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 Dinner Menus from Ragda Pattice to Mysore Masala Dosa

  Last Updated : Oct 26,2018

Dinner Menus from Ragda Pattice to Mysore Masala Dosa

Dinner Options to Delight Your Family

Tell us frankly – have any two days ever been the same in your life? Then, why settle down to having the same meals every day? Some days are hectic, some are happy, some are stressful, some are light – why not have a dinner that matches your day, or rather balances it, so that at the end of the day you feel nothing but happy and contented?

That is precisely why we have put together this collection of dinner menus for you. With recipes from across the country, these dinners are bound to be satisfying and fun as well. Not only that, all these dishes will appeal to both young and old.

We begin with a peppy dinner of Bhel Puri and Ragda Pattice on Monday, to keep up with the tempo of the bygone weekend. On Tuesday, when you are past the bustle of Monday and have a little time to plan something more elaborate, we suggest a sumptuous dinner of Aloo Kulcha, Dal Makhani and Gobi Simla Mirch, all very droolworthy North Indian delicacies. Wednesday can feature a fun-packed dinner, which is also convenient to prepare. With our simple recipe, you can prepare bhaji quite easily using the pressure cooker. Pair it with some pav, and you are all set to dig into a yummy Pav Bhaji. Keeping with the Mumbai roadside theme, you can also make a stunning Pav Sandwich, which is handy, tasty and sure to be enjoyed by everybody.

De-stress yourself on Thursday with a rustic, haveli style dinner of Bhakri, Khatta Moong Dal and Batata Chi Bhaji. These homely dishes are not only easy to make, but also require only common, everyday ingredients, so you do not have to plan much ahead. As the weekend mood sets in, let’s travel down South, with the all-time favourite Mysore Masala Dosa. Couple it with Sambhar and if you find the time, you can also make another snazzy accompaniment like the Malgapodi and Tomato Coconut Chutney.

Your week’s all set now! We are sure this week will fly by happily and leisurely for you, for even busy days will pass in anticipation of the awesome dinner that’s waiting to be cooked and enjoyed in your own comfortable kitchen. You no longer have to settle for boring dinners; nor do you have to run down to a nearby restaurant. Spend some relaxing time in the kitchen cooking up a sumptuous dinner, and watch the smile bloom on your loved ones’ faces. Undoubtedly, your heart too will soar with joy!

Day Dinner Idea
Monday Ragda Pattice
Bhel Puri
Tuesday Aloo Kulcha
Dal Makhani
Gobi Simla Mirch
Wednesday Pav Bhaji
Pav Sandwich
Thursday Bhakri
Khatta Moong
Batata Chi Bhaji
Friday Mysore Masala Dosa
Malgapodi and Tomato Coconut Chutney

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dinner menus from ragda pattice to mysore masala dosa

