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 14 Super Health Benefits of Lemon

  Last Updated : Nov 29,2023

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14 Super Healthy Benefits of Lemon + Healthy Lemon Recipes

The lemon - a citrus fruit is one of those super foods with a myriad health and cosmetic benefits. There are very few persons for whom it is an allergen, so make sure you are not allergic to this natural product, before you start enjoying the many benefits.

Masoor, Beets, Zucchini , Peppers Lunch Salad, Healthy Veg One Dish MealMasoor, Beets, Zucchini , Peppers Lunch Salad, Healthy Veg One Dish Meal

You can squeeze lemon juice on different vegetable and fruit salads and various preparations like Masoor Beets, Zucchini, Pepper Lunch Salad and Paneer aur Hare Chane ka Salad. 

Paneer Aur Hare Chane ka Salad, Healthy Salads RecipePaneer Aur Hare Chane ka Salad, Healthy Salads Recipe

1. Anti-bacterial
Results of a study suggest that citrus fruit juices of Lemon and lime are effective in preventing infection and thus have anti-bacterial activity (1). Lemon juice used for marinating seafood or meat kills bacteria and other organisms present in them, thereby preventing many gastro-intestinal tract infections.

2. Builds Immunity
Lemon is a very good source of Vitamin C and thus helps in the production of  white blood cells and antibodies in the blood which attacks invading microorganisms, prevents infection and builds immunity. Therefore, Lemon juice is given to prevent common cold. Try Warm Lemon with Turmeric - an Anti-inflammatory Drink.

Warm Lemon Water with Turmeric, Anti Inflammatory and Good for ColdWarm Lemon Water with Turmeric, Anti Inflammatory and Good for Cold
3. Anti-oxidant
Lemon contains antioxidants like Vitamin C and limonene which deactivates the free radicals, thus preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases and cancers. You can be slightly innovative and use a handful of antioxidant rich seeds like flax seeds and sesame seeds and squeeze some lemon on them to make a completely healthy mouth freshener - Multiseed Mukhwas.

Multiseed Mukhwas ( Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Fibre Rich Recipe )

Multiseed Mukhwas ( Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Fibre Rich Recipe )

4. Healthy Hair
Lemon juice acts as a natural hair lightener and prevents the risk of chemical allergic reactions that usually occur with hair dyes.

It is an excellent treatment for dandruff and greasy hair. Rely on Rajma Salad to make up for hair care nutrients like protein, iron, folic acid, zinc and vitamin C. 

 Rajma Salad Healthy Rajma Salad
Rajma Salad Healthy Rajma Salad

5. Radiant Skin
The vitamon C in the lemon helps in collage synthesis, which gives elasticity to the skin and prevents wrinkles. Add it to a list of other nourishing ingredients and make your own lunch salad like Barley Feta and Spinach Salad. Lemon juice acts as a skin bleach which reduces the pigment melanin and bleaches. Lemon juice is said to give a natural glow to the skin. Lemon juice soothes the dry skin when applied with a little glycerin.

 Barley Feta and Spinach Salad, Healthy Salad
 Barley Feta and Spinach Salad, Healthy Salad

6. Aids Digestion
A few drops of lemon juice in hot water are believed to clear the digestive system and purify the liver as well.

Try a glass of Honey Lemon Water daily in the morning on an empty stomach 

Honey Lemon WaterHoney Lemon Water

7. Oral Health
Lemon juice can also be used as a mouthwash. It removes plaque, whitens the teeth and strengthens the enamel. Lemon juice is given to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis, and inflammation of the tongue, due to the Vitamin C content in it.

8. Enhances Iron Absorption
The ascorbic acid in lemon juice helps in absorption of iron from the food. So if you’re iron deficient or have anaemia squeeze a lemon on iron rich recipes like Power Poha or Halim Drink for enhancing iron absorption.

Halim Drink Recipe, Best Source Of Iron

Halim Drink Recipe, Best Source Of Iron

9. Protective against Bladder Stones
A study conducted on rat models showed that Lemon juice has protective action against stone formation in the urinary bladder (2).

10. Blood Pressure Lowering Effects
Lemon has flavonoid Limonin which lowers blood pressure and increases the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) (3)Grilled Sweet Potato, which has restricted amount of salt, but all the required nutrients. You will love the interplay of flavours as well as the fabulous mouth-feel of the grilled sweet potatoes. 

Grilled Sweet Potato, Low Salt Recipe

Grilled Sweet Potato, Low Salt Recipe

11. Reduces Cholesterol
Lemon contains vitamin C which is involved in conversion of cholesterol to bile, thereby reducing the cholesterol levels (4). Lemon juice with a pinch of salt (warm) every morning will help in reducing cholesterol levels and brings down your weight. Include it with Avocado (a healthy fat for healthy heart) in the form of Indian Avocado Salad.  Learn the recipe with step-by-step photos.

