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 Top 10 School Lunch Box Ideas

  Last Updated : Aug 08,2020

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Top 10 School Lunch Box Ideas, Quick Lunch Box Recipes

Making your child eat is the toughest task any parent would face. They are fussy and picky eaters but, it is also necessary to make them feed all the nutrients for a normal growth and development. Know your child’s preference and prepare meals revolving around those ingredients.

Recess is the most interesting part of the school hours, children eagerly wait to open their tiffin and gorge on the food. More than eating, they are interested in peeping into each other’s dabba and share what they have all brought together. The kid with the most exciting snack takes pride and it then becomes the mother's duty to send the most interesting snacks.

1. Sandwiches are the easiest snack to prepare and pack. Combine together colorful vegetables or paneer and cheese, add some seasonings and toast/grill it. Cucumber Cheese Sandwich is a refreshing and filling snack that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Cucumber Cheese Sandwich ( Tiffin Treats)

Cucumber Cheese Sandwich ( Tiffin Treats)

2. Also, you can make this Besan Chila Sandwich by stuffing bread with a traditional vegetable chilla.

Besan Chila SandwichBesan Chila Sandwich

3. If your child is a fan of chatpata food then this Masala Corn perked up with chaat masala, chili powder and lemon juice will be a perfect snack for tiffin. 

Masala Corn ( Tiffin Treats)

Masala Corn ( Tiffin Treats)

4. Chatpata Pomegranate with tongue-tickling spice powders is a sure-shot hit with the kids.

Chatpata Pomegranate ( Tiffin Treats)

Chatpata Pomegranate ( Tiffin Treats)

5. Most kids are fond of pasta but, it does get difficult to prepare the sauce, boil the pasta and cook everything in the morning. Also, packaged foods contain hidden fats and unhealthy ingredients, so we have got you an amazing pasta recipe. Penne Aglio Olio is easy to make pasta tossed in herbs and crunchy vegetables, which stays fresh for over 5 hours.

Penne Aglio Olio ( Tiffin Recipe)

Penne Aglio Olio ( Tiffin Recipe)

6.If you are looking for a healthy alternative, then paratha and stuffed paratha are the best options to carry in tiffin. These Broccoli Paratha with a brilliant flavour of mixed herbs, chilli flakes and pepper require no accompaniment.

Broccoli Paratha ( Tiffin Treats)

Broccoli Paratha ( Tiffin Treats)

7. Does your kid love pizza? Are they always pleading to go to the pizzeria? Surprise them with this Pizza Rice an irresistible treat that will surely get you clean tiffin boxes. We just made your life easier by providing you with some quick recipes for getting your tiffin box ready. 

Pizza Rice ( Tiffin Treats)

Pizza Rice ( Tiffin Treats)

8. Want a recipe which is very easy to make? Then use the readymade leftover idli batter to make Quick Carrot Dhokla. Add some curds, rice flour and a few spices along with carrot and transform the idli batter into a new humble delicacy which can be carried to school by your little one.

Quick Carrot DhoklaQuick Carrot Dhokla

9. For short break tiffins, you can pack Herbed Makhanas. Roasted in olive oil and pepped up with mixed herbs and chilli flakes, these makhanas are sure to finished in no time by your kid and their friends.

Herbed MakhanasHerbed Makhanas

10. When there is some small good news to be shared in school and your kids has demanded something very attractive and tasty to be packed in dabba, treat them with Quick Chocolaty Biscuits. They are yummy and easy for you to make.  

Quick Chocolaty Biscuits Recipe ( Tiffin Treats)

Quick Chocolaty Biscuits Recipe ( Tiffin Treats)

The recipes are also easy to follow and we would love to hear from you how you liked them.