ragda pattice recipe | mumbai ragda pattice recipe | how to make ragda pattice | ragda recipe | with 60 amazing images. Ragda Pattice is an ever-popular snack served piping hot by the roadside food vendors of Mumbai. Aromatic, tasty and filling, this ragda pattice snack often doubles up as a meal for many. Mumbai ragda pattice recipe is basically potato patties drowned in ragda, a gravy with white peas and spices. Laced with chutneys and topped with crunchy sev, this chatpata snack is absolutely mouth-watering. We show you in detail how to make ragda. While it kindles your appetite with its tongue-tickling flavours, ragda pattice is also filling enough to appease your hunger! Relish this awesome snack on Mumbai’s roadside ragda pattice on a wet monsoon day, surrounded by friends or family – it is truly an incomparable experience. Enjoy our ragda pattice recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Mumbai street style bhel puri | bhel | bhelpuri enjoy with 20 amazing pictures. Think of bhel puri and the first thing that comes to mind is Mumbai street style bhel puri. From the famous Chowpatty beach to Juhu beach and street foods of Mumbai, you will find bhelpuri, very delicious and quick evening snack. Wanting to make something very delicious and quick for evening snack? Bhel Puri such an exciting snack to munch on. Though bhel puri chaat is also a pleasure to watch the chaat wallah whip up this tongue-tickling street food, make it at home is always healthier and efficient. Bhel puri sold on every street corner in Mumbai, and now widespread in other Indian cities and towns too. Almost every street has its own friendly bhelwala with his inimitable blends of chutneys and masalas. Mumbai street style bhel puri is a wonderful preparation of puffed rice tossed together with a lot of tangy chutneys, aromatic seasonings, crunchy veggies and flavourful garnishes. Now, you can recreate the magic in your own kitchen with this simple recipe. We have prepared bhel puri by taking, puffed rice which is the main ingredient to the dish, added onions, boiled potatoes, khajur imli ki chutney, green chutney, garlic chutney, fresh coriander, chaat masala, lemon juice, sev and crushed papdi and mixed everything together. The bhel puri is ready to be assembled. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions and garnish each portion with sev, papdis, masala dal, raw mango, coriander and 1 papdi. If you have all the chutneys prepared and stored bhelpuri can be prepared in a jiffy, not only bhelpuri but any chaat can be prepared quickly. Bhel is a delectable combination of papadis, puffed rice, sev, onions, potatoes, raw mango and chutneys. The proportions of the various chutneys can be changed to adjust to your personal preferences. Toast the puffed rice to make bhel crisp before using it to make bhel. If you store the puffed rice, sev and papadi and refrigerate or freeze the chutneys, you can rustle up a heavy snack in a jiffy for your hungry kids returning from school. Enjoy Mumbai street style bhel puri | bhel | bhelpuri |with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
aloo kulcha recipe | Amritsari kulcha | stuffed kulcha | dhaba aloo kulcha | with 42 amazing images. aloo kulcha recipe | Amritsari kulcha | stuffed kulcha | dhaba aloo kulcha is a famous North Indian delicacy loved by one and all. Learn how to make Amritsari kulcha. To make aloo kulcha, combine the yeast, sugar and 5 tbsp of lukewarm water in a bowl and mix well. Cover it with a lid and keep aside for 10 minutes. Combine the plain flour, yeast-sugar mixture, curds and salt and in a deep bowl and knead into a soft dough, using enough water. Cover the dough with a lid or damp muslin cloth and keep aside in a warm place for 45 minutes. Add the oil and knead very well. Keep aside. Divide the stuffing into 6 equal portions. Keep aside. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions. Press a portion of the dough flat on a rolling board and roll into a 125 mm. (5”) diameter circle using a little plain flour for rolling. Place a portion of the stuffing in the centre and press it lightly. Bring together all the sides in the centre and seal tightly. Roll again into a circle of 150 mm. (6”) diameter circle with a little plain flour for rolling. Sprinkle ½ tsp of black sesame seeds and 1 tsp of coriander evenly over it and roll again into 200 mm. (8”) diameter circle using a little plain flour for rolling. Repeat steps 3 to 7 to roll 5 more kulchas. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and place a kulcha over it with the black sesame seed-coriander side facing downwards. Cook it on one side till it puffs slightly and then turn over. Cook it on the other side till it puffs a little and then roast it on an open flame till it turns golden brown from both the sides. Repeat the steps 9 to 11 to cook 5 more kulchas. Brush each kulcha with a little butter and serve immediately. Dhaba aloo kulcha is a delicious, flavour-packed Indian bread, which is stuffed with a tasty, mildly-tangy potato mixture. A sprinkling of black sesame seeds and chopped coriander on the rolled dough boosts the aroma and flavour of the kulcha manifold. The stuffing with generous use of green chillies, coriander and dried mango powder has the perfect balance of spice and tang in one dish. When cooked on the tava, these ingredients get toasted and give out an awesome aroma. Make sure to brush the Amritsari kulcha with a little butter before serving, to make the taste even richer! You can serve the stuffed kulcha with Paneer Pasanda or Punjabi Chole. And when served for breakfast, these kulchas are paired with a bowl of curd and pickle like Punjabi aam ka achar. Tips for aloo kulcha. 