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 Benefits of Mango

  Last Updated : Jun 03,2019

Health Benefits of Mango

Mango, the King of fruit, is a summer special fruit. Native to India and some Asian countries, it holds a very attractive colour and peculiar sweet taste – a taste loved by one and all. A slice of mango itself is a very delightful experience for the taste buds.

Raw mango is always green, while ripe mango varies in size and colour. Depending on the variety, it may be yellow, orange, red or even green when ripe. You can find out when a mango is ripe, by the sweet smell that it gives out. When it is peeled, it has fleshy and juicy yellow-coloured pulp that is usually sweet but sometimes sour, according to the variety.

Other common names of mango are Magnifera indica (scientific name), Aam (Hindi & Bengali), Keri (Gujarati), Amba (Marathi & Odiya), Mavina Hannu (Kannada), Mam Pazham (Tamil & Malayalam) and Mamidi Pandu (Telugu).

7 Super Health Benefits of Mango

1. Mango for Immunity : One of the vitamin mango is rich in is vitamin C. A cup of chopped mango fulfills more than ¾ of your day’s requirement for this vitamin. Wonder what are its benefits? The most important role it has is to build our immune system by building our white blood cells (WBC) and in turn help to keep diseases like common cold and cough at bay. Research has shown since years that more the intake of vitamin C, the more is the body’s power to resist infections.

2. Mango for Heart Health : Another key nutrient that mango is brimming with is magnesium. This mineral along with potassium helps to in maintaining normal heart rate, relaxes the blood vessels and keeps blood pressure also under check. Additionally mango being a plant source is free of cholesterol totally. A healthier recipe for those want to protect their heart is Mango Salsa – it’s truly appetizing and worth trying when mangoes are in season. However stay steer away of serving it with fried chips and nachos. Try health Baked Oats Puris and Wheat Khakhras instead. But remember not to go overboard with any one fruit or veggie. Have variety in your meals daily to benefit from a horde of nutrients.

3. Mango for Healthy Vision :  In general it is said that yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamin A. Mango proves this unquestionably. You will be surprised to know that one cup of mango is enough to make up for your daily requirement of vitamin A. This vitamin along with protein and vitamin C helps in maintaining eye health. Lack of vitamin A has been known to cause Night Blindness. Click here for the complete list of Vitamin A rich Ingredients and Recipes. Moreover, mangoes also abound in antioxidant zeaxanthin which plays a key role in filtering harmful blue rays falling on the eyes and thus protecting eye from damage.

4. Mango for Prevention of Cancer : The polyphenol, Mangiferin, present in mango has shown very promising result in preventing the growth as well as destruction of cancer cells. In addition they also contain antioxidants which reduce the oxidative stress in the body and help protect us from different types of cancer like prostrate, breast and colon. Some of these antioxidants are quercetin, astragalin, vitamin A and vitamin C. In a nutshell, mangoes are considered as anti-carcinogens. Do not miss out on stacking up on these antioxidants during the summer season when mangoes are found in plenty. Try a healthy Mango treat like Mango Banana and Spinach Smoothie Bowl while avoiding sugar laden sweet Mango treats like Mango Sheera, Mango Cheesecake and Mango Srikhand.

5. Mango for Glowing Skin : Vitamin C also helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin by participating in collagen synthesis. This helps to maintain the health of the largest organ of our body – the skin. Whether you have acne or pimples, vitamin C is the ladder to combat it. Another anti-ageing nutrient is vitamin A which helps in improving skin health and preventing the sign of ageing. These nutrients also protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun’s ultra-violet rays. Surprised to know about the relation between Mango and Skin? Want to try eating nourishing treats to get that radiant skin? Try Mango Apple and Kiwi Drink and Mixed Fruits Topped with Mango Sauce. These require no cooking and retain all the nutrients provided they are prepared and consumed immediately.

