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 Sprouts, The Super Ingredient To Cook With

  Last Updated : Aug 07,2020

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Top 10 Veg Sprouts Recipes

Health professionals are increasingly recommending that people eat sprouts, which are easier to digest, lower in calories and richer in nutrients than dry pulses and seeds. Enzyme levels in seeds increase dramatically when they are sprouted; the seed fats are converted into essential fatty acids; carbohydrates and proteins are converted into sugars and essential amino acids respectively; minerals become easily absorbable; and vitamin levels increase substantially. Sprouts are also rich in antioxidants that are a must to fight the stress, free radicals and pollution one is exposed to these days.

3 reasons to bother about sprouts!

The process of germination or sprouting brings about many remarkable changes in the seeds. Here are some ways in which sprouts are beneficial:

1. Easy to digest: The starch gets converted into simple sugars like glucose and fructose, proteins are broken down into amino acids, and saturated fat gets converted into simple fatty acids. Sprouts also contain enzymes that aid digestion.

2. Ideal for dieters: The calorie content of the seeds decrease on sprouting as some amount of the carbohydrates and fats get converted into more easily digestible forms. Besides this, when had as a salad or breakfast, sprouts are very satiating, thereby keeping you away from impulsively snacking on high calorie foods.

3. Contains extra proteins: Sprouting increases the availability of proteins. For example, on sprouting, the protein content of moong increases by 30%, i.e., 100 gm of unsprouted moong contains 24.9 gm protein, but on sprouting it increases to 32 gm. The inactive enzymes present in the seeds also become active after sprouting, thereby enabling easier digestion and absorption.

Inexpensive and versatile, sprouts are a great addition to soups, salads, subzis, and even rice dishes ! As the seeds sprouts, their flavour is enhanced, making them sweeter, crisper and tastier. Needless to say, sprouts should be an essential part of our daily diet. To prevent boredom, all you need to do is learn how to use sprouts imaginatively in a variety of different preparations.

Here are some suggestions...

1. Mixed Sprouts and Chana Dal Tikki is a good way to have sprouts at snack time. This recipe also makes use of crumbled paneer as an additional source of protein. Plan it and make snack time healthy.

Mixed Sprouts and Chana Dal Tikki

Mixed Sprouts and Chana Dal Tikki

2. Who said it is difficult to include sprouts at lunch time? Why make only subzi with sprouts? Try this Low Calorie Sprouts Kadhi. Serve it with phulka for a true nourishing experience.

Sprouts KadhiLow calorie Sprouts Kadhi

3. As a one dish meal for dinner, Bean Sprouts and Green Tomato Salsa Wrap would be just perfect. Make use of left-over rotis if any and serve this healthy wrap with a hot bowl of soup.

Bean Sprouts and Green Tomato Salsa Wrap

Bean Sprouts and Green Tomato Salsa Wrap

4. Sprouts Pancakes are perfect for breakfast. They are rich in protein from sprouts, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron from greens lie spinach and fenugreek leaves. All these nutrients are a perfect kick start for the day. They will keep you energetic through the day.

Sprouts Pancakes

Sprouts Pancakes

5. As a tiffin snack, Sprouts Dhokla are one of the healthiest option. Steamed and not fried, made with sprouts and served with green chutney. Share it with you friends and colleagues.

Sprouts Dhokla

Sprouts Dhokla

6. Mixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Salad is a one dish meal full of protein and antioxidants. While protein is needed to nourish every cell of the body, the antioxidants will help fight inflammation and protect the cells of the body.

Mixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Veg Salad

Mixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Veg Salad

7. Mixed Sprouts Chaat is a quick and easy snack, a few minutes is all it takes to toss together this amazing snack if you have all the ingredients ready. You can serve it for any get-together too! It is sure to be applauded.

Mixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian SnackMixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian Snack

8. Looking for South Indian recipe using sprouts? We have experimented that too. Here’s the recipe of Sprouts and Palak Idli. With very few ingredients used, this Idli is a healthy.