1. The plain flour should be free of lumps. Sieve it if necessary. 2. Ensure that the yeast is not very old nor it is from a packet which has been kept open for too long. 3. Prefer to use the old potatoes for this recipe. The new variety of potatoes tend to be slightly sticky. That would make rolling difficult. 4. You can pressure cook the potatoes or to save time you can cook the potatoes in a microwave. 5. The dough has to be soft, so it is easy to roll. 6. Use plain flour for rolling as required, so the kulcha doesn’t stick to the rolling board. 7. After stuffing the dough, roll it gently so the stuffing does not spill out. 8. After completing the rolling, ensure that the sesame side faces down on the tava. 9. This kulcha is stuffed and slightly thick so it will take some extra time to cook. 10. It has to be served immediately, else it will turn chewy. Enjoy aloo kulcha recipe | Amritsari kulcha | stuffed kulcha | dhaba aloo kulcha | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
dal makhani | how to make dal makhani | dhaba-style dal makhani | punjabi dal makhani | with 30 amazing photos. Dal Makhani or maa di dal, as it is popularly known in the Punjab, with its smooth velvety texture and lovely flavour is a delicacy that is very much a dish of the Punjab. Enjoy our Dal Makhani recipe with step by step photos and video. Every Punjabi restaurant, roadside eating place and food stall vendor makes the claim that Punjabi Dal Makhani is a delicacy that they alone can make to perfection. This my own tested recipe dare I claim it as the best? Dal Makhani is traditionally cooked on a low flame overnight and allowed to thicken. Using a pressure cooker helps cook the dal in a jiffy. Serve hot with naans. Also do try other recipes that combines beautifully with fresh tomato pulp like Kashmiri Dum Aloo or Cauliflower Stir-fry .
 by Tarla Dalal
There is something magical about cauliflower. It seems so common, but lends itself to a variety of preparations from everyday fare to exotic dishes. Here, for example, it combines with peppy capsicum, everyday spices and spice powders to make a tongue-tickling Gobi Simla Mirch that you can serve with roti or enjoy just by itself! You will surely enjoy the tang lent by tomatoes and the super aromatic touch of kasuri methi in this mouth-watering dish. Besides subzi, cauliflower can be used to make Cauliflower Parathas , Cauliflower and Oats Tikki and Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie .
 by Tarla Dalal
pav bhaji recipe in a pressure cooker recipe | pressure cooker pav bhaji | best Mumbai pav bhaji in instant pot | 30 minutes easy pav bhaji is an all time favourite recipe. Learn how to make best Mumbai pav bhaji in instant pot. Mumbai’s all-time favourite street food - 30 minutes easy pav bhaji is now so much easier to prepare, with our handy kitchen helper – the pressure cooker! Temper, sauté, pressure cook, that’s all there is to preparing a delicious bhaji to accompany fresh, butter-toasted pav buns. To make pav bhaji recipe in a pressure cooker, heat the oil and butter in the pressure cooker and add the cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the onions and capsicum sauté on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, chilli powder, pav bhaji masala, salt and 3/4 cup of hot water, mix well and pressure cook on a high flame for 3 whistles. Once the cooker cools down, mash well using a potato masher till smooth, add the coriander and mix well. Garnish with onions, lemon and coriander and serve immediately with pav. While the tava cooked pav bhaji is tempting and served as a snack and for dinner too, this quick version of pressure cooker pav bhaji served with onions and wedges of lemon, tastes just like the original, but can be prepared easily for sudden guests or for kids returning home from school. Tips for pav bhaji recipe in a pressure cooker. 1. Chop the tomatoes finely, so that they cook well. 2. Saute the chilli powder and pav bhaji masala well before pressure cooking, to enjoy the authentic taste and flavour. 3. Serve with a dollop of butter on the bhaji. Enjoy pav bhaji recipe in a pressure cooker recipe | pressure cooker pav bhaji | best Mumbai pav bhaji in instant pot.
A very interesting Pav Sandwich, which is somewhere mid-way between a regular sandwich and vada pav, but as exciting as both together! Basically, it involves less work than vada pav because you do not need a vada but it is almost as tasty because it uses garlic chutney and assorted masalas including pav bhaji and garam masalas. The choice of vegetables layered between the pav is also such that you get a balanced texture, with a bit of crunchiness and a bit of juiciness too. Coriander, as always, peps up the whole arrangement, creating a fresh burst of flavours on your palate! Serve the Pav Sandwich immediately on preparation. If you are loking for recipes using pav bhaji masala check these out- Pav Bhaji Dhokla , Pav Bhaji , Pav Bhaji Burger , Pav Bhaji Sandwich , Pav Bhaji Fondue , Pav Bhaji Toast , Bhaji Pulao and Chat- Pata Pav .
 by Tarla Dalal