6. Mangoes for Pregnant Women : Surely a pregnant women needs all the key nutrients mango is packed with – vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron too. While mango is a fair source of iron (2.73 mg / cup), the vitamin C in it does help in the absorption of iron. Thus mango may help to build reserves of iron to some extent as well. As a small snack in between meals, mums-to-be can try including mangoes in the form smoothie like Avocado Kale and Mango Pulp Smoothie.

7. Mangoes for Healthy Gut : The fiber (1.8 g / cup) from mangoes earns the credit here. Fiber aids in keeping the digestive tract healthy. It also adds bulk to stools and helps in the easy movement of bowels, thus avoiding constipation. They are also good to keep stomach disorders away. Enjoy them by way of Veg Mango Salad. This is good way of topping more fiber. Feel free to substitute veggies you enjoy though.

Does Mango Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

True to the fact that mangoes are rich in carbs – 35.5 g per cup, they are best avoided by those following a low-carb diet. But on the other hand, research shows that moderate consumption of mangoes could assist in weight loss. This is because mangoes are rich in fiber – they give you a satiety value and avoid unnecessary unhealthy bingeing. However it’s the way you consume mangoes and the frequency matters the most. A tall of delicious mango milkshake with full fat milk and loads of sugar or Mango Puri which is deep-fried if consumed regularly is sure to make you put on few inches on the waistline. Instead try Mango Salsa or Mango Yoghurt at snack time to please your palate, stomach and body. But ensure you do not pair it with any other source of carb. Balance it out with a source of protein then.

Can Diabetics Enjoy Mango Occasionally?

The glycemic index of mango is 56, which is just about the lower range of medium glycemic value. This will lead to spike in sugar levels probably more rapidly as compared to other high fiber and water-filled fruits. However when mango is in season, a diabetic can occasionally satisfy his/her cravings of this delicious fruit within the suggested serving size i.e. ½ mango or 2 to 3 slices. Remember to include these calories and carbs as a part of your daily meal plan. And do not be carried away with its luscious taste, or else it will reflect on your blood sugar levels. Mango juice or what we call it as “aam ka ras”, mango milkshake and mango ice-cream are definitely not a suggested option for a diabetic, as they are concentrated source of carb and will have an additional dose of sugar too.

Mangoes are packed with many nutrients and thus quite nutri-dense. This is very clearly understood from its detailed Nutrient Profile as shared below.

Nutritive Information for Mango:

1 Cup of chopped mango is about 210 grams
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

Energy - 155 calories
Protein – 1.3 g
Carbohydrate – 35.5 g
Fat – 0.8 g
Fiber – 1.8 g

See full nutritional details of mango in Mango glossary click here.

