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 Toor Dal benefits

  Last Updated : Jan 06,2021

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10 Outstanding Health Benefits of Toor Dal, Arhar Dal + healthy toor dal recipes

Toor Dal is also called as Tuvar dal, Arhar dal, Toovar dal in India. It's also known as Split pigeon pea. This skinless split dal is yellow in colour and round in shape. It is widely used in Indian cooking for recipes like rasam, khichdi, dal, handvo, dal dhokli, dhokla, puranpoli etc. It commonly used in Gujarati households.    

Dal Dhokli
Dal Dhokli

1. Vegetarian Protein: Toor Dal is rich in protein, the building block of good health. Combined with any cereal, it provides complete protein which helps in building the muscles. Basic Toor Dal is one of the simplest every day fare to try. 

 Basic Toovar Dal Recipe, Toor Dal

 Basic Toovar Dal Recipe, Toor Dal

2. Good for Weight watchers: It is high in dietary fibre, low in saturated fat, and is also cholesterol free. High fibre provides satiety and prevents eating in between meals. Fibre also binds body’s cholesterol and throws it out of the body. Hare  Lehsun ki Toovar Dal is a wise choice for those aiming a trimmed waistline.

 Hare Lehsun ki Toovar Dal
Hare Lehsun ki Toovar Dal

3. Folic Acid Rich: Being an excellent source of folic acid, pregnant women must include toor dal in their daily diet. Folic Acid is necessary for the development of the fetus and may help defend birth defects of the neural tube, such as spina bifida.Methi che Varan is a perfect recipe to make up for your daily needs of folate.

Methiche VaranMethiche Varan

4. Relieves Constipation: Being an excellent source of fibre it helps in preventing and relieving gastric problems like constipation. See Palak Toovar Dal recipe

 Palak Toovar Dal
Palak Toovar Dal

5. B-complex Vitamins: it is also a good source of B-vitamins in the form of Methi Leaves Sambhar that are essential for metabolism by helping convert nutrients into energy. Riboflavin acts as an anti-oxidant. Niacin is good for skin and prevents it from sun damage.

Methi Leaves SambharMethi Leaves Sambhar

6. Good for Bone Health: Toor dal is rich in phosphorus, and its main function is in the formation of bones and teeth. Try Dal and Vegetable Idli for breakfast.

Dal and Vegetable Idli ( Pregnancy Recipe)

Dal and Vegetable Idli ( Pregnancy Recipe)

7. Heart Health Benefits: Toor dal is a good source of phosphorus and magnesium, both of which help in maintaining normal heartbeat. Potassium also maintains the heart rhythm. Have this heart friendly Dahiwli Toovar Dal recipe

 Dahiwali Toovar Dal
  Dahiwali Toovar Dal

8. Suitable for Diabetics: The glycemic index of toor dal is 29 which is low, therefore it is suitable for diabetics. Toor dal is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates which is the major form of energy. When you eat food it is broken down into glucose which is used by our body for energy. But the best part about complex carbs is it is released in the blood stream slowly and do not fluctuate your blood sugar rapidly. This makes it suitable for diabetics to have 30 grams of raw Toor dal at a time to manage your sugar levels. Try this diabetic friendly Methi Toovar Dal recipe

 Methi Toovar Dal, Healthy Recipe

 Methi Toovar Dal, Healthy Recipe

9. Builds immunity: Being a rich source of magnesium it helps in building immunity. Magnesium is also required to carry out normal bodily functions as it is involved in more than 300 reactions of the body. USe toor dal in combination with other dals to make Mixed Dal Handvo.

 Mixed Dal Handvo ( Gujarati Recipe)
 Mixed Dal Handvo ( Gujarati Recipe)

10. Potassium Benefits: Potassium is an important mineral for body. It regulates the water and acid-base balance along with sodium. The human body relies on potassium balance for a regularly contracting heart and a healthy nervous system and it is essential to strive for this electrolyte's balance. South Indian Mixed Vegetable Brown Rice Khichdi with a bowl of curd is a healthy dinner option. 

 South Indian Mixed Vegetable Khichdi, Low Salt Recipe

 South Indian Mixed Vegetable Khichdi, Low Salt Recipe

Nutritional Information of Toor Dal

One cup of cooked Toor Dal is 175 grams and comes from 82 grams raw Toor Dal.

RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

Nutritional Information for 1 cup cooked Toor Dal.