top 10 school lunch box ideas quick lunch box recipes

 by Tarla Dalal
broccoli paratha recipe | broccoli paratha for kids | easy broccoli paratha for tiffin | healthy broccoli recipe | broccoli paratha is an Indian style paratha with the addition of mixed herbs for a flavourful touch. Learn how to make easy broccoli paratha for tiffin. Your kids will not want anything to accompany this tasty healthy broccoli recipe. This unique broccoli paratha has the brilliant flavour of mixed herbs, chilli flakes and pepper. So, on some days, you can serve this hot and fresh for breakfast or after school, while on some days you can pack it as a tiffin treat! Also pack refreshing Minty Nimbu Paani in a thermos flask, so it will be nice and cool to sip on while munching the paratha. To make broccoli paratha, combine all the ingredients in a deep bowl and knead into a soft dough using enough water. Divide the dough into 15 equal portions. Roll out a portion of the dough into a 125 mm. (5") diameter circle using a little whole wheat flour for rolling. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and cook it on a medium flame, using a little oil, till golden brown spots appear on both the sides. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make 14 more parathas. With 64 calories and 6.5 g per paratha, this easy broccoli paratha for tiffin is a wise choice for diabetics and heart patients too! Broccoli and use of whole wheat flour lends 1.1 g of fibre to these parathas which can help manage blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels further. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin C. Though some amounts of vitamin C will be lost in cooking, but you can benefit from the remaining and build your immunity to fight the harmful free radicals in the body. Senior citizens who are looking for a healthy recipe which doesn’t require much effort for chewing, can also include this easy broccoli paratha for tiffin in their menu. Tips for broccoli paratha. 1. If packing in a tiffin, ensure to cool them completely before packing. 2. While the flavour is out of the world when served fresh, it fortunately stays nice in the tiffin box too for at least 4 to 5 hours. Enjoy broccoli paratha recipe | broccoli paratha for kids | easy broccoli paratha for tiffin | healthy broccoli recipe | with recipe below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Um, Masala Corn, one of kids’ favourite roadside snacks! Interestingly, it can even be sent to school in their tiffin box because it remains nice and fresh for at least 4 hours. One might think that it will release water over time, but our experiments show that it is nice and tasty at lunch time. This version of Masala Corn is perked up with chaat masala, chilli powder and lemon juice to make it yummy. You can also adjust the spiciness according to your kids’ taste, so they will enjoy it thoroughly. Also pack some Herbed Makhanas ( Tiffin Treats) in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo.
vegetable maggi noodle recipe | vegetarian vegetable masala maggi noodles | vegetable maggi noodle for tiffin box | with amazing 9 images. vegetable maggi noodles is a perfect vegetarian vegetable masala maggi noodles recipe for a quick filling meal. Maggi is a huge hit with kids, students and those in a hurry. Kids just love to stash the long, chewy vegetable maggi noodles into their mouth, sucking it in with a fun, whooshing sound. By adding loads of colourful and crunchy veggies to vegetable maggi noodles, you can turn their favourite treat into a satiating tiffin. In vegetarian vegetable masala maggi noodles, we have sautéed the veggies and the Maggi masala first, to enhance the flavour. Plus, the little oil used to sauté the veggies also keeps the vegetable maggi noodles from clumping up when cooled. If you take care to cool the vegetable maggi noodle completely before packing in a tiffin box, it stays fresh for around five hours. Hence this is a perfect vegetable maggi noodle for tiffin box. To make vegetable maggi noodles, we have, heated oil in a pan, you can also use butter if you wish to and sautéed mixed veggies. Once the veggies are sauted we have added maggi taste maker to it followed by water and noodles and have boiled everything together. Also an amazing way to add veggies to your child's diet. You can also add little turmeric and garam masala if you wish to. You can skip garam masala and add extra maggi masala packets that are available in market. Once the water has evaporated, switch off the flame and serve vegetable maggi noodle immediately or cool completely for vegetable maggi noodle for tiffin box to pack in a tiffin box. You can use any vegetable that you wish to. Garam Masala gives the vegetable maggi noodle a really awesome flavour while a set of universally-loved veggies like add a very exciting crunch and even more flavour to this yummy dish. As with all Maggi based recipes, it is best to have this vegetable maggi noodle immediately upon preparation as it might clump up a bit after a while. As maggi is loved by all the generations, you wont even have to think twice before serving maggi at anytime of the day! Maggi holds a different place in hearts of kid! Serve vegetable maggi noodle as a snack or while experiencing sudden hunger pangs! You can also sprinkle grated cheese or paneer to make it even more exciting!! Do try other recipe with maggi like Maggi Bhel Maggi and Baked Beans On Crackers, Herbed Maggi Fritters, Vegetable Maggi Cutlets and Open Cheese and Herb Maggi Sandwich. Learn to make vegetable maggi noodle recipe | vegetarian vegetable masala maggi noodles | vegetable maggi noodle for tiffin box | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