benefits of mango

 by Tarla Dalal
Make the most of mangoes when they are in season, because it is undoubtedly the King of Fruits and continues to prove its mettle year in and year out! This year, make sure you relish this tongue-tickling Mango Salsa too. Made of Alphonso mangoes, a few crispy veggies, chillies and herbs, this salsa brings together a gamut of sweet, sour and spicy flavours to entice your taste buds. It has a nice chunky mouth-feel too. Serve it at summer parties with nice and crispy nacho chips! You can also try other salsa recipes like Herbed Jowar Strips with Spicy Orange Salsa or Mexican Salsa .
Watch how the sweetness of bananas and the captivating taste of mangoes combine with the humble but nutritious spinach to make an awesomely thick smoothie! A unique topping of chopped mangoes, crunchy pomegranate and chewy chia seeds is a master stroke that raises the range of the Mango Banana and Spinach Smoothie Bowl to incomparable levels. This smoothie is thick and luscious because of the combination of bananas and mangoes. Plus, it has a lot of toppings. So, it’s not something you serve in a glass but in a bowl! This vegan smoothie bowl is quite filling, and a great option for vegan breakfast, especially since it is quick and easy. When mangoes are in season, this is a must-try!
 by Tarla Dalal
When you are game for a tangy blast, go for this peppy Mango, Apple and Kiwi Drink. A beautiful melange of flavours, textures and colours makes this a really vibrant and tasty drink. The flavour and mouth-feel is very balanced, and the drink is very rejuvenating when enjoyed chilled. It is also super easy to make if you have the ingredients ready on hand, so you can relish it any time you feel like. You can also try other refreshing drinks like the Pineapple and Muskmelon Drink and the Orange and Pineapple Drink .
 by Tarla Dalal
Who can resist the charm of the King of Fruits? A lusciously smooth and tasty sauce of mango pulp and curds adds to the allure of assorted fruits like apple, pear and kiwi in this fruity dessert. You can mix-and-match different fruits, but we suggest you use bananas as it helps to balance the flavours of other fruits with its natural sweetness... so even if any of the other fruits like kiwi or oranges are a bit sour, the bananas will make up for it. Serve the Mixed Fruits Topped with Mango Sauce immediately upon preparation as the curds might let out water if left for too long.
 by Tarla Dalal
This is a smoothie with a twist. Hardly does anybody think of including greens in a smoothie, let alone kale. We tried it and loved it, and we are sure you will enjoy it too. This unique Avocado, Kale and Mango Pulp Smoothie combines creamy avocadoes and peppy mangoes with nutritious kale. The drink leaves a mild after taste of kale, which you will like. You must just ensure that this smoothie is served immediately after preparation because it tends to blacken in colour after a while and also gets thicker. Try other nice smoothies like the Avocado Spinach Pear Smoothie and the Papaya, Green Apple and Orange Smoothie .
 by Tarla Dalal
Mangoes are commonly added to fruit salads, but in this exotic salad, we pool together a range of crunchy veggies and cubed mangoes to make a fruity-spicy-crunchy salad. Slivered almonds improve the mouth-feel of the Veg Mango Salad while basil gives it a herby touch and green chillies add a touch of spice. The unusual combination of ingredients makes this a really fabulous salad! When preparing the ingredients, do not cut the tomatoes and cucumber into very big pieces, else they won’t mix well with the other ingredients. You can also try other salad recipes like the Pear Salad or Papaya, Cabbage and Bean Sprouts Salad .
Although the King of fruits visits us only once a year, make sure you treat your baby to this delicious fruity flavoured Mango Yogurt for Babies when this fruit are available in plenty. Mangoes give plenty of vitamin A, which aids in vision while fresh curds are a good source of calcium needed to strengthen the bones of growing babies. In the early stages of weaning, use curds made of cow’s milk rather than buffalo’s milk as it is easily digestible. Also, use fresh curds as soon as they are fully set and before they start becoming sour, to ensure a soft flavour of Mango Yogurt for Babies that your child will like. Enjoy how to make Mango Yogurt for Babies recipe with detailed step by step photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Everyone wants to make the most of the mango season because it is the undisputed king of fruits and everybody’s favourite too! Here is another smart way to use this awesome fruit. Add it to the traditional sheera, to make it more interesting and unique. Like any sheera, the Mango Sheera too is quite easy to make so you can make it any time you wish. This wonderful Indian dessert, with a fruity twist, is sure to be enjoyed by every member of the family. Try other sheera variants like the Singhada Sheera or Pineapple Sheera.
 by Tarla Dalal