275 Calories

18.28 grams of Protein

47.23 grams of Carbs

1.39 grams of Fat

 Gujarati Toovar Dal
Gujarati Toovar Dal

84.46 mcg of Folic Acid = 42.23% of RDA (about 200 mcg)

249.28 mg of Phosphorus (P) = 41.54% of RDA (about 600 mg)

0.36 mg of Vitamin B1, Thiamine = 30% of RDA (about 1.2 to 1.5 mg)

7.46 grams of Fibre = 29.84% of RDA (about 25 grams)

73.2 mg of Magnesium (Mg) = 25.70% of RDA (about 350 mg)

2.37 mg of Vitamin B3, Niacin = 19.75% of RDA (about 12 mg)

905.28 mg of Potassium (K) = 19.26% of RDA (about 4,700 mg)

0.15 mg of Vitamin B2, Riboflavin = 13.6% of RDA (about 1.1 mg)

2.21 mg of Iron (Fe) = 10.52% of RDA (about 21 mg)

59.86 mg of Calcium (Ca) = 9.97% of RDA (about 600 mg)

0.73 mg of Zinc (Zn) = 7.30% of RDA (about 10 to 12 mg)

108.24 mcg of Vitamin A = 2.25 % of RDA (about 4800 mcg)

23.37 mg of Sodium (Na) = 1.22% of RDA (about 1902 mg)

10 healthy toor dal, arhar dal recipes

Toor dal is a very popular Indian dal. We present you 10 healthy toor dal recipes given below. Try the basic toor dal recipe with onions and no mixing of any other dal.

 Toovar Dal, Toovar Dal with Onions
 Toovar Dal, Toovar Dal with Onions

For spinach lovers there is the Palak Toovar Dal. Team your toor dal with methi to give a very attractive flavour. For South Indians we have the Dal rasam made of toovar dal. See here for an exhaustive collection of 387 Toor Dal recipes

 Dal Rasam, South Indian Toovar Dal Rasam
 Dal Rasam, South Indian Toovar Dal Rasam