 Avocado Salad
 Avocado Salad

12. Anti-inflammatory
The flavonoid limonene found in lemons have anti-inflammatory properties and may help in inflammatory conditions like allergy, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (5).

13. Analgesic
The compound limonin found in citrus fruits such as lime and lemon have been studied for their analgesic properties. A recent study on limonin stated that they had a better analgesic effect than aspirin (6). Lemon juice is applied to the sites of bites and stings of certain insects to relieve its pain. Lemon juice relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

14. Cancer Preventive
Lemon is found to be preventive against certain cancers such as cancers of digestive tract and upper respiratory tract (7) (8). Lemon juice prevents faulty metabolism in the cell, which can predispose a cell to become carcinogenic. Also blocks the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the gut. On a winter day try the Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup for a complete antioxidant boost to fight cancer. 

Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup

Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup


Have a Lemony Affair with Food!

The humble lemon is a beautiful ingredient that can be used for pickling, candying, seasoning and many more varieties of other uses. Lemon Green Beans is a zesty dish to enjoy due to its awesome flavour and goodness of lemons.

Lemon Green Beans with Sea Salt

Lemon Green Beans with Sea Salt

Give a boost of antioxidants to your body with this Lemony Papaya Infused Water, it is simple to make and great for detoxification of the body.

Lemony Lettuce Drink is a unique drink with an unusual combination of fruits and vegetables, sip on it to revive yourself.

Lemony Lettuce Drink, Lemony Lettuce and Apple Juice

Lemony Lettuce Drink, Lemony Lettuce and Apple Juice

Love ice-creams? Love lemon flavour? Well, we have a Lemon Ice-Cream recipe which uses lemon as an ingredient, this recipe does not require cooking and is a simple one. Lemon Pickle is one recipe that is liked by one and all. Lemon Honey Water is great to be used as a home remedy for sore throat.

Lemon Ice- Cream

Lemon Ice- Cream

Happy Cooking!!!

