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 How To Bake Bread At Home

  Last Updated : Oct 29,2018

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basic homemade bread recipe collection | how to bake bread at home

basic homemade bread recipe collection. Always thought baking bread at home isn't easy? Not anymore! Get a step by step method to make a variety of basic bread recipes like Sundried Tomato Loaf, Almond Flax Bread with Eggs and many more at home. There is no chance to go wrong if you follow the exact recipe. Waste no time, get into your kitchen and start baking!

Bread rolls are small, round dough balls that are served as a side-dish. They are soft, fluffy and make up for a perfect accompaniment to soups, pasta and can even be served for breakfast with butter and jam. The traditional recipe calls for refined flour. But, you can bake healthy variants like the Whole Wheat Bread Rolls and Whole Wheat Masala Bread Rolls. Also, health freaks can opt for Whole Wheat Bread or Multigrain Bread instead of the normal Bread Loaf to make wholesome sandwiches and breakfast toasts.

Forget cookies and muffins, try your hands on these delicious sweet loaves of bread which are more like cake. Chocolate Carrot Loaf, Eggless Orange and Tutti Frutti Loaf and Banana and Walnut Bread require only a handful of ingredients. You can bake them and cut in slices. Relish them after your meal or surprise your kids with these delightful treats.

Go on and learn and enjoy how to bake bread at home following these basic homemade bread recipe collection.