toor dal benefits

 by Tarla Dalal
Just how easy can it be to prepare a lip-smacking dal? Well, we urge you to get into the kitchen and try this Toovar Dal with Onions to experience the magic for yourself! There is nothing about this recipe that makes you think twice. The ingredients are so common, they are sure to be available at home. The procedure is exceptionally simple. And the best part is that the flavour beats even complex recipes hands-down. Homely and satiating, this Toovar Dal preparation is a must-try! Serve with plain rice or jeera rice .
 by Tarla Dalal
Toovar dal has a knack of combining well with greens, providing the right mushiness without becoming gooey. Here, palak and toovar dal come together, smartly pressure-cooked and hand-blended to the right consistency. A couple of whole spices added as a tempering impart a fresh aroma and irresistible flavour to the Palak Toovar Dal.
 by Tarla Dalal
methi dal recipe | methi toovar dal | toor dal with fresh fenugreek | methi dal fry | with images. methi dal is a dal with a health touch, suitable for one and all. Learn how to make methi dal fry. Add more punch to the everyday toovar dal by teaming it up with tongue-tickling fenugreek leaves to make methi toovar dal. Methi leaves have a very attractive flavour and aroma – its unique bitterness is actually pleasing to the palate and quite addictive! Here, it perks up the flavour of toovar dal, along with other everyday ingredients like ginger, onions and a couple of spice powders. To make methi dal, combine the toovar dal, turmeric powder and 1½ cups of water in pressure cooker, mix well and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and add the cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the garlic, ginger, green chilli and red chillies and sauté on a medium flame for 1 minute. Add the onions and sauté on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, asafoetida, chilli powder, garam masala and 2 tbsp of water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Add the fenugreek leaves, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Add the cooked dal, salt and 2 cups of water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 4 minutes. Serve hot. This mouth-watering toor dal with fresh fenugreek is also extremely healthy, brimming with nutrients like iron, zinc and protein. It is good for weight-watchers, diabetics and senior citizens too. However, toovar dal is slightly difficult to digest, hence senior citizens must avoid having at night time. Serve it with plain phulkas, and your whole family will enjoy the nourishing meal. Tips for methi dal. 1. Clean and wash the spinach and chana dal very well to remove all the dirt. 2. You can grate the ginger instead of chopping it finely. 3. Toovar dal can be replaced with chana dal too. Enjoy methi dal recipe | methi toovar dal | toor dal with fresh fenugreek | methi dal fry | with step by step photos below.
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strained toovar dal water recipe, clear fluid recipe | liquid diet Indian recipe | liquid diet after surgery | with 6 amazing images. toovar dal ka pani for babies is a plain drink with lots of health benefits. Learn how to make toovar dal ka pani for babies. To make strained toovar dal water, combine the toovar dal and 1½ cups of water in a deep non-stick pan, mix well, cover with lid and cook on a medium flame for 14 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Strain the mixture using a strainer. Add the salt and mix well. Serve immediately. Strained toovar dal water is an interesting addition to a clear fluid diet, as the mild taste of dal is very comforting, especially when it is lightly seasoned with salt. This liquid diet after surgery is ideal for a convalescence diet post surgery, when the person cannot chew or is intolerant to food. Since this recipe is for a post-surgery clear liquid diet, we have strained the dal. However, once the person has crossed this stage and is allowed to have some protein, just blend the dal in a mixer and do not strain it. Patients suffering from jaundice or typhoid, who have been suggested a minimal protein liquid diet can also include this liquid diet Indian recipe. Babies who are being weaned from mother’s milk can also be served this toovar dal ka pani for babies. But remember to avoid adding salt to this recipe as baby’s kidneys are not developed by then to handle salt intake. Also start with a teaspoon of dal water and increase the quantity gradually. Tips for strained toovar dal water. 1. Stir the mixture occasionally so that it doesn’t stick to the pan. 2. To add salt to the recipe or no is totally dependent on the ailment of the person. Take your doctor’s advice. Enjoy strained toovar dal water recipe, clear fluid recipe | liquid diet Indian recipe | liquid diet after surgery | toovar dal ka pani for babies | with photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
dahiwali toor dal recipe | healthy dahiwali tuwar dal | healthy toor dal | oil free toor dal | with 26 amazing images. Dahiwali toor dal is a simple everyday fare which pairs well with almost all types of Indian breads. Made with basic spices found in every household, this healthy dahiwali tuwar dal is quite nourishing. Learn how to make healthy toor dal. To make Oil free toor dal, soak toovar dal for 2 hours and then drain it. Add more water, salt and turmeric powder and pressure cook for 2 whistles. Then take a deep pan and dry roast the cumin seeds and onions for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the cooked dal and all the basic spices, curd-besan mixture and water, mix well and cook for 2 minutes. Serve it garnished with coriander. In this sumptuous healthy toor dal, low-fat curds provides a tangy twist to toovar dal without adding much to the calorie count. To get the best texture and flavour, make sure you add the curds after lowering the flame so that it does not curdle. Apart from being low in fat, the other good news is that the Dahiwali Toor Dal is a great bone builder as it is rich in calcium and protein. Nourish each and every cell and tissue of your body with this dal. Fair amounts of potassium and magnesium makes it a suitable addition for heart patients. Those on weight loss regime can also include this healthy dahiwali tuwar dal in their daily meals. The high protein will help boost metabolism and thus help achieve weight loss target. Enjoy dahiwali toor dal recipe | healthy dahiwali tuwar dal | healthy toor dal | oil free toor dal | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