health benefits of lemon

 by Tarla Dalal
tulsi tea | Indian basil tea | tulsi tea for sore throat | tulsi tea for weight loss | with 12 amazing images. tulsi tea is made from 2 ingredients, tulsi leaves ( considered a holy herb in India) + lemon juice. Tulsi leaves are cooked in water for 10 minutes. Strain the water and add lemon juices and your tulsi tea for weight loss is ready. Comforting and refreshing at the same time, this Indian basil tea, with its unmistakable herbal accents is a wonderful cure for sore throat. While the anti-viral and soothing properties of tulsi are well-known, what makes this remedy all the more effective is the addition of lemon juice to tulsi tea for sore throat. All together tulsi tea helps to expel the mucus, soothe the throat and improve your immunity with its anti-oxidant powers. Of course, the blend of herbal and lemony flavours in Tulsi Tea is a hit with the palate! You can also try other recipes with tulsi leaves like Organic Pineapple Tulsi Drink and Fresh Herbal Tea. Enjoy how to make tulsi tea | Indian basil tea | tulsi tea for sore throat | tulsi tea for weight loss | with detailed step by step photos below.
mint honey lemon drink recipe | lemon mint and honey water | pudina nimbu drink | lemon mint water | with 15 amazing images. mint honey lemon drink recipe | lemon mint and honey water | pudina nimbu drink | lemon mint water is a nutritious drink packed with punch and nourishment. Learn how to make lemon mint and honey water. To make mint honey lemon drink, combine the honey, lemon juice, cumin seeds powder, salt and 2½ cups of warm water in a deep bowl and blend it using a hand blender. Add the mint leaves and mix well. Pour the drink into 4 individual glasses and serve immediately. A perfect cuppa to have in the mornings, the pudina nimbu drink has a zesty flavour that shakes you awake. Having this refreshing drink nice and warm is not only very soothing, but also helps to break down fat and lose weight. Honey energizes and lends you the strength you need in the morning, while lemon, mint and cumin lend a wonderful flavour and also improve your digestion. The salt is optional in this lemon mint water, but a pinch will help highlight the flavours well. The lemon juice in lemon mint and honey water also lends enough vitamin C to help ward off the harmful free radicals from the body, which otherwise can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C is a nutrient which is also necessary to add glow to your skin and prevent bleeding gums. Tips for mint honey lemon drink. 1. Choose the perfect mint leaves. Look for mint leaves that have firm, unwilted leaves, are vividly deep green in color with no signs of yellowing or browning. 2. Serve the drink immediately as vitamin C is a volatile nutrient and some of it is lost on exposure to air. 3. Also ensure the drink is warm while serving. Enjoy mint honey lemon drink recipe | lemon mint and honey water | pudina nimbu drink | lemon mint water | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
lemon apple juice recipe | lemon and apple juice benefits | apple lemon cooler | how to make apple and lemon juice | lemon apple juice is a healthy, refreshing and energising Indian potion for early morning. Learn how to make apple and lemon juice. To make lemon apple juice, add the apple cubes a few at a time in the juicer. Add the lemon juice and mix well. Add some crushed ice in 2 individual glasses and pour equal quantities of the juice over it. Serve apple lemon cooler immediately. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, says the proverb and it's almost true. Apples are a storehouse of fibre which helps to keep your digestive tract healthy. Apples contain an enzyme called 'polyphenolase', which when comes in contact with oxygen produces coloured phenolic compounds that impart undesirable brown colour to the pieces. However, some amount of fibre is lost in the process of juicing. Hence we recommend that you use a high quality blender and not strain the juice, to benefit the most from apple lemon cooler. A dash of lime cuts through the sweetness perfectly and zips up the flavour of this apple and lemon juice. It also adds enough vitamin C. This key nutrient is important to build immunity and fight diseases. With 108 calories per glass, this sugar free nourishing drink is a great addition to your breakfast. From kids to adults to senior citizens and even pregnant women all can indulge into this apple and lemon juice. You can serve it to kids after play time when they need an energy boost and make up for their water requirement too! Tips for lemon apple juice. 1. To prevent the apple from browning, cut the apples just before juicing or simply squeeze lemon juice over the pieces. 2. Use unpeeled apples preferably, as much of the fibre lies beneath the skin of the fruits. 3. Serve it immediately to benefit from the vitamin C from lemon juice. This is because vitamin C is a volatile nutrient and some of it is lost on exposure to air. 4. We do not recommend this juice for diabetics as it can be a dose of excess carbs at a time. Enjoy lemon apple juice recipe | lemon and apple juice benefits | apple lemon cooler | how to make apple and lemon juice.
 by Tarla Dalal
You know how bad diarrhea can be. You are exhausted and know you have to top up on fluids, but your taste buds feel dead and you don’t really feel up to drinking anything. Here is a refreshing drink that can get you out of this terrible situation! Lemon Phudina Paani, with the tanginess of lemon and peppy flavours of jeera and mint also pools in the medicinal benefits of these ingredients, helping to kill the bacteria responsible for diarrhea. Have it thrice a day to curtail Diarrhoea and hydrate your body too.
 by Tarla Dalal
Creamy low-fat curds pair remarkably well with the assertive flavours of basil, pepper, salt and lemon rind. This colourful dressing comes alive, thanks to grated apple and basil. To avoid the usual cholesterol from high-fat cream used in salad dressings, this recipe makes use of low-fat curds instead of cream.
 by Tarla Dalal
A cup of Lemon Tea is just what you need to shoo away the gloom! With a refreshingly tangy taste tinged by the exotic sweetness of honey, this tea is sure to rejuvenate your senses and make you feel fresh as a daisy. Enjoy it in the company of friends, and watch the effect double. You can also try other recipes like the Tulsi Tea and Fresh Herbal Tea .
 by Tarla Dalal
