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Low Cal Breakfast recipes

Last Updated : Jun 08,2021

લો કૅલેરી બ્રેકફાસ્ટ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Low Cal Breakfast recipes in Gujarati)

Low calorie Indian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast needs to be wholesome and filling, not fattening! So, here are some amazingly healthy and low-cal breakfast choices that you can enjoy wholeheartedly, without any guilt! Low-cal they are, but not boring. In fact, options like Karela Thepla and Green Smoothie are even tastier than high-cal alternatives.

Karela Theplas, Diabetic Friendly

Karela Theplas, Diabetic Friendly

Quick Low Calorie Indian Breakfast Recipes

A classic Breakfast option to prepare on days when you have less than half an hour to spare. Quick breakfast recipes are the most preferred.

With just half an hour of soaking, you can have a quick fiber rich and satiating breakfast on the table. With 97 calories per Green Pea Pancake, even one pancake is enough to satisfy you early in the morning. See the details of 97 calories for green pea pancakes

Green Pea Pancakes

Green Pea Pancakes

With not much fuss, a breakfast ready in 15 minutes is Methi Oats Roti. Benefit from the fenugreek and gain in iron and folic acid to prevent anaemia and oats and wheat flour to gain in fiber for weight loss. Remember to control your protion size.

Methi Oats Roti

Methi Oats Roti

A smoothie can be satisfying breakfast too sometimes. All you need to do is to make it with the right mix of ingredients.

Blueberry Avocado Vegan Smoothie is a nourishing drink make with avocado for omega-3 fatty acids, frozen blue berries for antioxidants and almond milk for some protein. Ready in just 2 minutes, this yummy smoothie is a super breakfast option to protect your heart.

Blueberry Avocado Vegan Smoothie, Healthy Breakfast

Blueberry Avocado Vegan Smoothie, Healthy Breakfast

Protein Rich Low Calorie Indian Breakfast Recipes

Protein is a key nutrient required in the maintenance of cells and formation of new cells. It also plays a key role in hormone and enzyme production along with building immunity. Along with vitamin A, it has a key role in vision.

Main vegetarian sources of protein include dals, pulses, legumes, dairy products, some vegetables like broccoli and eggs for ova vegetarians.

It isn’t that easy to include protein in your diet. You need not always tweak your cooking to make up for your protein needs. To your regular poha add any one sprouted pulse and your protein rich breakfast is ready in the form of Power Poha. 4.2 g of protein is what you gain from 1 serving of this all-in-one breakfast delicacy.

Power Poha, Healthy Kabuli Chana PohaPower Poha, Healthy Kabuli Chana Poha

A South Indian style breakfast at 72 calories per serving is Green Moong Dal Appe with Vegetables. Protein and fiber along with antioxidants is what you benefit from these bite sized breakfast.

Green Moong Dal Appe with Vegetables, Healthy Appe Pan Recipe

Green Moong Dal Appe with Vegetables, Healthy Appe Pan Recipe

When you havs some extra time on hand, try Buckwheat Dhokla. It needs 4 to 5 hours of soaking, but buckwheat is one of the protein rich ingredient which has all the nine essential amino acids in it. Which means it s a complete vegetarian protein.

Buckwheat DhoklaBuckwheat Dhokla

Sprouts can be really satiating. Looking for a heavy yet low calorie and nourishing breakfats option? Try Methi and Moong Sprouts Wrap. One wrap is sure to satitae you. Sprouts are known to be the storehouse of nutrients. They aid in weight loss.

Methi and Moong Sprouts Wrap

Methi and Moong Sprouts Wrap

Indian Breakfast Recipes Under 100 Calories

Soft Oats Idlis which are brimming with protein and not calories and fat. Although the original idli itself is quite nutritious, this innovative version of Oats Idli is even more wholesome and filling. This instant oats idli has only 1 hour of resting time. No fermenting time needed.

Oats Idli

Oats Idli

If you are bored of regular breakfast delicacies, try this unique Jowar and Vegetable Porridge. It makes use of whole jowar which is cooked in a pressure cooker to your surprise. This grain along with veggies add enough fiber minus the caloires to help in weight loss. A bowl of this porridge will prevent the unneccesary bingeing further in the day.

Jowar and Vegetable Porridge

Jowar and Vegetable Porridge

Low Calorie Indian Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Breakfast bowls are one dish recipes which have a perfect balance of calories, protein, fat and fiber along with a host of other nutrients. They are a breakfast option which needs no accompaniment. They are usually not very difficult to make, but some of them may have overnight resting period.

