Jan 25,2021

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42 Calcium Rich Indian Foods

Calcium Rich Indian Foods. Calcium is a mineral that makes bones stay strong. The human body consistently remove small amounts of calcium from our bones and that has to be topped up with Calcium rich foods. So you need to top up your calcium levels on a daily basis.
Herbed Paneer Paratha

Herbed Paneer Paratha

Sources of Calcium

1.     Dairy products: Like milkcurds, cheese, paneer and buttermilk. Amongst these, curd is one of the best probiotic and good for a healthy gut. Have a bowl of curd for to get your daily dose of protein and calcium.

How To Make Paneer Using Cow’s MilkHow To Make Paneer Using Cow’s Milk

Can’t have it plain? Try raitas – Mooli and Fresh Fruit Raita and Lauki ka Raita. Have them as a part of your meal or in between meals as a healthy and satiating snack.

Lauki ka Raita, Protein Rich RecipeLauki ka Raita, Protein Rich Recipe

2.    Green leafy vegetables: Greens like spinachamaranthcolocasiafenugreek etc. and other vegetables like broccoli top the list of calcium rich vegetables.

While most people don’t find the idea of including veggies in their diet very interesting, we have found different ways of adding them. Sneakily add them by way of Spinach Dosa.

Spinach Dosa

Spinach Dosa

3.    Whole cereals specially ragi: This is also known as nachni. While the most commonly it is used t make Nachni bhakri in the west region of India, you can be present it a bit more creatively too.

We suggest Ragi and Coriander Uttapa. One mini uttapa fulfils 5% of your day’s calcium requirement. Remember to not use too much oil for cooking as excess fat hinders calcium absorption.

Ragi and Coriander Uttapa
Ragi and Coriander Uttapa

4.    Sprouts: Pulses like moong, moath beans, chana, matkikulithmasoor can be sprouted. Sprouted pulses are a better source of calcium as sprouting increases the calcium content. The process of sprouting also makes them easy to digest too.

Mixed Sprouts Chaat is sure to tempt you and make up for all your requirements at snack time. Sprouts and fruits contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to fight the free radicals that otherwise attack healthy cells and lead to complications. They being high in fibre helps to manage blood glucose levels.

Mixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian SnackMixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian Snack

5.    Nuts and oilseeds: Almondspeanutswalnutssesame seeds (til), chia seeds, flax seeds etc. are very good sources of calcium. A handful of nuts or some seeds are a must in each person’s diet. Munch on the walnuts and almonds and include the seeds by way of Pineapple Chia Seeds and Pear Juice. The vitamin C from pineapple will further aid in calcium absorption.

Pineapple Chia Seeds and Pear Juice

Pineapple Chia Seeds and Pear Juice

Another calcium brimming recipe is Lettuce and Paneer Salad with Sesame Dressing. Simple to make and easy to carry tow work too. Gain in 127 mg of calcium per serving of this nourishing salad bowl.

Lettuce and Paneer Salad in Sesame Dressing

Lettuce and Paneer Salad in Sesame Dressing

            6. Broccoli: Other veggies like broccoli are also a fair source of calcium. Soup lovers would love to experiment it in the form of Broccoli Soup. It is sure to bring some of the excitement to a boring meal.

            Broccoli Soup ( Calcium Rich)

              Broccoli Soup ( Calcium Rich)

Find out your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance for Calcium) Daily Calcium Requirements from kids to Adults to Senior citizens. For Adult men its 1,000 mg per day.

