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 Top 20 cheese recipes

  Last Updated : Oct 25,2018

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Top 20 Veg Cheesse Recipes

Cheese is everybody’s favourite! From kids who can afford to have as much as they want, to adults who know it can be fattening, nobody can resist the temptation of digging into a cheesy delight. And this is a phenomenon in which all peoples of the world unite!

There are different types of cheese, from our fresh and indigenous paneer to exotic versions that are fermented for years, from varieties that retain their graininess to those that melt like a soft glue, from those that taste plain to those with a bit of sourness, cheeses across the world have their own signature taste and texture, which impacts the dish they are used in too.

Some dishes use a single variety of cheese like the Cheese Paratha, while others use a combination of varieties to get the right texture and taste like the Four Cheese Pizza. Cheese can be added as a garnish on baked dishes, or cooked with the dish to get a nice, gooey finish like the Cheese Poppers, Cheese Chilli Toast or the Mexican Cheese Fondue. Cheese can be had hot and molten, or cold and grated. Basically, it can cater to you, whatever your preference might be!

This article gives you the best cheese-based delights, from the spicy toasts served on Mumbai’s streets to the fondue, which is a real ‘melting pot of cultures'.

top 20 cheese recipes

If the name makes you believe that this is a simple toast of bread with cheese and chilli flakes, you are in for a huge surprise. On Mumbai’s streets, Cheese Chilli Toast is an elaborate treat, of chutney-coated bread topped with a succulent mixture of cheese, capsicum and green chillies. Toasted with a brushing of butter, the Cheese Chilli Toast is a snack that will perk you up instantly with its vibrant flavour and wonderful texture. Serve it hot and fresh with tomato ketchup and green chutney. Check out our other popular Mumbai Street Foods collection of recipes which includes recipes like Veg Frankie, Chinese Bhel, Schezuan Chopsuey Dosa , Kaanda Bhajji Pav and many more. Enjoy how to make Cheese Chilli Toast recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
This is not one of those bland, cheesy fondues! It is a spicy treat, a true tongue-tickler that will shake awake your taste buds. Here, two exotic varieties of cheese are perked up with a flavourful, homemade chunky salsa, jalapeno paste, peppy seasonings and a couple of other ingredients, which lend the Mexican Cheese Fondue a perfectly creamy texture and fabulous flavour. Although the ingredients sound exotic, they are now easily available in specialty stores and the gourmet sections of supermarkets and online shopping websites, so you will not have any trouble finding them. When adding the cheese to the fondue, it is important to stir the mixture in the shape of an eight to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. Watch our video to understand the nuances of making this delicacy. You can also try other fondues like@r 22739 and Asparagus Fondue .
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 by Tarla Dalal
cheese paratha recipe | cheese paratha with whole wheat flour | healthy cheese paratha | how to make cheese paratha | with 20 amazing images. An easy but irresistible paratha that is made of everyday ingredients, the Cheese Paratha is an all-time favourite with cheese-lovers, especially kids. Notes on cheese paratha recipe. 1. Gradually add water to form a dough. The quantity of water will depend upon the quality of flour. Knead into a soft dough using enough water. We have used approx. 5 tbsp of water. While making stuffed paratha always knead the dough little soft so it is easy to stuff and roll the parathas. 2. For making the cheese stuffing of cheese paratha, take a block of cheese and grate it. Measure 1 1/2 cups and transfer into a deep bowl. You can even take part mozzarella, cheddar cheese to make the cheese paratha. Note that taking cheese from cheese blocks is far healthy cheese with good fats and makes this then a healthy cheese paratha. I always use cheese blocks to make cheese paratha so that I can have it. What makes this a healthy cheese paratha? 1. For making the cheese stuffing of cheese paratha, take a block of cheese. Use high quality cheese and not cheap processed cheese. We have used peanut oil to make cheese paratha which is one of the healthiest oils in India. Also this cheese paratha is made from whole wheat flour. You must enjoy this delectable healthy cheese paratha immediately on preparation if you want to experience the joy of biting into the freshly molten cheese, because it tends to get chewy after a while. Accompany this Cheese Paratha with a bowl of Lentil, Tomato and Spinach Soup and Pasta Salad to create an authentic mini meal that will be enjoyed by young and old alike. Learn to make cheese paratha recipe | cheese paratha with whole wheat flour | healthy cheese paratha | how to make cheese paratha | how to make cheese paratha | with step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Cheese and herb potato fries, let your child indulge occasionally in this cheesy version of french fries topped with flavoursome mixed herbs. Though it makes a great snack, avoid packing it as a main meal.
Mac n Cheese is an international favourite, which features boiled macaroni in a gooey cheese sauce, baked with a topping of bread crumbs and cheese. The amazingly cheesy crust that forms on baking, and the luscious macaroni beneath it, offer an unforgettable experience that is enjoyed equally by young and old. What makes this version of Mac n Cheese special is that three different cheeses are used. This gives the Mac n Cheese a unique flavour and texture, as each cheese has a different character. Enjoy it hot and fresh before it get chewy.