mango shrikhand recipe | aamrakhand | instant mango shrikhand | mango shrikhand with curd is a mango special delicacy which no one should miss out when this King of Fruit is in season. Learn how to make aamrakhand. mango shrikhand calls for just common ingredients like curds, mango pulp, sugar and spices, and the procedure is quite simple too. While this aamrakhand is the perfect shrikhand variant to make during the mango season, you can also make this traditional delicacy all round the year, if you have Alphonso Aamras stocked in your freezer. To make mango shrikhand, combine the saffron and milk in a small bowl, mix very well and keep aside. Place the hung curds in a deep bowl and whisk well. Add the mango pulp and powdered sugar and again whisk well. Add the cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, saffron-milk mixture, almonds and pistachios and mix well. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Serve chilled. Like there are chocolate lovers, there are mango lovers too. They like everything mango-flavoured, from mousses and puddings to shakes and shrikhand! Here is how you can make rich and luscious instant mango shrikhand freshly at home. Team up this mango shrikhand with curd with Puris, Batata Chips Nu Shaak, Kadhi and Vagharela Bhaat to create a sumptuous main course that you will love to dine on. Tips for mango shrikhand. 1. Use hung curds only for perfect texture of shrikhand. 4 cups of curds when hung in a muslin cloth for 30 to 45 minutes yields 2 cups of hung curds. 2. Prefer full fat curd over cow’s milk curd. 3. A good quality kesar is a must to get the appealing yellow colour of shrikhand. 4. If you don’t have powdered sugar, grind the table sugar in a mixer and sieve it before use. Enjoy mango shrikhand recipe | aamrakhand | instant mango shrikhand.
 by Tarla Dalal
mango milkshake recipe | Indian mango shake | fresh mango milkshake in 5 minutes | mango milkshake without ice cream is an all-time favourite drink relished by one and all. Learn how to make fresh mango milkshake in 5 minutes. To make mango milkshake, combine mangoes, milk, sugar and ice cubes in a blender and blend till it is smooth and frothy. Serve Indian mango shake immediately. One can never have too many mangoes! When in season, we are always looking for ways in which mangoes can be consumed – plain or in the form of other delights. The mango shake is one such popular recipe that people love to have in the summer! The perfect blend of flavours of mango milkshake without ice cream, smooth texture and chillness make it a delightful treat for all. Moreover, it is also very easy to make, so you can whip it up any time when guests come home unnoticed. Surprise them with this fresh mango milkshake in 5 minutes. Tips for mango milkshake. 1. Prefer alphonso mango for this recipe. They give the best colour and flavour. 2. Adjust the quantity of sugar depending on the sweetness of mangoes. 3. When mangoes are not in season, you can make this mango milkshake using tinned cubes or pulp. Alter the sugar as per taste. Enjoy mango milkshake recipe | Indian mango shake | fresh mango milkshake in 5 minutes | mango milkshake without ice cream | with recipe and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
This delicious sweet puri with the strong flavour of mangoes is truly droolworthy! A dough of flour and pureed mangoes, tinged with spices like cardamom, is rolled into puris and deep-fried to get this yummy tea-time snack. The dough is generally a little soft, so you have to be careful while rolling it. If your dough ends up too loose and you are unable to roll the puris, add a little plain flour and adjust the consistency of the dough to a level that you can comfortably roll. Enjoy these puris as an accompaniment for lunch, or as a tea-time treat. When mangoes are in season, you can even serve these Mango Puris at parties because mango is an ever-popular flavour that is loved by all! You can also give other puri recipes like Sweet Kand Puri or Masala Puris served with Curds and Chunda .
 by Tarla Dalal
We all have fond memories of fresh homemade mango juice enjoyed in the summer vacations at our grandparents’ place. This indigenous beverage that has been loved and enjoyed year after year by generations of Indians is just perfect for the summer. Made with a combination of ripe and raw mangoes sweetened with sugar, this juice has a really peppy taste that shakes awake our taste buds. It can instantly perk you up on a hot summer’s day however tired you are. We tell you, no commercial brand can give you the same satisfaction as Homemade Mango Juice, so spare a few minutes to try it immediately! You can also try other awesome juices like Minty Jamun Ginger Capriosca or Coconut Pineapple Drink
 by Tarla Dalal
This is the perfect dessert to go for when mangoes are in season! The inimitable flavour of ripe Alphonso mangoes is ably complemented by condensed milk, to make a creamy ice-cream. Since we have used condensed milk, the procedure is also quite simple and fast, not requiring any cooking at all. The Fresh Mango Ice-Cream will sweep anybody off their feet with its rich aroma and taste. Indeed, it is mango-lovers’ heaven! While mangoes are in season you can also enjoy Mango Souffle , Mango Pancakes , Mango Kulfi , Mango Shrikhand , Mango Truffle Cake , Quick Mango Sandesh and Mango Ginger Sorbet .
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