Sprouts and Palak Idli

Sprouts and Palak Idli

9. Nutritious matki beans join hands with a couple of crunchy and colourful veggies to make a scrumptious matki salad. Simple spices add to the flavour of this healthy sprouts salad, while tangy lemon juice works its magic. 

 Matki Salad, Healthy Moath Bean Salad
Matki Salad, Healthy Moath Bean Salad

10. Mixed Sprouts and Palak Raita is yet another healthy recipe for healthy heart. The fiber from sprouts help to control cholesterol and blood sugar. This recipe is apt for weight loss to kids to pregnant women.

Spinach and Mixed Sprouts Raita

Spinach and Mixed Sprouts Raita

top 10 veg sprout recipes

 by Tarla Dalal
Main highlight of this recipe is use of chana dal, masoor dal and mixed sprouts. These are considered to be high in protein, but addition of Paneer improves the quality of the protein. Also use of pulses makes this recipe high in fibre and iron….Serve it immediately with lovely green chutney and see how these tikkis disappear in a few minutes
sprouts kadhi recipe | healthy mixed sprouts kadhi | sprouts kadhi for weight loss | with 26 amazing images. sprouts kadhi recipe | healthy mixed sprouts kadhi | sprouts kadhi for weight loss is a blend of nutrition and taste. Learn how to make healthy mixed sprouts kadhi. To make the sprouts kadhi, heat the oil in a pressure cooker, add the mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the asafoetida, red chillies and bayleaf and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds. Add the mixed sprouts, 1½ cups of water, turmeric powder, green chilli paste, chilli powder and salt, mix well and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid. Keep aside. Combine the curds, besan and ½ cup of water in a deep bowl and mix well till no lumps remain. Add the curds-besan mixture to the prepared sprouts mixture, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes, while stirring continuously. Serve hot garnished with coriander. The humble kadhi gets an extra shot of nutrition with the addition of sprouts! With just everyday spices, the healthy mixed sprouts kadhi gets an enchanting aroma and flavour. The sprouts are a dose of protein and fibre – 2 key nutrients required for weight loss. This sprouts kadhi for weight loss can be enjoyed by heart patients as well as diabetics . They can make their choice between low fat curd and full fat curd. Use of low-fat curds will help to pull the calorie count of this recipe further. Recognised as the true ‘living food’ and ‘Nature’s boon to mankind’, the sprouts are easier to digest than the whole beans. The process of sprouting converts the complex nutrients stored in the seeds into a form that can be easily digested. These tiny seeds are a storehouse of many vitamins like vitamin A , vitamin E, vitamin B complex and vitamin K. The phytochemicals in sprouts also help to prevent chronic diseases like cancer. For a truly memorable meal, serve this sprouts kadhi hot with Oats Khichdi. Tips for sprouts kadhi. 1. You can use any one sprouts like moong sprouts or mixed sprouts. 2. If you wish you can boil moong sprouts in an open flame in a pot and add it to the kadhi. Learn how to boil moong sprouts. 3. After adding the curd mixture, ensure to whisk continuously to prevent the curd from splitting. Enjoy sprouts kadhi recipe | healthy mixed sprouts kadhi | sprouts kadhi for weight loss | with step by step photos.
Brussels Sprout, which has become a common sight in most vegetable markets today, is a dainty vegetable that is sure to attract you to buy some even if you don’t know how to cook it! Not to worry; it is not so tough to handle. It cooks quite like any other vegetable and lends itself to many wonderful dishes such as this tongue-tickling Oriental delicacy. The Brussels Sprout and Spring Onion Stir-Fry, which includes a couple of tasty ingredients like capsicum and soy sauce, has an interesting texture and peppy flavour that is sure to delight your taste buds. Have it right off the stove, to enjoy its crisp and fresh texture. A perfect side dish recipe to serve with a Chinese main meal.
Here is how you can convert leftover rotis into a tongue-tingling snack. Just use them to wrap up a delectable combination of crunchy bean sprouts and tangy green tomato salsa! The juicily refreshing filling of the Bean Sprouts and Green Tomato Salsa Wrap happens to be rich in iron, vitamin C and fibre, which makes it quite as satiating as a full meal.
