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Manganese Diet recipes

Last Updated : Mar 06,2024

मैंगनीज डाइट रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Manganese Diet recipes in Hindi)
મેંગેનીઝ ડાયેટ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Manganese Diet recipes in Gujarati)

Manganese Rich Foods + Manganese rich Indian Recipes

25 Foods Rich in Manganese

1. Hazelnuts 5.6
2. Oats 4.9
3. Pecans 4.5
4. Pumpkin Seeds 4.5
5. Walnuts 3.4
6. Chia Seeds 2.72
7. Flax Seeds 2.48
8. Sesame Seeds 2.46
9. Almonds 2.17
10. Chick Peas (kabuli chana), 1 cup cooked 2.1
11. Sunflower Seeds 1.95
12. Cashew-nuts 1.68
13. Besan 1.6
14. Buckwheat 1.3
15. Pistachios 1.2
16. Tofu 1.2
17. Kidney Beans (Rajma) (uncooked) 1.11
18. Brown Rice Cooked 0.97
19. Spinach (Palak) 0.89
20. Chawli Leaves, Amaranth Leaves 0.88
21. Cooked Dalia or Bulgar 0.69
22. Kale 0.66
23. Quinoa cooked 0.61
24. Coriander 0.42
25. Barley cooked 0.25


What is Manganese?

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral which is required is small quantities by the body and thus a trace mineral. 20 mg of manganese is found in body which is majorly concentrated in pancreas, kidney and liver. It is found in a large number of plant foods and hence its deficiency is very rare.

6 Major Functions of Manganese in our Body are:

1. Assists the body in maintaining healthy bone structure by helping in making enzymes needed to build strong bones.
2. It has a key role in blood clotting factors and sex hormones.
3. It also participates in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.
4. To aid in the absorption of Calcium.
5. It is very important nutrient form brain and nerve functioning.
6. As a catalyst it helps in Antioxidant action thus helping to protect you from oxidative stress and various diseases like Heart disease, Cancer etc.

Manganese Rich Indian Recipes 

1. Hazelnut: Hazelnut Butter is the most favourite when we talk about this healthy nut. Along with manganese, hazelnut is also rich in vitamin E and Vitamin B which help in building immunity and in energy metabolism respectively.

Homemade Natural Hazelnut ButterHomemade Natural Hazelnut Butter

2. Oats: For snacks, enjoy Oats Moong Dal Tikki. No aloo for binding and not deep-fried too!

Oats Moong Dal TikkiOats Moong Dal Tikki

3. Pecan: Not known to many, pecan is a nut brimming with magnesium. Try Baby Spinach Apple and Pecan Salad.

Baby Spinach, Apple and Pecan SaladBaby Spinach, Apple and Pecan Salad

4. Pumpkin seeds: These tiny seeds are a store house of nutrients. Roast them and chew them as a mouth-freshener.  Learn How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds. Alternatively, you can also add them to your salad.

How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

5. Walnuts: Try Mini Jowar Apple and Walnut Pancake. Jowar, walnuts, almonds and jaggery are all rich in iron, while unpeeled apples give you a dose of fibre and other nutrients like manganese too.

Mini Jowar Apple and Walnut Pancake

Mini Jowar Apple and Walnut Pancake

6. Chia seeds: Chia seeds are very easy to incorporate in the diet. Try Chia Seeds and Pear Lassi.

Chia Seeds and Pear LassiChia Seeds and Pear Lassi

7. Flax Seeds: Flax seeds are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids which helps to reduce inflammation also. Benefit from its manganese also by way of 

8. Sesame Seeds: Just a tbsp. of sesame seeds daily is also healthy to make up a part of iron and manganese requirement of the day. Try our Indian Whole Wheat Coriander and Sesame Seeds Naan.

 Whole Wheat Coriander and Sesame Seeds Naan

 Whole Wheat Coriander and Sesame Seeds Naan

9. Almonds: 4 to 5 almonds a day should be a part of your regular diet. Want to try something innovative? Then opt for Almond Flax Bread without Eggs.

Almond Bread, Homemade Almond Bread Without Eggs

Almond Bread, Homemade Almond Bread Without Eggs

10. Kabuli Chana: Chick peas, is one of the most commonly used ingredient in North Indian Cuisine. While chole is their most popular dish, you can also try Mixed Dal with Spinach and Kabuli Chana as a variation.

 Mixed Dal with Spinach and Kabuli Chana  Mixed Dal with Spinach and Kabuli Chana

11. Sunflower Seeds: Also called as surajmukhi ke beej, these are easy to roast and add to soups and salads. Learn How to Roast Sunflower Seeds in 3 minutes.