bhakri recipe | Gujarati Style Biscuit Bhakri | Kathiyawadi Bhakri | with 16 amazing images bhakri recipe is typically biscuit-like bread flavoured with ghee and cumin seeds. The Kathiyawadi Bhakri is popular in Maharastra and Gujarat cuisine. Generally, there are two types of bhakhris—one is Gujarati Style Biscuit Bhakri while the other is puffed up whole wheat bhakri recipe served with ghee. I would like to share 4 important tips to make the perfect bhakri recipe. 1. Gradually add water to knead into a stiff dough. If the dough becomes soft then the bhakris will not become crispy like biscuit. My grandmother makes use of milk to knead the Gujarati bhakri dough. 2. With the help of a rolling pin rollGujarati Style Biscuit Bhakri into a 100 mm. (4”) diameter thick circle. It should be thicker than paratha. If the edges crack too much when you roll the bhakri then you may need to add some water or milk additionally to make the dough little smooth. 3. Once rolled, make small groves evenly over the rolled Gujarati bhakri using the edge of the rolling pin, as shown here. By doing so the bhakri will cook uniformly. 4. Keep flipping theGujarati bhakri every 30 seconds to 1 minute and pressing it with the khakhra press till golden brown spots appear on both the sides and it turns crispy. It would take around 8-9 minutes for a Gujarati bhakri (Kathiyawadi Bhakri Recipe | Gujarati Style Biscuit Bhakri recipe) to be cooked completely. If you cook the bhakris on a high flame you will notice that brown spots will appear very quickly, but it will be under cooked from inside. If you plan to take Kathiyawadi Bhakri along when travelling, make them smaller and crispier. In any case, apply pressure when cooking so that the insides get cooked evenly. Serve the bhakri immediately off the tava with Trevti Dal. Enjoy how to make bhakri recipe | Gujarati Style Biscuit Bhakri | Kathiyawadi Bhakri with detailed step by step photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
khatta moong recipe | Gujarati khatta moong | khatta mag | dahiwala khatta moong | green moong in buttermilk curry | with amazing 22 images. khatta moong is a quick and easy Gujarati sabzi recipe. It is super easy to make and is made with minimum and the most basic ingredients. Each ingredient used in the recipe is used in Indian houses on a regular basis such as moong sprouts, sour cuds, besan, ginger green chilli pasta and spices. The use of whole green gram or moong is very common in day-to-day Gujarati food. dahiwala khatta moong is a lovely recipe that features cooked moong simmered with curds and spices. The use of curds bestows a unique, sumptuous feel to this recipe. Garlic-lovers can even add a little garlic paste to add a whole new dimension to this Gujarati khatta moong. Being a Gujju, I make khatta moong atleast once in a week for lunch or dinner and each and every family members simply loves this simple yet delicious recipe! You can have Gujarati khatta moong with bhakri, roti or chapatti. I prefer having it with rice. It falls under the category of my comfort food, you are also equally going to love this khatta moong recipe! Learn to make khatta moong recipe | Gujarati khatta moong | khatta mag | dahiwala khatta moong | green moong in buttermilk curry | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
The simplicity is what lures one to this recipe! So easy yet unbelievably flavourful, the Batata chi Bhaji is a no-fuss preparation of potatoes perked up with the traditional Maharashtrian tempering of cumin seeds, curry leaves and green chillies, with crushed peanuts for crunch, aroma and an irresistibly nutty flavour.
Mysore masala dosa recipe | Mumbai style roadside Mysore masala dosa | Mysore Dosa | with 65 amazing images. This is Mumbai’s own version of Mysore masala dosa. While the traditional Mysore masala dosa features chutney-smeared dosas with a simple potato masala rolled inside it, Mumbai’s street vendors offer a more exotic version, in which crispy dosas are smeared with a sweet, spicy and tangy Mysore chutney and rolled up with a unique masala of chopped and grated veggies perked up with our very own pav bhaji masala. This gives it an absolutely peppy and ‘local’ taste, as well as an interesting mouth-feel! Very sumptuous, this snack is nothing short of a complete meal, when served with hot sambhar and fresh coconut chutney . I would like to suggest 7 tips to make the perfect Mysore masala dosa. 1. In case if you have purchased the dosa batter from the market and you find it thick, then add water as required to get a pouring consistency batter. 2. Add some sooji (rava) to get crispy brown dosas. 3. Ensure that the Mysore chutney is a little thick which will help in easy spreading on the dosa. We have used around 1 cup of water for blending. 4. To make the Mumbai style roadside Mysore masala dosa, heat a non-stick tava. Grease it with ½ tsp of butter. Butter for greasing is used to season the tava and form a layer that helps in easy removal of the dosa after cooking. This initial greasing is done only once before making the dosas. 5. Sprinkle little water on the tava, it should sizzle immediately. If the water is not sprinkled, the excess fat will make the spreading of Mysore masala dosa very difficult. 6. Wipe the tava using a clean muslin cloth or folded tissue. This is to clean and make the tava ready for spreading the dosa batter. If there is any fat on the tava, the dosa will not spread evenly. 7. Spread the dosa batter in a circular motion using a ladle. Our website has a huge collection of over 129 dosa recipes, glance through these different types of Dosa recipes to learn more dosa varieties. Enjoy how to makeMysore masala dosa recipe | Mumbai style roadside Mysore masala dosa | Mysore Dosa | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