 by Tarla Dalal
Using mixed sprouts ensures an abundant supply of protein and iron in the recipe, while combining them innovatively with chopped cucumber results in a well-balanced flavour and texture, especially since the sprouts are cooked to the right extent retaining a mild crunchiness. Further, the cooking water is not drained, thereby preventing nutrient loss. Another interesting aspect is that the Cucumber and Mixed Sprouts Subzi has a top-class flavour although it uses surprisingly few spice powders!
Bean Sprouts is a very salad-friendly ingredient, as it has a wonderful crunchy texture, along with a pleasant, mildly-sweet flavour. In this multi-faceted salad, bean sprouts team up with delicious veggies like capsicum, cucumber and spring onions, not to forget everybody’s favourite kidney beans! This combo of veggies and beans makes this Mexican -style salad a nutri-dense one, while the innovative avocado-based oil-free guacamole dressing makes it incredibly tasty. The avocado also imparts a wise dose of good fats to the creamy dressing, all of which makes the Bean Sprouts and Lettuce tossed in Guacamole Dressing a valuable addition to your menu. Just spread a portion of this wholesome salad in a Chapati and roll it up tightly to make a wrap and enjoy with a bowl of Carrot Onion Soup .
 by Tarla Dalal
A thoughtful mélange of moong sprouts and veggies, this dish is not just easy to put together but also a real culinary and visual treat! When you are bored of eating plain moong sprouts, turn to this delicacy. Moong sprouts contain a horde of nutrients like protein, iron, calcium , zinc, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium too. With no flour other than 2 tbsp of besan added in these pancakes for binding, the overall carb content is within limits. These pancakes thus easily fit into the diet of weight-watchers and diabetics both. With good amounts of fibre being contributed, those with heart disease can also enjoy them. Well, the recipe makes use of greens like spinach and methi, as they are most commonly consumed. However you can even unusual greens like cauliflower greens, amaranth leaves etc. These in fact have considerable amounts of iron, necessary to build your haemoglobin levels. Want to try more healthy snacks? Check out the recipe of Mixed Dal Chillas and Oven Baked Pumpkin Fries. Enjoy how to make Sprouts Pancakes recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
sprouts pulao recipe | mixed sprouts pulao | quick and easy sprouts pulao | healthy sprouts pulao | with 37 amazing images. sprouts pulao recipe | mixed sprouts pulao | quick and easy sprouts pulao | healthy sprouts pulao is a healthier rice delicacy using brown rice. Learn how to make mixed sprouts pulao. To make sprouts pulao, heat the oil in a non-stick broad pan and add the cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the onions and sauté on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes, or till the onions turn translucent. Add the garlic, ginger, turmeric powder, chilli powder, tomatoes and a little water and cook on a medium flame for another 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add the capsicum, a little more water and cook on a medium flame for another 1 to 2 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add the pav bhaji masala, salt, matki sprouts and moong sprouts, mix well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring continuously. Add the brown rice, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring continuously. Serve immediately. Mildly spiced brown rice, to which sprouts and veggies have been added, is full of flavours with an eye appeal to please you. What gives this quick and easy sprouts pulao a perfect Indian touch is the use of pav bhaji masala, as usually added in Tava Pulao. Sprouting pulses leads to the production of enzyme called "amylase" which helps in enhancing the process of digestion. The pulses when combined with any other cereal like rice, as done in this recipe of mixed sprouts pulao, are a better source of protein than when consumed on their own. Healthy sprouts pulao has other benefits too! Sprouts are also a good source of fibre and other nutrients like protein, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. A small portion of this rice can be enjoyed by heart patients, diabetics and weight-watchers occasionally. Try and accompany it with a bowl of soup and salad to keep the carbs balanced. Tips for sprouts pulao. 1. The brown rice should be well cooked but mushy. 2. Prefer a broad or a deep non-stick pan so mixing is easy. 3. Pav bhaji masala can be replaced with garam masala or any biryani masala. Enjoy sprouts pulao recipe | mixed sprouts pulao | quick and easy sprouts pulao | healthy sprouts pulao | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