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats is one such breakfast bowl. With 221 calories per serving, you are sure to be satiated for hours. The recipe gets a flavourful boost from apples, a touch of nutmeg and a sprinkling of roasted sunflower seeds. The luscious texture of the pumpkin base, the mealy mouth-feel of the steel-cut oats, all accentuated by the crunch of the seeds make this a truly wonderful breakfast recipe!

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats

Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats

Another healthy option is Coconut Chia Seed Pudding Super Bowl. With no use of grains, this super bowl provides only 166 calories. Further it lends good amounts of fiber and omega-3 fats by way of chia seeds. These help to keep your gut healthy and reduce inflammation in the body. It has 8 hours of setting time, so do plan it in advance the previous night.

 Coconut Chia Pudding Super Bowl   Coconut Chia Pudding Super Bowl

Want more variety? Try Oatmeal Alomnd Milk with Oranges. ½ serving of this bowl is enough to serve as a low calorie breakfast options.

Oatmeal Almond Milk with Oranges, Healthy Breakfast

Oatmeal Almond Milk with Oranges, Healthy Breakfast

Low Calorie Indian Khakhra Recipes

Khakhras a favourite as one can make when time permits and enjoy on days in the morning when in a hurry and have no time to make breakfast. To make khakhras nourishing use a variety of healthy flours like quinoa flour, wheat flour, nachni flour, jowar flour etc.

The dainty Jowar Khakhra can be made in a khakhra maker as well as on the tava. Khakhra simplifies your work as you don’t need to even roll them. These Khakhras are heavey and thus 2 of them ae enough to make a low calorie breakfast.

Jowar Khakhra

Jowar Khakhra

You can make khakras more interesting, flavourul and nourishing by the addition of leafy vegetables. Try Quinoa Red Chawli Leaves Khakhra. Yes, these not so used greens carry a lot of nourishment bundled within them. Chawli leaves are a very good source of iron – a nutrient required to carry oxygen to all parts of the body and keep fatigue away.

Quinoa Red Chawli Leaves Khakhra

Quinoa Red Chawli Leaves Khakhra

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Pumpkin Steel Cut Oats
Recipe# 42401
08 Jun 21

 by Tarla Dalal
pumpkin steel cut oats | Indian red pumpkin oats | healthy oats breakfast | An exquisite breakfast that is unlike anything you have tasted before, the pumpkin steel cut oats combines cooked ....
Mixed Dal Chillas, Healthy Breakfast, Snack Recipe
Recipe# 42217
24 May 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
mixed dal chilla recipe | healthy mix dal chilla | pulse chilla | pancake with lentil | with 27 amazing images. mixed dal chilla recipe are so tasty you will lov ....
Oats Rava Palak Dhokla
Recipe# 38819
29 Apr 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
oats rava palak dhokla recipe | instant rava and oats dhokla | spinach oats dhokla | instant oats rava dhokla | oats rava palak dhokla is a quick fare which can ....
Almond Milk, Homemade Pure Almond Milk
Recipe# 40984
03 May 21

 by Tarla Dalal
Indian almond milk recipe | unsweetened vanilla almond milk | instant almond milk | almond milk without soaking | with 7 amazing images. Indian almond milk recipe ....
Moong Sprouts and Bajra Pessaruttu
Recipe# 42538
08 Mar 21

by Tarla Dalal
Pesarattu is a South Indian specialty, especially famous in Andhra Pradesh. While it is traditionally made of moong and rice, we have made an awesome version with two iron-rich ingredients –
Moong Dal and Spinach Idli
Recipe# 38991
27 Feb 21

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
Eliminating rice reduces the calorie count of these spinach idlis, making them suitable for diabetics as well. The same moong dal batter can also be used to make healthy pankis and pancakes.
Broken Wheat Upma, Healthy Breakfast Recipe
Recipe# 4650
19 May 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
broken wheat upma recipe | dalia upma | healthy dalia upma | godi upma | with 22 amazing images. Wanting to try something healthier for breakfast? We have given the regular
Flax Seeds with Curd and Honey, Good for Weight Loss and Fitness
Recipe# 41113
16 Dec 20

 by Tarla Dalal
flax seeds with curd and honey recipe | flax seeds with curd and strawberry | flax seeds with curd | best way to eat flax seeds | with 13 amazing images. flax seeds wi ....
Coconut Flour Pancakes, Low- Carb Coconut Pancakes
Recipe# 41873
13 Apr 21