basic home made bread recipes

 by Tarla Dalal
You will love the rustic flavour of this honey flavoured chocolate cake, reinforced with grated carrot, nuts and raisins. The carrot helps to keep the cake moist, while chocolate makes it appeal to all! Condensed milk gives the Chocolate Carrot Loaf a very rich and intense flavour, which makes you want to reach out for another slice.
whole wheat masala bread rolls recipe | eggless healthy whole wheat bread rolls | Indian style whole wheat bread rolls | with 32 amazing images. whole wheat masala bread rolls is an eggless healthy whole wheat bread rolls recipe. Here is a tasty Indian style whole wheat bread rolls alternative that will make you bid adieu to maida based breads! Perked up with a peppy mix of herbs, spice powders and onions, the whole wheat masala bread rolls is a super tasty accompaniment to tea. The refreshing aroma and cheery taste of coriander dominates this whole wheat masala bread rolls which tastes best when had immediately after baking. We suggest having just one bread roll, occasionally for diabetics. Notes on eggless healthy whole wheat bread rolls. 1. To make the dough for whole wheat masala bread rolls, in a small bowl, take yeast. We are using dry yeast for the French bread rolls. Instant dry yeast can be added straight to dry ingredients and doesn’t require any proofing. Active dry yeast has slightly bigger size of granule and needs to be hydrated before being used in the recipe. 2. Add 3 tbsp of warm water in the bowl. Before pouring the water, dip your finger in water to check if it’s lukewarm or not. Water that's too hot can damage or kill the yeast. 3. After 10 minutes, open the lid and you can see a frothy layer on top which indicates our yeast has been activated and is ready to use. If you don’t see a creamy frothy layer then discard the yeast and start over again. 4. The dough will be sticky but, don’t worry just knead into a soft and pliable dough. As the dough is kneaded, it will continue to absorb some of the liquid and become less sticky so do not add too much flour or else you will get dense bread rolls. See why this is an eggless healthy whole wheat bread rolls recipe? Whole wheat flour is excellent for diabetics as they will not shoot up your blood sugar levels as they are a low GI food. Learn to make whole wheat masala bread rolls recipe | eggless healthy whole wheat bread rolls | Indian style whole wheat bread rolls | with step by step photos.
whole wheat bread | 100% whole wheat bread | Indian whole wheat bread recipe | atta bread recipe | whole wheat bread loaf using instant dry yeast | with 28 amazing images. whole wheat bread made from whole wheat flour is healthier than its refined flour counterpart, also has a rustic aroma and flavour, which are thoroughly enjoyable. Freshly-baked 100% whole wheat bread is a delight to bite into, for babies, toddlers, children and adults too! You can use olive oil instead of butter to get a more authentic aroma , but if that is not available you can always bake atta bread with regular soft butter. I would like to share some important tips to make the perfect 100% whole wheat bread. 1. Ensure that the water to which you add the yeast is luke warm. If it is too hot or cold, the yeast will not get activated, and your whole wheat bread will not have the proper texture. 2. Sugar has multiple roles in bread making. One being it acts as a food for yeast and helps in creating carbon dioxide and alcohol. It also enhances the flavour of the bread, retains the moisture content and give a crumbly texture and golden crust to the whole wheat bread. 3. Always bake your whole wheat bread in the middle rack for even cooking. 4. Pre heat your oven 10 minutes before you bake. In India, packaged whole wheat bread is sadly not made with 100% whole wheat and often mixed with 25% plain flour making it a lighter and unhealthy bread. Hence it’s always better to make your whole wheat bread at home. Nothing beats the joy of baking your own 100% whole wheat bread. Once baked and sliced, serve the Indian whole wheat bread recipe the way your child likes it – toasted or sandwiched, with grated veggies, cheese, butter and/or homemade jam . You can transform the whole wheat bread to make delicious sandwiches and toasts like Alfa Sprouts, Tomatoes and Basil Sandwich, Baked Bread Rolls, Baked Corn Open Toast, Cabbage and Carrot Double Decker Sandwich, Cheesy Onion and Chilli Toast, Mushroom and Tomato Snack and many more. Enjoy whole wheat bread | 100% whole wheat bread | Indian whole wheat bread recipe | atta bread recipe | whole wheat bread loaf using instant dry yeast with detailed step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
Here is a snazzy loaf that is packed with punch! With every bite, you lose yourself in the awesome flavour of sun-dried tomatoes, accentuated by the rich aroma and peppy taste of seasonings and herbs. The Sundried Tomato Loaf is a winner in terms of texture too, as it is super soft and really melts in your mouth, especially when it is fresh out of the oven. Slice it up and serve warm with soups and pastas , or dab a little butter on it and enjoy it with tea . You might also want to indulge in other Italian recipes like the Italian Style Baby Potatoes and the Italian Sizzler .
 by Tarla Dalal
Show us a kid who doesn’t love tutti frutti... sprinkle some tutti-frutti on any dish and your kid will be happy to gobble it up! Here is an attractive snack, which your kids will fall head-over-heels in love with! Spongy and tasty, this Eggless Orange Tutti Frutti Loaf is resplendent with the tanginess of orange and the appeal of tutti frutti. The intense orange taste comes from a combination of orange juice and marmalade, while the richness of flavour and texture comes from butter and condensed milk. You can prepare this and store it in an airtight container for 4-5 days. Enjoy it as such, or warm it a little before serving. You can also try your hand at other tutti frutti treats like Stuffed Dates with Christmas Fruits and Sweet Buns .
Bread is an indispensable ingredient in most kitchens today. From toast to sandwiches, bread is handy in solving the perpetual breakfast and tiffin dabba dilemmas that most people face on busy mornings. However, nothing tastes as good as freshly-baked bread, and so people often buy bread on a daily basis along with their milk. Nevertheless, even this bread is bound to be a day or at least a few hours old. If you wish to really experience the magic of freshly-baked bread, right off the oven, try our easy Basic White Bread Loaf recipe when you find time. You will be bowled over by the appetizing aroma, super-soft texture and absolutely divine flavour of warm bread. Use this fresh bread loaf to make delectable sandwiches and toasts like Cabbage and Paneer Sandwich , Cheesy Mushroom Squares , Cheese-N-Celery Sandwiches , Grilled Corn and Capsicum Sandwich , Mixed Vegetable Open Toast etc.