44 Calcium Rich Indian Food List

Ingredients mg/cup Ingredients mg/cup
Til (Sesame seeds) 1740 Broccoli 132
Whole milk paneer, shredded 730 Gavarfali (Cluster beans), chopped 130
Cheese, shredded 632 Kharek (Dry dates), chopped 125
Buffalo’s milk 420 Gur (Jaggery), chopped 120
Buffalo’s milk curds (Yoghurt) 420 Arhar (Toovar) dal 120
Soyabean, cooked 420 Moong dal (Split yellow gram), cooked 114
Rajma (Kidney beans), soaked and cooked 406 Moong dal flour (Green gram dal flour) 114
Nachni flour (Ragi flour) 344 Methi (Fenugreek leaves), chopped 111
Kabuli chana (Chick peas), cooked 331 Akhrot (Walnuts) 106
Chawli leaves (Cowpea) 270 Peanuts (Groundnuts) 105
Chawli leaves chopped 240 Masoor dal (Split red lentils), cooked 105
Cow’s milk 240 Arvi ke patte (Colocasia leaves), chopped 102
Cow’s milk curds (Yoghurt) 240 Whole masoor (Red lentils), cooked 92
Skim milk 240 Chana dal (Split Bengal gram), cooked 92
Skim milk curds (Yoghurt) 240 Mooli ke patte (Radish leaves), chopped 80
Urad dal (split black lentils), cooked 233 Buckwheat 64
Badam (almonds) 230 Kale 54
Kopra (Dry coconut), grated 200 Gehun ka atta (Whole wheat flour) 52
Skim milk paneer, shredded 182 Palak (Spinach), chopped 50
Moong (Green gram), sprouted and cooked 180 Fansi (French beans), chopped 46
Skim milk paneer, cubes 173 Besan (Bengal gram flour) 46
Soyabean flour 163 Dhania (Coriander leaves), chopped 46
Cauliflower leaves, chopped(Cow peas), soaked and cooked 163 Shepu (Dill), chopped 38
Pista (Pistachios) 140    

Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi

Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi

Calcium Recipes using Calcium Rich Foods

Paneer is a versatile ingredient. It can be cooked in every possible way - marinated, fried, sautéed, crumbled, and so on, to make delicious dishes that span across every course of the meal.The combination of palak and paneer is a match made in heaven! Be it subzi or an open toast sandwich, they complement each other so well, turning everything into a delight.

Make calcium rich Full fat paneer at home and toss it into the palak gravy to prepare this classic Palak Paneer. This rich gravy tastes amazing with piping hot butter smeared paratha. 

 Restaurant Style Palak Paneer, Healthy Palak Paneer

Restaurant Style Palak Paneer, Healthy Palak Paneer

Authentic Punjabi food like RajmaPindi Chole and Spicy Chole are Calcium Rich Sabzis . They taste best when served with chawaal , puri, a glass of malai loaded lassi and pickled onion. Also, every Indian household makes their Calcium Rich Curd at home that can be turned into a variety of Raita or simply made into chaas or an accompaniment to Calcium Rich breakfast like the Paneer Paratha.

 Pindi Chole, Punjabi Pindi Chana Recipe

Pindi Chole, Punjabi Pindi Chana Recipe

Switch to healthy Calcium Rich Rotis like Nachni and Onion Roti made with ragi flour, the addition of onion adds a bite to it. Also, you can make Calclium Rich Snacks like Homemade Almond Butter which is not only calcium rich but also, has good fat, no added sugar and vegetable oils. Made and tasted once, you will never buy Almond Butter from the market again as they have vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners added to it.

 Nachni and Onion Roti

 Nachni and Onion Roti

Ragi Roti Stuffed with Paneer made with the goodness of two calcium rich ingredients, Ragi and Paneer is an easy to make healthy roll. If you are lazy to make the paneer stuffing then you can substitute it with any paneer subzi or stir-fried vegetables and create something magical!

Ragi Roti Stuffed with Paneer

Ragi Roti Stuffed with Paneer

Enjoy these Healthy Calcium Rich Recipes and share with us your feedback. Happy cooking!