sprouts dhokla recipe | healthy sprouts dhokla | sprouted moong dhokla | sprouts dhokla with spinach | with 18 amazing images. Sprouts dhokla is a dhokla but not a main stream one, as it is made with moong sprouts which make it even healthier! It is a soft and fluffy steamed snack from the Gujarati repertoire. This sprouts dhokla with spinach all-time favourite is enjoyed as a starter, as a tea-time snack, or even for breakfast. Basically, something you can have any time you are hungry! sprouted moong dhokla is mainly made from sprouted moong, spinach and Indian spices with a little bit of besan. Once a Gujarati staple, steamed and low cal dhoklas are universally popular these days! they make a particularly wholesome and light breakfast. Add sprouted moong and spinach to add colour and make them more nourishing as in our sprouted moong dhokla. There are numerous dhokla recipes made with different ingredients. Some dhokla batters need grinding and fermentation while some are quick and need to fermentation and grinding. You can steam then and even microwave. This is sprouts dhokla recipe can be made instantly if you have moong sprouts in hand! It is one of the easiest dhokla recipe. Spinach used in the recipe gives sprouts dhokla a nice green colour and makes it look appetizing. If you are weight watching or long to eat something healthy, this healthy sprouts dhokla is for you. Moong sprouts is a nutri-dense sprout. It’s a good sources of several nutrients like b vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. These sprouts are a protein boost. Spinach is one of the richest plant sources of iron and it should be part of a healthy diet for everyone. I give sprouts dhokla to my kids in their tiffin, it is a great way to add sprouts to their meal and also as it is protein rich and super healthy. You can also make this if guests are coming over and you are looking for something simple and healthy. Learn to make sprouts dhokla recipe | healthy sprouts dhokla | sprouted moong dhokla | sprouts dhokla with spinach | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
mixed sprouts bhel recipe | murmura with mixed sprouts | bhel with sprouts | chatpata mixed sprouts bhel | with amazing 20 images mixed sprouts bhel is a vibrant preparation of puffed rice tossed together with mixed sprouts, crunchy veggies, crispy nuts and spice powders. A sprinkling of raw coconut gives a very nice texture to thismurmura with mixed sprouts snack, while lemon juice and sweet chutney add tang, flavour and a bit of moisture, which is necessary to hold the ingredients together. You can enjoy this satiating and mouth-watering mixed sprouts bhel with tea, or serve to your kids when they are back from school. Since mixed sprouts bhel involves no cooking, you can even have it as a snack as soon as you are back from work. You can chop and keep the ingredients ready in the fridge before you leave in the morning, and quickly toss up a filling treat of mixed sprouts bhel when you are back in the evening, tired and yearning for a quick refreshment. mixed sprouts bhel is a wonderful preparation of puffed rice tossed together with a lot of tangy khajur imli chutney, aromatic seasonings, crunchy veggies and flavourful garnishes. This tasty mixed sprouts bhel can be prepared in a jiffy. It is difficult to make the chutneys and dry masala powder in very small quantities, so you can make a little more as shown here and store the remaining quantities in dry airtight containers in the fridge to use later. Keep the ingredients ready beforehand, but assemble this quick mixed sprouts bhel just before serving to enjoy the tempestuous blast of fresh flavours and textures. Enjoy mixed sprouts bhel recipe | murmura with mixed sprouts | bhel with sprouts | chatpata mixed sprouts bhel | with detailed step by step recipe photos below. With puffed rice you can also make Kolhapuri-Bhadang Murmura, Puffed Rice and Sesame Bars, Sprout and Fruit Bhel, Meva Moodi and Bhel Puri.
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