restaurant style sambar recipe | sambar recipe for idli | sambar with sambar masala | hotel sambar recipe | with 54 amazing images. restaurant style sambar recipe | sambar recipe for idli | sambar with sambar masala | hotel sambar recipe is made in every household in the south of Indian daily. Learn how to make sambar recipe for idli. To make restaurant style sambar, wash the toovar dal thoroughly and drain. Combine the washed dal and 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid. Blend the dal using a hand blender till it is smooth and keep aside. Combine the drumsticks, bottle gourd and potatoes with 1 cup of water in a deep non-stick pan and cook on a medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes or till the vegetables are soft. Keep aside. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds. Add the tomatoes, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add the cooked bottle gourd and drumstick, shallots, tamarind pulp, cooked dal, salt, sambhar masala powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and ¾ cup of water, mix well and bring to boil and allow to cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add the coriander, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 minute. Serve the sambar hot. Sambar with sambar masala is one South Indian dish that needs no introduction, and probably the most versatile of them all. Each family uses the ingredients in various proportions. You can try our version of sambar or try varying the quantities depending on your preference. Here we have shared the recipe of sambar masala too. It is the flawless blend of spices for the perfect restaurant style sambar! The combination of this sambar masala with a horde of veggies gives rise to an aromatic and flavourful sambar that will steal everyone’s hearts. The vegetables added to hotel sambar recipe are referred to as ‘thaan’. We have used bottle gourd, potato, drumstick, tomatoes and shallots, but various thaans also include colocasia, radish, carrot, capsicum, brinjal, ladies finger etc. This sambar recipe for idli can be served with a variety of dishes like medu vada, onion rava dosa and mysore masala dosa to a very simple accompaniment like steamed rice. Tips for restaurant style sambar. 1. You can even make use of a combination of toovar dal and chana dal. However, chana dal is used in small quantities like 1 to 2 tablespoons only. 2. The fat used for tempering the sambar varies from region to region. Authentic South Indian homemade sambar makes use of ghee while sambar recipe in Tamil Nadu makes use of sesame oil and Kerala uses coconut oil. You can use any other oil also. 3. Shallots can be replaced with finely sliced onions. These will be sautéed before tomatoes. 4. In Karnataka a bit of jaggery is added for a pleasant and contrasting mild sweet taste of the sambar. 5.If you serve the sambar later, you may have to adjust the consistency by adding little water before reheating. 6. You can also make sambar masala using pandi chillies. Enjoy restaurant style sambar recipe | sambar recipe for idli | sambar with sambar masala | hotel sambar recipe | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
malgapodi tomato coconut chutney recipe | healthy malgapodi coconut tomato chutney | with amazing 9 images. malgapodi tomato coconut chutney recipe is a delicious chutney of tomatoes, onions and coconut becomes very easy to prepare if you have Malgapodi on hand. A procedure that otherwise involves roasting dals and spices is averted by using the Malgapodi instead. Now, it is as simple as blend-and-serve! The Malgapodi and Tomato Coconut Chutney is a quick-fix accompaniment that you can whip up in a jiffy to serve with a breakfast of idli and dosa. We have blended tomatoes, onions, grated coconut, malgapodi powder, kashmiri red chili, garlic and salt in a mixer. Our chutney is ready to be served and relished!! You can store it in an air-tight container for 2 days. malgapodi tomato coconut chutney is one of the South-Indian chutneys which is easy to make. South-Indian chutneys are very easy to make with a basic usage of onions, tomatoes, coconut and ingredients like chana dal, urad dal, red chillies. Also, a traditional tempering of curry leaves, mustard seeds enhances the flavor greatly. The chutneys can be relished as it is in a meal or along with breakfast/evening snacks like dosas, idlis, Pongal, vadai etc. See why this is a healthy malgapodi coconut tomato chutney? Made from tomatoes, onions, coconut and malgapodi powder which are all healthy. Tomatoes are extremely rich source of Lycopene. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidants, super rich in Vitamin C , good for heart. The fresh coconut has saturated fats but most of it is MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which promoteweight loss. malgapodi tomato coconut chutney can even be used innovatively as a peppy sandwich spread. You can store it in the refrigerator for two days, to use readily when required. See detailed step by step photos and video of malgapodi tomato coconut chutney recipe | healthy malgapodi coconut tomato chutney | below.
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