 by Tarla Dalal
whole wheat bread rolls recipe | eggless 100% whole wheat dinner rolls | whole wheat dinner rolls | healthy Indian whole wheat bread rolls | with amazing 30 images. whole wheat bread rolls available in Indian stores or bakeries are normally mixed with a lot of plain flour to reduce the cost. Here we have made eggless 100% whole wheat dinner rolls which is really a healthy whole wheat bread rolls. The eggless 100% whole wheat dinner roll isn't a complicated one and is also quick and easy to make. Yeast is an important aspect when making breads, so we have started by activating yeast by taking yeast in a small bowl, adding sugar which helps yeast activate, warm water and mix well and have rested it for 10 mins. When you see a frothy layer formed it indicates that the yeast is activated. Further, we have taken a big bowl, added plain flour to it. Added butter, which makes the dough softer and helps making the bread rolls tender. We have added salt, activated yeast and knead into a soft pliable dough using warm water. You can use milk if you wish to. The dough will be sticky but, don’t worry just knead into a soft and pliable dough. As the dough is kneaded, it will continue to absorb some of the liquid and become less sticky so do not add too much flour or else you will get dense whole wheat bread rolls. Shape the dough into a proper round using both your hands while tucking the edges at the bottom. Cover it with a damp muslin cloth and keep aside in a warm place for 20 minutes or till the dough increases in volume. If your kitchen is cold you can place your dough in the oven. You'll see the dough risen after 20 mins. Further, Lightly punch down the dough and divide the whole wheat dinner rollS dough into 8 equal portions. Seal the bottom of the dough and roll into a ball using your palms. Place on greased baking tray and cover with muslin cloth for 45 mins, the dough would have risen again. Brush with oil and bake for 20 mins. Serve warm with healthy whole wheat bread rolls with some rajma. See why we think this is a healthy Indian whole wheat bread rolls? Made from 100% whole wheat flour which is excellent for diabetics as they will not shoot up your blood sugar levels as they are a low GI food. Whole wheat flour is rich in phosphorus which is a major mineral which works closely with calcium to build our bones. Enjoy whole wheat bread rolls recipe | eggless 100% whole wheat dinner rolls | whole wheat dinner rolls | healthy Indian whole wheat bread rolls with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
multigrain bread recipe | homemade multigrain bread recipe | eggless multigrain bread recipe with amazing step by step photos and video. Nothing can beat the flavour, texture and aroma of warm, freshly-baked bread. It is this irresistible appeal that motivates food lovers to bake their own bread at home. Now, here is a Multigrain Bread recipe that will beat all other breads hands-down, with its rustic flavour and homely aroma. Made of whole wheat flour, millet flours, oats and assorted seeds, this Multigrain Bread loaf is further topped with mixed millets flour and flax seeds just before baking to deepen the aroma and flavour. This Multigrain Bread recipe does not use any plain flour. Load slices of this Homemade Multigrain Bread with veggies to make a sumptuous healthy sandwich, or toast it with butter. At home, we use Homemade Multigrain Bread for a healthy quick breakfast. For a quick breakfast you can top it with healthy Homemade Almond Butter or Homemade Peanut Butter. Making Homemade Multigrain Bread or any bread is an art and you can master it with practise and patience. Trust me, when you get this fool proof Multigrain Bread recipe correct, it’s worth the effort. Try it today! Enjoy how to make Multigrain Bread recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
The Chinese have a taste for warm, milky buns. Don’t we all? Well, the difference is that those soft and succulent buns are steamed and not baked! A spongy dough of plain flour and milk is cooked in a steamer and enjoyed warm, usually sandwiched with pickled vegetables. Although some people like to make batches of these Steamed Chinese Bread Buns and freeze them for anytime use, the fact is that these milky buns taste best when had fresh off the steamer! So, that’s way we would recommend you to relish it too, with a cup of hot tea to accompany it.
A loaf without wheat? Unbelievable but true, and absolutely awesome too. Behold the Almond Flax Bread with Eggs. This is a really unique snack, which tastes great and is chock-full of good health too. It is gluten-free, which means that even gluten-sensitive people can enjoy it. Rich in protein, which is good fat, the Almond Flax Bread is an ideal snack for weight loss, and for athletes. You can enjoy it as it is, or with peanut butter . Packed in a foil and refrigerated, it stays good for around five days.
 by Tarla Dalal
Bread Rolls are wonderful to serve with Soups but they are also a great accompaniment for Salsa ( Mexican) innovative Dips / Sauces continental preparations like Vegetable Au Gratin and Pasta dishes too. In short, freshly-baked Bread Rolls combined with the right dishes can make a very exciting meal. Here, we show you how to make this versatile bread from scratch. Once you get a hang of how to handle the yeast, making breads can be surprisingly easy – and so tasty that you will never want to buy it from a bakery again!
Stranded in a foreign land with no clue what to eat? Walk into a bakery or tea-house and you will surely find some Banana and Walnut Bread to warm your soul and fill your tummy. This perfect tea-time bread loaf is an international favourite, enjoyed by people all over the world. The pleasant fruitiness of bananas and the nutty crunch of walnuts give this loaf a soulful and rustic flavour and texture. You can bake this Eggless Banana and Walnut Cake any time you wish to at home, because it makes use of just common ingredients. It is also a wise way to make use of over-ripe bananas! Banana and Walnut Bread is also a perfect sweet treat for kids to nibble on.
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How To Bake Bread At Home
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I alway had bread from the market for our breakfast. From this article i came to know about so many variety of breads .... and healthy breads we can have... is good source of knowledge about the food. From this bread collection, i loved making Banana & Walnut Bread and Multigrain Bread.
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