calcium rich indian foods

restaurant style palak paneer recipe | healthy palak paneer | cottage cheese and spinach curry | with 34 amazing images. Palak Paneer, an evergreen delicacy from North India, is perhaps one of the most interesting ways to include spinach in your meal. restaurant style palak paneer features in many Indian restaurant menus, as it goes well with most Indian breads like Tandoori Naan or Roti. The highlight of this restaurant style palak paneer recipe is the flavour-packed palak gravy, which works effectively not just with paneer but also with potatoes or koftas. Also restaurant style palak paneer tends to use a lot more cream than homemade palak paneer. You can make a variant of this restaurant style palak paneer recipe with garlic (Lehsuni Paneer Palak Subzi) if you want a peppier flavour. To make the restaurant style palak paneer recipe, blanch the spinach in a vessel full of boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Drain, refresh with cold water. Blend in a mixer to a smooth purée and keep aside. Heat the oil and butter in a kadhai , add the ginger, garlic and tomatoes and sauté on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the prepared onion-cashew and cook on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the spinach purée, ¾ cup of water, salt and cook on a medium flame for 1 minute. Add the dried fenugreek leaves, punjabi garam masala, sugar and cook on a medium flame for 3 minutes. Add the paneer cubes and cream and cook on a medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Serve the restaurant style palak paneer hot. See why we think this is a healthy palak paneer sabzi. Spinach is loaded with iron and fibre, while paneer is rich in protein. This makes it a nice recipe to include in your everyday cookbook. If you are on weight loss, then cut the cream and use low fat paneer in the recipe. You can cook an array of dishes with this palak paneer recipe, such as the Palak Paneer Toast, Palak-Paneer-Roti and Palak Paneer Rice. You can even stuff cottage cheese and spinach curry into crisp, golden dosa to make Palak Paneer Dosa one of Mumbai’s favourite street foods. With so many options at hand, there is no excuse to not include palak frequently in your diet! Enjoy how to make restaurant style palak paneer recipe | healthy palak paneer | cottage cheese and spinach curry | with detailed step by step photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
rajma recipe |Punjabi kidney bean curry |authentic Punjabi rajma | healthy rajma recipe | with amazing 20 images. Rajma is one of the most popular dishes in North India. In this authentic Punjabi rajma delicacy, cooked kidney beans is excitingly flavoured with a wide array of ingredients ranging from ginger and green chillies to tomatoes and onions, spices and masala powders too. Filling and nutritious, Rajma turns out beautifully when the Rajma is cooked in a thick tomato pulp with only basic spices. This Rajma is a favourite in Punjab and very popular amongst all age groups. My kids love Punjabi Rajma with some ladi pav and loads of raw onions on the side. Every Indian household has its own version of Rajma and this is our version of it. The method of making authentic Punjabi rajma is simple and if you have rajma soaked in advance you can prepare rajma super quickly. To make rajma, pressure cook soaked rajma for 3 whistles and do not drain the water and keep aside. Further, combine the green chillies, ginger and garlic in a mortal pestle (khalbhatta) and pound to a coarse paste, this freshly pounded ginger, garlic and green chillies will make the rajma more flavourful. Heat the oil and butter in a deep non-stick pan and add the cumin seeds. Add the onions and sauté on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Add the green chilli-garlic-ginger coarse paste and tomatoes, mix well and cook for 3 minutes. Add the chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala. Add the rajma along with the water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 5 to 7 minutes, while mashing it lightly with a potato masher, while stirring occasionally. Add the dried fenugreek leaves and crush them between your palm to extract flavor and add fresh cream which will give rajma a creamy texture and mix well. Our authentic Punjabi rajma is ready to be relished!! However, you will be surprised to see that all these are everyday ingredients, which you do not have to go shopping for! Two final strokes that make this Punjabi kidney bean curry the rich delight that it is, are fresh cream and dried fenugreek leaves. I usually make rajma once a week for any meal of the day. Let’s see why we call this a healthy rajma recipe. Yes, the recipe does have some fresh cream and butter and they are healthy fats. The main ingredient rajma is a complex carb and rich in Fibre which helps in Lowering Cholesterol levels. Rajma is rich in Potassium which is critical for those with High Blood Pressure as it lessens the impact of sodium. You can have Punjabi kidney bean curry with any Indian bread or rice. Enjoy rajma recipe |Punjabi kidney bean curry |authentic Punjabi rajma | healthy rajma recipe | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