 by Tarla Dalal
coconut flour pancakes recipe | low carb coconut pancakes | best fluffy Indian coconut pancakes | keto coconut flour pancakes | with 15 amazing images. coconut flour pan ....
Homemade Almond Butter,  for Weight Loss and Athletes
Recipe# 41117
03 Oct 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Homemade Almond Butter is totally awesome, a tantalising treat with a very unique flavour and interesting mouth-feel! Actually, it is something that must be experienced and not described! When you think almonds, you expect a nutty flavour, but this Homemade Almond Butter gives you a better flavour t ....
Sprouts Dhokla
Recipe# 39007
10 May 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
sprouts dhokla recipe | healthy sprouts dhokla | sprouted moong dhokla | sprouts dhokla with spinach | with 18 amazing images. Sprouts dhokla is a dhokla but no ....
Nachni Sesame Khakhra ( Iron and Calcium Rich Recipe )
Recipe# 35090
26 May 21

 by Tarla Dalal
nachni sesame khakhra recipe | nachni til khakhra | homemade ragi khakhra | healthy tasty nachni khakhra | with 42 amazing images nachni sesame khakhra is a jar s ....
Anti- Aging Breakfast Platter
Recipe# 763
21 May 21

by Tarla Dalal
anti aging breakfast platter recipe | healthy breakfast platter idea | vegetarian Indian breakfast platter for healthy skin | healthy breakfast board | anti aging breakf ....
Green Moong Dal Appe with Vegetables, Healthy Appe Pan Recipe
Recipe# 42786
10 Jun 20

 by Tarla Dalal
green moong dal appe with vegetables | healthy appe pan recipe | south indian style healthy appe | vegetable moong dal appe | with 21 amazing images. green moong dal ap ....
Quinoa Veg Upma, Vegan Breakfast
Recipe# 42265
25 Jan 21

by Tarla Dalal
quinoa upma recipe | vegetable quinoa upma | veg Indian upma | how to make quinoa upma | with 26 amazing images. Quinoa upma recipe is a truly healthy recipe made ....
Oats Idli
Recipe# 38475
24 Aug 20

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
oats idli recipe | instant oats idli | healthy oats idli for diabetics | how to make oats idli | with 20 amazing images. Although the original idl ....
Methi and Moong Sprouts Wrap
Recipe# 7467
04 Jan 21

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
methi and moong sprouts wrap recipe | sprouted moong wrap | sprouted moong roll for weight loss | healthy Indian wrap for diabetes | with 44 amazing images. methi and m ....
Homemade Peanut Butter, for Weight Loss and Athletes
Recipe# 41116
24 Aug 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Indian style peanut butter recipe | homemade peanut butter | healthy peanut butter | with amazing 6 images. Indian style peanut butter recipe is a simple recipe made from unsalted peanuts ....
Oats Roti
Recipe# 5286
02 Dec 20

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
oats roti recipe | oats chapatti | oats roti for weight loss | healthy oats roti | with 19 amazing images. Oats roti is an easy simple recipe to make. To whole wh ....
Nutritious Jowar and Tomato Chila
Recipe# 4652
24 Aug 20

by Tarla Dalal
healthy jowar tomato cheela | jowar flour cheela | multi flour chila | weight loss cheela | with 18 amazing images. Healthy jowar tomato cheela is a quick nourish ....
Power Poha, Healthy Kabuli Chana Poha
Recipe# 1854
03 Feb 20

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
power poha recipe | healthy kabuli chana poha | protein poha | protein rich breakfast | with 16 amazing images. Power poha is a protein rich b ....
Carrot, Tomato and Beetroot Juice
Recipe# 39018
10 Feb 20

by Tarla Dalal
beetroot carrot tomato juice recipe | healthy Indian carrot tomato beetroot juice | vegetable juice for weight loss | homemade beet carrot tomato juice | with 4 amazing images.
Multigrain Methi Thepla, Breakfast Recipe
Recipe# 42287
13 Jan 21

 by Tarla Dalal
multigrain methi thepla recipe | multiflour thepla | bajra jowar ragi methi thepla | healthy mixed millet thepla | with 17 amazing images. multigrain methi thepla recipe ....
Low Cal Dahi Vada ( Non- Fried Snacks )
Recipe# 33325
24 Apr 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Who would have thought you can make the all-time favourite Dahi Vada without deep frying in oil! Here, we have cooked the flavourful vada batter in a non-stick tava greased with minimal oil, and used this to make delectable chutney-laced Dahi Vadas. Soak and squeeze the vadas just before servin ....
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