penne in pumpkin sauce recipe | Indian penne with creamy pumpkin sauce | pumpkin sauce pasta | kids tiffin box recipe | with 14 amazing images. penne in pumpkin sauce recipe | Indian penne with creamy pumpkin sauce | pumpkin sauce pasta | kids tiffin box recipe is a unique pasta dish with an attractive hue. Learn how to make Indian penne with creamy pumpkin sauce. To make penne in pumpkin sauce, boil enough water in a deep non-stick pan, add the red pumpkin, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 8 to 10 minutes or till the red pumpkin is soft, while stirring occasionally. Drain and keep aside to cool completely. Once cooled, blend in a mixer along with the milk till smooth. Keep the pumpkin sauce aside. Heat the butter in a broad non-stick pan, add the onions and garlic and sauté on a medium flame for 1 minute. Add the broccoli, chilli flakes, mixed herbs and salt and sauté on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the prepared pumpkin sauce and penne, mix gently and cook on a medium flame for 1 to 2 minutes, while stirring occasionally. To pack, allow it to cool completely, and pack in an air-tight tiffin box. Red pumpkin is an ingredient popularly used in continental cuisine, in the preparation of not just soups, but also sauces, dips, toppings and sandwiches too. Here, in this mouth-watering pumpkin sauce pasta, it is used to make a creamy, herby sauce for penne. You might think that pumpkin is not your kids’ favourite, but they will love it in this form, because it makes the dish pleasantly colourful and creamy, without the addition of cheese or cream. The Indian penne with creamy pumpkin sauce fresh in the dabba for more than 4 hours, so your kids can open their boxes for a lovely surprise in the afternoon. Pack Chocolate Chip and Mango Muffin for a sweet ending to the lunch break. The key element of this kids tiffin box recipe is perfectly cooked pasta. Learn how to cook penne pasta. Your kids may also like other pasta recipes like pasta cheese balls and white sauce pasta Indian style. Tips for penne in pumpkin sauce. 1. Remember to add little salt while boiling pasta, as it absorbs salt well at this stage. 2. Cool the pumpkin well before blending. 3. To blanch broccoli, first clean and trim the stem and stalks of broccoli. If desired, keep them intact while blanching. Keep water to boil in a stock pot. Once boiled, add the broccoli florets and allow blanching for a minute or till required. Remove and drain. Immediately place in chilled water. Drain and use as required. 4. You can also add other vegetables like boiled corn and blanched and diagonally cut carrot. Enjoy penne in pumpkin sauce recipe | Indian penne with creamy pumpkin sauce | pumpkin sauce pasta | kids tiffin box recipe | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
Kids love Pasta and often fondly request moms to pack some in the lunch boxes. However, there is always a nagging worry about how the ingredients will react after so many hours, would the cheese become chewy, will the pasta get rubbery, and so on. Now, you can confidently brighten your kid’s smile with this foolproof Penne Aglio Olio recipe, which stays fresh for over 5 hours. You will be amazed by how the vibrant flavours of the chosen veggies and herbs remain the same after such a long time too!
 by Tarla Dalal
Um, never met a kid who does not like pizzas nor one who can resist any other pizza flavoured treat! You might have tried topping bread or even rotis and rolls with pizza sauce, but now here is a totally unique tiffin of rice perked up with all-time favourite pizza sauce, colourful veggies and sweet corn too! Not only is the Pizza Rice delectably tasty, it is easy to prepare in the morning’s bustle and also stays good for over 5 hours. All this makes it a perfect choice to pack in the tiffin box. A combo of Pizza Rice and crunchy and delicious Crispy Pasta Snack ( Tiffin Treats) make a yummy lunch break treat.