 by Tarla Dalal
This dosa is so tasty and cheesy and scrumptious that it could well be a strong competitor for pizzas! Palak Cheese Dosa is an innovative recipe that features buttery dosas layered with a paste of palak, cheese, onions, tomatoes and other taste-givers, followed by a topping of grated cheese. Folded into an appetizing shape, these dosas are truly, completely irresistible! Next time when you have guests over, build a party platter of a wide variety of dosas which everyone is sure to love - Corn Dosa , Dosa Lasagne , Jini Dosa , Moong Dal Dosa .
The all-time favourite combo of Nacho Chips with Cheese Dip is not only energizing but also delightful to kids because they love the ‘chip-n-dip’ concept. It will be so much fun to find such an exciting option in the tiffin box that they would love to share it with their friends, so make sure you pack a little extra. You can use readymade nacho chips to save time. When making the dip, make sure you cook it for exactly the mentioned time although it might be a little thin then. We are removing it in a semi-done consistency because it is going to be packed in a box and eaten after a few hours, at which time it will be perfect! This flavourful cheese dip stays fresh in the dabba for 4 to 5 hours. Also pack some Healthy No Bake Cookies in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo.
 by Tarla Dalal
Indian style nachos with cheese | cheesy nachos | nachos with cheese sauce | enjoy with 25 amazing pictures Guests coming in and want to make something supremely quick? Nachos with cheese is the deal. Nachos are loved by all the age groups from a kid to the most elder one of the family. It is a really good party food. The ingredients used for making Nachos with cheese are basic and minimum of them are used for preparation of this luscious dish. All you need to make this dish are 5 ingredients. The nacho chips also known as corn chips are easily available in the Indian market and if you wish you can even make nacho chips at home. Making the cheese sauce for nachos with cheese is no rocket science even a amateur learner can make it perfect. All you need to do is mix the grated cheese and milk and cook it on a low flame until the cheese melts. We have added mustard powder, you can add cayenne pepper if you wish to. Make sure you stir it continuously or it may stick to the pan or even burn. Our cheese sauce is ready to be served. There are many ways for preparing the cheese sauce but this is the quickest way to get it done. To serve Indian style nachos with cheese take a plate you wish to serve this mouthwatering dish into. Arrange the corn chips, spread the chessy sauce on top. Sprinkle the capsicums on top. You can also use bell pepper, boiled corn kernels, pickled jalapeno or olives for an added flavor. Make sure to serve the homemade nachos with cheese immediately or else they will turn soggy Well, here is an interesting variant of Nachos with Cheese, which makes it easy to serve at parties. When the corn chips are topped with a mustard flavoured cheese sauce and garnished with crispy capsicum, the guests can easily take a cheesy piece of nachos and pop it into their mouth without the hassle of a separate dip. Indian style nachos with cheese | cheesy nachos | nachos with cheese sauce | enjoy with detailed recipe photos and video below.
fried mozzarella sticks | homemade mozzarella cheese sticks | Indian style cheese sticks | with amazing 13 images. This crunchy accompaniment, fried mozzarella sticks is cheese, cheese and cheese all the way through, so nothing can please cheese-lovers more! A simple flavouring of oregano and chilli-flakes ensures that the overall effect of Indian style cheese sticks is very pleasing. Thus homemade mozzarella cheese sticks is heaven for cheese lover as the oozing cheese is not only treat to eyes but also to the mouth. According to me fried mozzarella sticks is the one of the best appetizer ever. fried mozzarella sticks is basically mozzarella cheese coated in batter and bread crumbs which is further deep fried. fried mozzarella sticks can also be served as a party starter. Just keep a few things in mind when making Indian style cheese sticks though… the oil should be very hot and the sticks should be deep-fried over a high flame. Also, you can double-coat the mozzarella sticks with the batter and the crumbs so that the cheese does not ooze out of the covering. The stretchiness and oozing cheese makes mozzarella sticks look even more tempting. Once the mozzarella sticks are fried serve immediately with any dip or sauce of your choice. Serve fried mozzarella sticks as an accompaniment to sandwiches, burgers, pastas and soups. Learn to make fried mozzarella sticks | homemade mozzarella cheese sticks | Indian style cheese sticks | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video.
 by Tarla Dalal
There is nothing that can compare with the humble cheese toast in terms of availability and universality! from top-notch restaurants to small bus stand vendors, almost all eateries offer this simple but sumptuous food. There are many variants of the cheese toast, some toasted, some grilled and some excitingly deep-fried as in this case! deep-fried cheese toast is an occasional treat, an indulgent alternative to the traditional version. You would love to have it on a lazy sunday afternoon!
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 by Tarla Dalal
In this innovative creation, homemade tortillas are topped with a luscious mixture of sautéed onions, capsicum and tomatoes along with succulent paneer cubes, herbs and spices. The crisp tortillas are made in a handy, mini size, so that they become easy to serve at parties. Keep loads of grated cheese and tangy tomato ketchup ready on hand to garnish the Crispy Cottage Cheese Mini Tortillas before serving.