nachni onion roti recipe | ragi masala roti | healthy Indian red millet onion paratha | gluten free | with 31 amazing images. nachni onion roti recipe | ragi masala roti | healthy Indian red millet onion paratha | gluten free is a nourishing Indian staple. Learn how to make ragi masala roti. To make nachni onion roti, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead into a soft dough using enough lukewarm water. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions and roll out each portion into a circle of 100 mm. (4”) diameter, using a little red millet flour for rolling. Prick at even distance with help of a fork. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and cook each roti, using a little oil, till it turns golden brown in colour from both sides. Serve immediately. Many consider red millet as an ideal food not just for elders but for growing kids too. It has a very balanced set of nutrients, and if prepared well it is very tasty too! The ragi masala roti is an intelligent way of incorporating ragi in your diet in a way that appeals to all. Flavoured aptly with onions, coriander and green chillies, this gluten free tastes delicious when served hot right off the tava. Nobody would ever be able to guess that this delicacy doesn’t make use of any exotic ingredient. All can benefit from the calcium and phosphorus this healthy Indian red millet onion paratha is rich in. This is a tasty way of building bones. Serve it as a healthy dinner for diabetics , heart patients or obese people. They can benefit from the fibre in this roti. Tips for nachni onion roti. 1. Serve nachni onion roti with curds. 2. Serve healthy nachni onion parartha with green chutney. 3. You can roll the ragi roti with whole wheat flour as this is easier to do. 4. Since this is nachni atta, while rolling you will have to pinch the circumference of the dough while rolling so the roti does not tear from the corners. 5. To get atta on the sides of the roti, hold it vertically and gently roll over the atta. 6. If the roti sticks at the bottom whole rolling, then lift the roti and put some ragi flour on the base off the rolling board. Enjoy nachni onion roti recipe | ragi masala roti | healthy Indian red millet onion paratha | gluten free | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
The humble Ragi Roti turns into an awesome snack in this recipe! Here, the rotis are lined with peppy chutneys, and rolled up with exciting fillings like spiced paneer cubes and crunchy onions. You have to take care to knead the ragi roti dough till it is really soft and pliable. The rotis also need to be rolled by hand using a little more flour for dusting. You must also serve the Ragi Roti Stuffed with Paneer immediately after preparation, while the roti is still soft and the onions are crunchy. After a while, both tend to lose their original texture. You can also try other recipes using ragi flour like Ragi and Oat Crackers , Nachni Ladoos and Ragi and Coriander Uttapa .
pindi chole | Punjabi pindi chana | Restaurant style pindi chole | with 29 amazing images. Pindi Chole is a classic dish from the Punjabi repertoire, which is flavoured with a large assortment of spice powders and other ingredients like ginger, garlic, tomatoes and onions, which lend an irresistible flavour and aroma to it. While it is common in most parts of the country to flavour chole with garam masala and chole masala, what makes the Punjabi pindi chana really different from the rest is the combination of kabuli chana with chana dal and the procedure of cooking both in water along with whole spices and tea leaves tied in a cloth bag. This greatly boosts the colour and flavour of the Punjabi pindi chana, provided you follow the traditional procedure and patiently cook the chole mixture till the water dries out. Notes and tips to make pindi chole. 1. For pressure cooking kabuli chana for the Pindi Chole recipe, take a deep bowl, add about 3/4 cup raw kabuli chana and cover them with enough water. Cover it with a lid and keep aside to soak for 8 hours. If you are in a hurry and do not have much time then you can soak them in hot water and cover it. It will be done in 4 hours. 2. Put the tea leaves, cinnamon and the black cardamom in a muslin cloth. All three ingredients will give a unique taste to the Kabuli chana when we pressure cook them. 3. Now we add the chole masala. Chole Masala is a unique blend of spices perfect for this incredible Pindi Chole. Serve with Rotis, Parathas or Butter Naan and Onion Rings. Enjoy how to make pindi chole | Punjabi pindi chana | Restaurant style pindi chole | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