How To Roast Sunflower Seeds

How To Roast Sunflower Seeds

12. Cashew nuts: These are one of the favourite nuts of kids. Most kids love them. While it is easy to pop up a cashew biscuit, that shouldn’t be your preferred choice since it is loaded with refined sugar. Instead try having 5 to 6 Roasted Cashew Nuts daily.

Roasted Cashew Nuts, Healthy Roasted Kaju

Roasted Cashew Nuts, Healthy Roasted Kaju

13. Besan: A common ingredient used in Indian households. It can be used in a variety of recipes. A common one is Besan Cheela. Avoid serving it with bread though, since it is made from refined maida.

Besan Chilla, Besan Cheela

Besan Chilla, Besan Cheela

14. Buckwheat: Buckwheat is the only grain which has all 9 essential amino acids in it. So it is highly protein rich along with good source of manganese. Buckwheat Dosa is a simple recipe which needs no fermentation.

Buckwheat DosaBuckwheat Dosa

15. Pistachios: Try Til and Dry Fruit Chikki which is made with jaggery and not sugar. Rich in nutrients like protein, iron and vitamin E, this chikki will beat fatigue and satisfy your sweet tooth in one shot.

Til and Dry Fruit Chikki

16. Tofu: Cooking with tofu is not difficult as it picks up the taste of other ingredients very easily. Try these Visually appealing and amazingly tasty Tofu and Spinach Paratha which look very good, thanks to the green hue imparted by the spinach purée.

17. Rajma: Also known as kidney bean, apart from manganese it is rich in protein and fiber and thus very satiating. You can make a Healthy Rajma Salad. This is a meal in itself. Else enjoy a small portion in between meals.

 Rajma Salad Healthy Rajma Salad

Rajma Salad Healthy Rajma Salad

18. Brown Rice: Make your very own Indian comfort food khichdi with brown rice now. Brown Rice Khichdi is a one dish meal which can be quickly served on the table by cooking in a pressure cooker.

Brown Rice Khichdi, Healthy Lentil Brown Rice Khichadi

Brown Rice Khichdi, Healthy Lentil Brown Rice Khichadi

19. Spinach: Most commonly found in very household, spinach can be cooked in the form of Palak Paratha. Serve them with a bowl of curd.

Palak Paratha, Punjabi Palak Paratha, Spinach Paratha

Palak Paratha, Punjabi Palak Paratha, Spinach Paratha

20. Chawli Leaves: These are amaranth leaves or also called cow pea leaves. Combine them with dal to make Chawli Masoor Dal. Serve it hot with a Chapati and a salad to make a complete nourishing meal.

Chawli Masoor Dal

Chawli Masoor Dal

21. Dalia: This is one ingredients which is always added to a weight watcher’s diet. They enjoy it as Broken Wheat Upma. Filled with veggies like green peas and carrot and mildly flavoured in South Indian style mustard seeds and urad dal, it is truly enticing. Have it for breakfast and the manganese in it will help to build strong bones.    

Broken Wheat UpmaBroken Wheat Upma

22. Kale: Break out the routine green you eat and try Kale. Kale and Avocado Salad is a wise choice. Kale will fulfil iron and manganese requirement, while avocado will add on omega-3 fats to reduce inflammation in the body. Both are rich in fiber, so you will surely avoid binge eating.

 Kale and Avocado Healthy Salad Kale and Avocado Healthy Salad

23. Quinoa: This grain is in trend now. It is easily available in most super market. Try a healthy soup like Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup. It is a combination of perfectly-cooked spinach and dill, with a pleasant citrusy flavour, this soup is amazing to have on a cool day in the winter or monsoon.

Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup

Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup

24. Coriander: Most commonly used as a garnish in Indian cooking. But it can also be the most highlighting ingredient of a dish. The most famous Lemon and Coriander Soup is a classic example which makes use of ample of this fresh herb.

Lemon and Coriander Soup ( Vitamin C Rich)
Lemon and Coriander Soup ( Vitamin C Rich)

25. Barley: This grain is highly nutritious too. Along with magnesium, it is a good source of fiber, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and protein. It is surely an ingredient not to be missed out on. Try our South Indian style Barley Idlis.

Barley IdliBarley Idli

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of manganese is 2-5 mg/day. The major dietary source include the following:

25 Foods Rich in Manganese

Though a deficiency of manganese is unlikely but in severe cases it can lead to:

• Abnormality in bone mineralization
• Skeletal abnormalities
• Impaired glucose tolerance
• Weakness
• Growth failure especially in growing kids
• Impaired reproductive health and in extreme cases infertility
• Memory loss
• Muscular contraction

Take a look at our most popular manganese rich recipes and try them in your own kitchen. Sit back and enjoy and make up for your daily requirement of this nutrient.

Broken Wheat UpmaBroken Wheat Upma

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