 by Tarla Dalal
Common though it sounds, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich can be a masterpiece if prepared perfectly, with the right proportions of cheese and butter. Most people make the mistake of preparing it exclusively with one type of cheese, but the secret to getting the ideal texture is to use a combination of cheese slices and grated processed cheese, as you will realise upon trying this recipe. What more, this humble sandwich – which is so easy to prepare – will appear more desirable than a lavish spread on days when you or somebody you know is intolerably hungry and you quickly fix up and enjoy this sandwich fresh off the grill.
A yummy Mexican snack of potatoes, baked with a cheesy stuffing. Papas Con Quesco has the pleasant flavour of potatoes and cheese, dotted with green chillies, and laced with hot and sweet sauce. It is quite a fascinating experience, with its enjoyable texture and exotic taste. You can serve it as a snack or as a starter.
 by Tarla Dalal
Succulent cottage cheese, tangy curds, crispy veggies and a dash of red chilli flakes, grind them all together, and what do you get? A flavourful, cool and fresh-tasting dip! An easy garnish of carrots, celery and red chilli flakes gives the Veg Cream Cheese Dip the appropriate level of crunchiness too, making it a perfect accompaniment for crackers, chips or pita bread.
vegetable cheese sandwich | veg cheese grilled sandwich | veg cheese sandwich | Mumbai veg cheese grilled sandwich | with 20 amazing images. This is not another of those mellow, creamy sandwiches, and definitely not for the soft-hearted! Full of josh, this all-time favourite street food of Mumbai, veg cheese grilled sandwich features an assortment of crunchy and juicy veggies sandwiched between bread slices smeared with butter and peppy green chutney. A special sandwich masala is the highlight of this Mumbai veg cheese grilled sandwich, as it raises the flavour and aroma to another plane, beyond the realm of ordinary sandwiches! You can use brown or white triangular bread slices to make this yummy sandwich. Both are readily available in the market. I would like to share some important tips to make the perfect veg cheese grilled sandwich. 1. The big triangular bread slices are ideal for making this roadside cheese grilled sandwich because everything can be assembled nicely without falling out. You can also make use of whole wheat bread, multigrain bread or any other sandwich loaf. 2. Apply ½ tsp of butter on all the 3 bread slices. Ensure the butter is at room temperature so you can spread it easily. 3. Sprinkle ½ cup of cheese evenly over it. We have used processed cheese but, you can also use grated cheddar, mozzarella cheese or cheese slices. 4. Pre-heat the sandwich griller, grease it with 1 tsp of butter, place the prepared vegetable cheese sandwich on it with the buttered side faces upwards. For Sandwich lovers, this is a 2 layered veg cheese grilled sandwich with the top layer having cucumber, tomatoes, onions and then loaded with grated cheese. I grew up in Mumbai and had this Mumbai veg cheese grilled sandwich at breach candy on a regular basis late at night. We had to stand in long lines to get this famous veg cheese grilled sandwich which is a street food dinner. Enjoy vegetable cheese sandwich | veg cheese grilled sandwich | veg cheese sandwich | Mumbai veg cheese grilled sandwich with detailed step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
Here is a flavourful and kids-friendly rice preparation with a patriotic hue. Kids will love the texture of the cheese sauce topped rice, as well as the colourful garnish of crisp, stir-fried veggies. While this is best had hot, it can also be packed for snack-time.
 by Tarla Dalal
A quick and easy Pizza that you can put into the Oven minutes after you get back from office! Made of all-fresh ingredients, without requiring any pre-packaged pizza sauce, this Tomato Cheese Pizza has a nice tangy-spicy-herby taste and juicy-cheesy mouth-feel, which you are sure to enjoy. Basically, most of the ingredients that usually go into the pizza sauce are all layered on the pizza itself along with toppings like tomatoes and olives, all of which gives out an intense aroma and rich taste on baking. Enjoy this fresh and hot out of the oven.
 by Tarla Dalal
Cheesy dips are the perfect accompaniment for crunchy, juicy vegetable strips, spicy chips, nachos, or whatever crunchy snack you wish to munch on. Here is a creamy and tangy Quick Cheese Dip, which can be prepared in minutes. Green chillies and vinegar provide spiky notes that balance the dairy dominance, making this a fantastic dip that is sure to be enjoyed by all. Use a hand blender to prepare this dip in order to get the correct consistency. Using a regular blender might make the dip too watery.
 by Tarla Dalal
Broccoli looks so good and tastes so good in this starter , you will fall head over heels in love with it! Broccoli and cheese, thoughtfully combined with potatoes, result in an irresistible starter that is crisp outside and succulently indulgent inside. The vibrant colour of broccoli stands out, making the Broccoli Cheese Balls a visual trend-setter too! Make these and many more perfect party appetizers like Baby Corn Hara Masala , Corn Fritters , Creamy Mushroom Tartlets , Mini Chilli Cheese Naan , Pasta Cheese Balls . Enjoy how to make Broccoli Cheese Balls recipe with detailed step by step photos below.
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Top 20 cheese recipes
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