spinach hummus recipe | healthy Indian style spinach hummus | palak hummus for kids tiffins | with 19 amazing images. spinach hummus is a quick healthy Indian style spinach hummus can be super for palak hummus for kids tiffins. Kabuli chana, also known as chick peas, is the prime ingredient of any hummus. In this spinach hummus, chick peas are soaked and cooked till done. Spinach, garlic, green chillies and lemon juice are added to it as flavour enhancers. Curd and olive oil in this homemade Spinach hummus is to ease the process of blending and give a smooth texture to the hummus. Curd will add on to your protein levels while the olive oil will lend omega-3 fats – the healthy fats known to protect your heart in healthy parsley hummus. Imagine packing a nice, satiating palak hummus for kids tiffins in your kids’ snack box along with something refreshing like cucumber or carrot sticks. it would transform their break into a very jolly and relaxing time. The Spinach Hummus is the perfect choice for this, because it is colourful, healthy and filling too as it is loaded with chickpeas and spinach. Apt ingredients like green chilli paste, curds and lemon juice impart an exciting flavour and perfect texture to the hummus, which stays fresh in the tiffin box for around 5 hours. To save time, you can cook the chickpeas the previous night itself. If doing so, add a little more water when blending the chickpeas the next morning. Also pack some Chatpata Popcorn in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo. You can serve the Spinach hummus along with Lavash or Chips, to make a wonderful finger food. You can munch on it while watching a movie, but it is so tasty that it can be served at parties too! You can also try other Lebanese delights like Lebanese Garlic Sauce and Pita Bread. Learn to make spinach hummus recipe | healthy Indian style spinach hummus | palak hummus for kids tiffins | with detailed step by step recipe photos below.
rava toast recipe | sooji toast | bread rava toast | tava rava toast | crispy veg sooji bread toast | with 20 amazing images. In rava toast a mixture of semolina with finely chopped veggies is used as a topping on wheat bread slices, and the whole arrangement is toasted till perfectly crisp. You can add any veggies of your choice like carrot, bell peppers, sweet corn, beetroot, cucumber and even shredded lettuce or spinach can be added to sooji toast. Semolina always lends a nice grainy texture to a dish, and when toasted it gives out a wonderful aroma and a rich flavour. This rava toast capitalizes on these wonderful qualities of semolina. rava toast is a quick and easy snack recipe. It falls under the category of open tava rava toast! It is difficult to think of new dishes everyday so you can make sooji toast for breakfast or snack and even use it as a tiffin treat for your kids! A dash of curds lends a bit of tang to the bread rava toast, and also helps roasting, while a sprinkling of chilli powder adds some spice to this tiffin treat, which stays good in the dabba for over 4 hours. Ensure your curd is fresh and not sour to make delicious bread rava toast. Also, while spreading the batter over the bread, don’t spread it too thick or else the instant rava toast will not turn crispy and remain uncooked from the middle. If you are preparing veg sooji bread toast in large quantity, don’t spread rava-veggie topping mixture on all the bread slices at once as they tend to turn soggy. Also do pack some Shakkar Para in another tiffin to munch in the short break or on the way back home. Serve bread rava toast along green chutney or tomato ketchup!! Enjoy rava toast recipe | sooji toast | bread rava toast | tava rava toast | crispy veg sooji bread toast | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
Here is a tasty and convenient alternative to bread sandwiches. In this delicious Bread Snack, cubed whole wheat bread slices are sautéed with crunchy, juicy veggies and tongue-tickling spice powders. While garam masala is a standard addition to such dishes, adding a dash of pav bhaji masala makes this snack quite different! With the pleasing aroma and flavour of their favourite snack, kids are sure to gobble up this tiffin treat within minutes. Allow to cool completely before packing, otherwise it will tend to sweat out and become soggy. If packed at room temperature, it will stay fresh and tasty for 4 hours. Also pack Minty Nimbu Pani ( Tiffin Treats) in a thermos flask for a perfect short break combo.
cucumber cheese sandwich recipe | Indian style cucumber cheese sandwich | kids tiffin cucumber cheese sandwich | with 11 amazing images. Simple though the cucumber cheese sandwich might seem to you, it continues to be a hot favourite with kids of all age groups! Perhaps it is the handy sumptuousness of the cucumber cheese sandwich that makes it so lovable, or its versatility, but the fact remains that it is one of the most popular tiffin treats across the world. This refreshing and filling Indian style cucumber cheese sandwich stays fresh for at least 4 hours, and is a very quick fix-up that you can easily prepare in the mornings. Notes on cucumber cheese sandwich recipe. 1. Trim the edges of all the bread slices and keep aside. We have made use of whole wheat bread but, you can use any type of bread – white, masala, multigrain. Also, trimming the edges is optional. Don’t discard the trimmings, you can use them to make the sandwich chutney or breadcrumbs later. 2. If you don’t have cheese spread then make use of cheese slice or grated cheese to make the Cucumber Cheese Sandwich. Just make sure that you slice the cucumber very thinly so that the sandwich stays together. Also pack Bourbon Milkshake in a thermos flask for a perfect short break combo. See detailed step by step photos and video of cucumber cheese sandwich recipe | Indian style cucumber cheese sandwich | kids tiffin cucumber cheese sandwich | recipe below.
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