This Spicy Chole draws from the goodness of all the aromatic spices in your masala dabba. It is so sumptuous and rich, you will not even realize that it has no onions or potatoes in it! While bottle gourd contributes to the consistency of this special chole preparation, an intense powder of varied spices adds to its flavour. The pomegranate seeds, especially, contributes an appreciable tang and taste to the powder. Serve the Spicy Chole steaming hot with rice or rotis of your choice.
 by Tarla Dalal
curd recipe | dahi recipe | how to make curd | homemade dahi | full fat curds. Curds or ‘dahi’ is a dairy product made by coagulating milk which leads to curdling. It is mostly made at home in every Indian household. Indians like to have homemade dahi any time of the day – not only with their meals but also as a snack! The process of making full fat curds at home is very simple, all you need to do is follow proper procedure and method. We show you how to make curd. To make dahi, firstly you need to choose correct milk that is full fat milk. If you do not choose milk correctly, you will get watery dahi with excessive whey. We have started with heating little water in a pan, so that the milk doesn't burn. Rotate the pan so that the milk doesn't scorch as the water may make a protective layer, remaining water is then discarded. Then, boil the milk for 6-8 mins, allow it to cool till it is lukewarm. Once the temperature of the milk comes down, take a patila or a vessel you want to set curd in, add little full fat curd also known as jaman or starter which will help in setting the curd. Spread the curd evenly and pour the milk over it. Make sure the milk is not hot as it may lead to curdling of curd and it may not yeild creamy curd. Mix well, cover and let it rest in a warm place for 5-6 hours. After 5-6 hours, you'll find the curd set and put it in the refrigerator or else it will turn sour. The best part is that curd is quite easy to make at home and inexpensive. It is however important to have a sample of homemade curd to make good curds as store-bought ones don’t work most of the time. So, if you do not have curds made the previous day, try to get a tablespoon or two of it from a neighbour or good friend. Some dishes like parathas seem incomplete if they are not served with full fat curds.. Curd is not only relished plain, but also used to make wonderful dishes like Kadhis and raitas. Not only that, good fresh curd is essential to make chaats like Dahi Puri, Dahi Vadas, Moong Dahi Misal and Dahi Kachori too. Check our collection of recipes using curd. Enjoy curd recipe | dahi recipe | how to make curd | homemade dahi | full fat curds | with detailed step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
almond butter recipe | homemade Indian style almond butter | chunky almond butter | with 18 amazing images. homemade almond butter is totally awesome, a tantalising treat with a very unique flavour and interesting mouth-feel! Learn how to make almond butter recipe | homemade Indian style almond butter | chunky almond butter | When you think almonds, you expect a nutty flavour, but this homemade almond butter gives you a better flavour than you bargain for, because the nuts are roasted before blending. A dash of coconut oil further improves the flavour of this butter, apart from boosting its health benefits. homemade Indian style almond butter is a great source of Protein, while coconut gives you healthy fatty acids of medium chain triglycerides. It is always better to make your almond butter at home as store-bought almond butter contains loads of sugar and hydrogenated vegetable fats, which are not good for you. And to think you get all this goodness at probably half the price of the unhealthy market butter! Store your almond butter in a glass jar with a lid and it should stay good for 25 days in the fridge. You can also store the almond butter in a jar at room temperature and it stays good for 15 days. But note that if you put the butter in the fridge, then you must store it there always. When you are hungry, treat yourself to 1 tbsp of almond butter. It is a wise snack even for weight-watchers as it has the correct fats to keep you full for a longer time. Tips to make almond butter: 1. Instead of coconut oil you can add olive oil. 2. Cool the almonds completely after roasting otherwise while blending the mixer jar may get hot. 3. Instead of sea salt you can add normal salt. Enjoy almond butter recipe | homemade Indian style almond butter | chunky almond butter | with detailed step by step photos.
Pep up nachni flour by mixing it with moong dal and paneer to make an ideal breakfast paratha! cooked moong dal also provides the necessary binding.
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