honey lemon water | lemon honey water | madh ka paani | indian honey lemon water | with 9 amazing images. Honey Lemon Water is a soothing herbal concoction that has amazing effects when had in the morning. Millions of people across the world start the day with it, and enjoy its health benefits. It is also excellent to soothe the throat. For those on weight loss, you can skip adding the honey in the honey lemon water recipe. Honey is used to give instant energy in the morning. While making Honey Lemon Water, you must note that the water must only be warm and not hot. Also, this should not be strongly flavoured like lemon juice or lemon tea. It is just 2 tsp of lemon juice for 2 cups of water. Aside from honey lemon water, try our other herbal drinks like the Herbal Caffeine- Free Tea or the Phudina Green Tea. See detailed step by step photos and video of Honey Lemon Water recipe below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Lemon Green Beans with Sea Salt is such a stunning way to enjoy French beans! Cooked in such a way that the vibrant green colour and juicy texture are retained, the beans are served with a sprinkling of sea salt and lemon zest, which give an awesome flavour. Be generous with the sea salt as it is very effective in enhancing the taste of the beans. The beans must be crunchy after cooking – if you cook them for too long, they will become soft and the colour will darken. You can also try other French Beans recipes like the Stir Fried French Beans and Garlic or Stir Fried French Beans with Kalonji .
 by Tarla Dalal
Sounds simple – just papaya cubes and lemon infused in a bottle of water, but your body is sure to receive a welcome boost from this zesty fluid. Sip on it whenever you are tired and feel your body freshen up. Since both papaya and lemon are good for your skin, the Lemony Papaya Infused Water also blesses you with a clear complexion. Make sure you remove the lemon slices after 2-3 hours, to prevent the detox drink from turning bitter. Fruit Infuser Water Bottles are easily available all over India, in online shops as well as the home needs section of supermarkets and retail chains. If you don’t have a Fruit Infuser Bottle, you can just use any glass jar or pitcher. Put the papaya and lemon in the pitcher along with water and allow them to infuse for 2 to 3 hours. Then, strain the mixture to get detox water. The papaya can be discarded or more water with fresh lemon slices can be added to make more detox water. Do not use the papaya for more than twice.
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Lettuce is not just a salad food! Combined with lemon, this delightful juice is just the thing to revive you from that sinking feeling! Try this unusual combination of fruits and vegetables for some real health power with a vitamin C and calcium boost in a glass. There are many types of lettuce available. Dark green varieties lend a slightly bitter taste to juices, so use only the lighter green variety of lettuce. It is easier to juice firm leaves rather than softer leaves. A glass of Lemony Lettuce Drink with a healthy snack like Mini Jowar and Tomato Uttapa , Oats Moong Toast or Chola Dal Dhokla is a great way to start the day off on the right foot.
 by Tarla Dalal
Love tanginess? Love creaminess too? Well, this Lemon Ice-Cream caters to both camps! With an awesome creaminess that is characteristic of good ice-creams and a refreshing tang derived from lemon, this fabulous ice-cream is sure to shake awake your senses! Interestingly, because this ice-cream uses a combination of cold milk and whipping cream, it does not even require any cooking. Just mix, beat and freeze – as simple as that! You can also try other fruit-based ice-creams like Avocado Ice Cream , which is even more creamier because of the naturally creamy texture of avocado.
 by Tarla Dalal
instant lemon pickle recipe | nimbu ka achar | easy lime pickle | traditional South Indian lemon pickle | instant lemon pickle is a spicy pickle made with most authentic ingredients but in a quick way on a stove top. Learn how to make traditional South Indian lemon pickle. Interestingly, most restaurants down South serve traditional South Indian lemon pickle along with the 'meals', as the lemon is easy to procure and pickle, as well as liked by almost everybody. The sesame oil and salt used in this pickle acts as a preservative to increase its shelf life. We recommend you use the said quantity of salt only. To make instant lemon pickle, Combine the fenugreek seeds and asafoetida in a small non-stick pan and dry roast on a medium flame for 2 minutes, while stirring continuously. Transfer to a plate and cool completely, once cooled blend in a mixer to a fine powder. Keep aside. Boil enough water in a deep non-stick pan, add the lemons and boil on a medium flame for 6 to 7 minutes. Drain well. Cut the lemon into quarters. Keep aside. Heat the oil in a small non-stick pan and add the mustard seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the green chillies and ginger and sauté on a medium flame for 1 minute. Add the turmeric powder and chilli powder and sauté on a medium flame for 1 minute. Add the lemon pieces, salt, fenugreek-asafoetida mixture, mix well and simmer for another 3 to 4 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Cool it slightly, store in an air-tight container and use as required. Oh, how versatile the humble lemon is, lending itself as beautifully to pickling. This accompaniment of nimbu ka achar recipe is quick and easy to make, and is sure to tickle your taste buds. It adds an extra burst of taste to your meal as well as helps to enliven a boring meal. Homemade Lemon Pickle goes well with rotis, parathas, rice dishes, especially curd rice, in fact you can also enjoy it with Batata Poha , Sevaiyan Upma, Upma, Pav, Masala Omelette, Idli, dosa and Uttapa. Tips for instant lemon pickle. 1. You need to begin with buying the best of lemons for pickle. Learn how to select lemons. 2. After adding the lemons, salt and fenugreek-asafoetida mixture, remember to cook it on a slow flame and keep stirring it occasionally, so the lemons absorb the spices well. 3. Also ensure to cool it well before storing. Even slight warmth will lead to quick spoilage. 4. This pickle is best stored in a glass container and not steel canister. 5. After the pickle is ready, store it in a cool place and always use a spoon to serve it. Also do try other South Indian pickles like Madras Onion Pickle Drumstick Pickle or Mango Pickle. Enjoy instant lemon pickle recipe | nimbu ka achar | easy lime pickle | traditional South Indian lemon pickle.
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