toovar dal recipe | toor dal | Gujarati toor dal | healthy arhar dal | with 20 amazing images. toovar dal recipe easy though it is to make, is the ultimate comfort food for many Indians! Gujarati toor dal hardly requires any effort and uses only common everyday ingredients like toor dal, onions, tomatoes, India spices, that you are sure to have at home. All you need to do is pressure-cook the toor dal with onions and tomatoes, and cook it further for few minutes with an aromatic tempering of spices and seeds. Notes on toovar dal recipe. 1. Mix well and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid. Different brands of cooker require different time to cook and also the number of whistles will vary depending on the flame. 2. The basic toor dal recipe makes use of a handful of ingredients so, ensure they are fresh and do not use store-bought or frozen garlic and instead use freshly pounded garlic to give a nice flavourful hint to the toor dal. Let's see why this is a healthy tuhar dal? Toor dal is rich in proteins, the building block of good health. It is High in fiber and diabetic and heart friendly also. The recipe using onions and tomatoes as the vegetables. Onions with other phytonutrients from onions, it helps to build WBC (white blood cells) which serves as a line of defence against illness. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, super rich in Vitamin C, good for heart. What you get after this simple procedure is a super tasty, homely and satiating toovar dal, which combines well with any Indian bread or a bowl of hot rice ! You can also try other dal recipes like Dal Moghlai or Dal Pinni. Learn to make toovar dal recipe | toor dal | Gujarati toor dal | healthy arhar dal | with step by step photos and video below.
dal rasam recipe | tur dal rasam | paruppu rasam | South Indian toovar dal rasam | with 33 amazing images. dal rasam is an everyday fare in Tamil Nadu! Learn how to make paruppu rasam. Tur dal rasam is made with cooked toovar dal and tomatoes, flavoured with a special rasam powder. The tamarind water gives a pleasant tang to the rasam, while the semi-spicy rasam powder leaves a warmth on your taste buds. This South Indian toovar dal rasam is also a pleasing bowl on winter days, especially when you have a cold or cough. All the ingredients perfectly complement each other in this aromatic rasam to provide a good amount of protein too. You can benefit from this key nutrient and help nourish the cells of your body. People with heartheart disease or diabetes too can enjoy half serving of this rasam. To make dal rasam, first make the rasam powder. Heat a small non-stick pan and dry roast all the ingredients on a medium flame for 2 minutes. Transfer the mixture into a plate and cool completely. Once cooled blend in a mixer till smooth. Keep aside. Next for the rasam, pressure cook toovar dal with salt, turmeric powder and 1½ cups of water for 4 whistles. Once slightly cool, whisk the dal. Heat the oil, add the mustard seeds and urad dal and saute for a while. Add Kashmiri chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida and saute for a few seconds. Then saute rasam powder and tomatoes for a minute. Add the cooked whisked dal, tamarind water, salt and 2 cups of water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 6 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Switch off the flame, add the coriander and mix well. Serve dal rasam hot with steamed rice. Enjoy this paruppu rasam hot and fresh, like a soup, or mixed with hot rice and ghee, which is the traditional way of having it. You can also try other rasams like Jeera-Pepper Rasam or Garlic Rasam. Those following a healthy diet plan can serve this rasam with Low Calorie Medu Vada. Tips for dal rasam. 1. While making the rasam powder, it is very important to only dry roast the ingredients and not fry them in oil or ghee, which causes the flavour to change. 2. Also, you can make some extra powder and keep it for a few days to flavour more rasam or even dry vegetable curries! 3. Whisk the dal very well so as to get a smooth mixture. We recommend you use a whisk and not a spoon. 4. Use a deep pan, so the rasam can be easily boiled. Enjoy dal rasam recipe | tur dal rasam | paruppu rasam | South Indian toovar dal rasam | with step by step photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
mixed dal handvo recipe | Gujarati handvo | handvo recipe | with amazing 25 images. Mixed dal handvo is a traditional Gujarati savoury cake (Gujarati farsan), which is a nutritious meal in its own right when served with chutney and buttermilk. mixed dal handvo is a mixed dal and rice cake which is very famous meal dish originated from Gujarat. Although readymade flour is available in the market, we suggest you try this mixed dal handvo version to experience the true flavour. We have made mixed dal handvo from scratch as homely food is always healthier and hygienic. mixed dal handvo recipe is made in a non-stick kadhai. Every Gujarati household has their own way of making handvo and here we have shared our version of Gujarati handvo. handvo is made with grated bottle gourd but you can use any veggies that you wish to. The grated bottle gourd is a very critical ingredient in this mixed dal handvo as it imparts the required softness to the handvo – such that it is crisp outside but soft inside. You can enjoy mixed dal handvo as a side dish with your meal or can also pack it for your kids tiffin. I prefer relishing handvo as my evening snack with a piping hot cup of Elaichi Tea. Go ahead and follow these instructions meticulously—you are sure to end up with perfect mixed dal handvo! Enjoy mixed dal handvo recipe | Gujarati handvo | handvo recipe | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Varan refers to traditional Maharashtrian lentil-based dishes. Here, cooked toovar dal is perked up with fenugreek leaves and tasty spice powders and pastes. An aromatic tempering adds to the traditional charm of the Methiche Varan, making sure that its aroma and flavour remind you of mom’s cooking! Indeed, this is a homely and satiating treat that you will thoroughly enjoy, when had with a bowl of hot rice or a few phulkas , you can also add on subzis like Batata Ani Flower Cha Rassa or Bharleli Vaangi and Onion Tomato Koshimbir to round up your meal.
 by Tarla Dalal
A perfect breakfast option that combines a variety of pulses and vegetables, dal and vegetable idli is slightly heavier than the regular idlis. The batter can be used to make delectable pancakes too.
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Toor Dal benefits
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