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Last Updated : Jan 24,2020

अंकुरित सलाद व्यंजन - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Sprouted Salads recipes in Hindi)
ફણગાવેલા કઠોળની સલાડ રેસિપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Sprouted Salads recipes in Gujarati)

Sprouted Salad recipes, Veg Sprouted Salad recipe collection

Sprouted Salad recipes, Veg Sprouted Salad recipe collection. Gone are the days when people used to tease sprouts and greens as being cattle food! Health professionals are increasingly recommending people to eat sprouts as these are easier to digest, low in calories and richer in nutrients than dry pulses and seeds.

Zucchini, Bell Pepper and Sprouted Moong Salad

Zucchini, Bell Pepper and Sprouted Moong Salad

Enzyme levels in seeds increase dramatically when they are sprouted, the seed fats are converted into essential fatty acids whereas carbohydrates and proteins are converted into sugars and essential amino acids respectively, minerals become easily absorbable, and vitamin levels increase substantially. Thanks to all these active enzymes, sprouts are also rich in antioxidants that are a must to fight the stress, free radicals and pollution one is exposed to these days.

Masala Mixed Sprouts Salad with CoconutMasala Mixed Sprouts Salad with Coconut

While you will find a variety of sprouts available in the market these days, it is always better to sprout seeds at home to ensure complete hygiene. To begin with what you need to master is the process of Sprouting. It involves the following 6 steps…

6 steps in making Sprouts 

1.    Cleaning and washing the seeds to make them free of dirt and toxic chemicals.

2.   Draining the water and soaking them in enough water for at least 8 hours.

3.   Draining the excess water from the seeds.

4.   Placing the seeds in a moist muslin cloth and wrapping lightly.

5.    Storing in a warm place (ideally at room temperature) so that they sprout easily.

6.   Once sprouted use them in few hours or store refrigerated and use within a day.

Kulith Salad, Protein Rich RecipeKulith Salad, Protein Rich Recipe

To learn this process of sprouting and boil them to perfection, watch our video. Click here… Sprouted and Boiled Moong

Sprouted Moong SaladSprouted Moong Salad

Not only the seeds become crunchier and tastier when sprouted, but these tiny seeds become a treasure trove of nutrients too. Well, there are many more reasons to eat sprouts. Explore them in the below table…

10 reasons to eat Sprouts

  10 reasons to eat sprouts are:
1. Made at home with less effort
2. Inexpensive healthy ingredient
3. A good source of good quality Protein
4. High in Fiber
5. Aids in weight loss
6. Controls Diabetic
7. Helps manage blood Cholesterol levels
8. Have high vitamin and mineral content
9. Are alkaline in nature thus help to neutralize the acids in the body
10. Lend themselves easily to any ingredient.

Sprouted Moong ChaatSprouted Moong Chaat

No denying that they are healthy, tasty and easy to handle, but eating a bowlful of plain sprouts with lemon juice and chilli powder daily can seem to be boring soon. After all, variety is the spice of life! Here we bring to you a wide selection of SPROUTS BASED SALADS to make them more interesting.

Mixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian SnackMixed Sprouts Chaat, Evening Indian Snack

Simple Sprouted Salads

Making a salad with sprouts can be very simple. Just choose a sprout of your choice and pair it with basic veggies like onions, carrots or tomatoes which are found in every household. Pep it up with spices like cumin seeds powder, chaat masala, black salt etc. and your healthy sprouts salads is ready to be enjoyed. Matki Salad and Mixed Sprouts Salad with Coconut are perfect examples of this.

Matki Salad, Healthy Moath Bean SaladMatki Salad, Healthy Moath Bean Salad

Fruity Sprouted Salad

Ah! Fruits are another nourishing ingredient you can add to salads. Each one of us love some fruits for sure. Wisely pick the ones you enjoy so eating sprouts based salads also is a fun task. Try sweet pears to make Pear Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad or Papaya to whip up Papaya Cabbage and Bean Sprouts Salad.

Pear Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad

Pear Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad

Veggie-Sprouts Combo Salads

These are simplest salads to make. Begin with simple salads like Mixed Sprouts Salad and Sprouts Spring Onions and Tomato Salad. Further move on to using a few not so commonly used veggies like dill leaves, broccoli etc. You can try your hand at Bean Sprouts and Suva Tossed Salad.

Bean Sprouts and Suva Tossed SaladBean Sprouts and Suva Tossed Salad

If you wish to indulge into a salad as a meal, you can try in the form of Mixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Veg Salad. This is good way to stock up on nutrients without much fat and unwanted calories, especially after a party when you had over-eaten the previous day.

Mixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Veg SaladMixed Sprouts Beetroot Healthy Lunch Veg Salad

Sprouted Salads with Healthy Dressings

Well if you have a little extra time to make your healthy bowl of salad, go in for making a good dressing so that salads become more interesting. Sprouts, veggies, spices and a tasty dressing…. What more do you look for in a salad? We have surprises like Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad in Creamy Dressing and Roasted Capsicum and Alfa-alfa Sprouts Salad with Peanut Dressing.

Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad in Creamy Celery Dressing

Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad in Creamy Celery Dressing

Be a little innovative, make your own healthy dressing and toss them with sprouts of your choice. Have it for lunch or as a small healthy snack and welcome health.

Bean Sprouts and Cucumber Salad with Lemony Basil DressingBean Sprouts and Cucumber Salad with Lemony Basil Dressing

We hope you enjoy our Sprouted Salad recipes, Veg Sprouted Salad recipe collection and would love to have your comments.

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Bean Sprouts Salad in A Peanut Chilli Dressing
Recipe# 452
28 Jan 20

 by Tarla Dalal
All things ‘beany’, especially bean sprouts and tofu are very popular in oriental cuisine. Bean sprout salad in a peanut chilli dressing is a tongue-tickling salad of bean sprouts and red capsicum tossed with a tangy and crunchy sauce of garlic, red chillies, soy sauce and peanuts, and garnished wit ....
Matki Salad, Healthy Moath Bean Salad
Recipe# 42460
24 Jan 20

 by Tarla Dalal
matki salad recipe | healthy sprouts salad | easy sprouts salad | how to make healthy moth bean salad recipe | with 33 amazing images. Nutritious matki beans join hands with a couple of cru ....
Bean Sprouts and Capsicum Salad
Recipe# 4609
28 Jun 19

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
Calcium laden fresh bean sprouts in a spicy dressing. Bean sprouts and capsicum together also lend enough vitamin c to this salad which aids in enhancing calcium absorption.
Sprouts and Vegetable Salad ( Weight Loss After Pregnancy )
Recipe# 33018
20 Aug 09

 by Tarla Dalal
Sprouts and vegetable salad, keep yourself satiated and full with this salad with a winning combination of sprouts and veggies. Sprouts are rich in iron and vitamin b-complex, making this a great weight loss salad. I’ve kept the preparation simple by adding coriander, lemon juice and pepper.
Cucumber Bean Sprouts and Apple Salad
Recipe# 22345
22 Feb 12

 by Tarla Dalal
A fun-packed and flavour-packed salad that is also bursting with good health, the Cucumber Bean Sprouts and Apple Salad is a worthy addition to your diet. While cucumber gives a nice juiciness to the salad, bean sprouts give an exciting crunch and apple lends a fruity twist. Bean sprouts are ful ....
Mixed Sprouts Fruits and Veggie Salad
Recipe# 801
25 Dec 18

 by Tarla Dalal
Be prepared for an adventurous experience packed into a salad bowl! The Mixed Sprouts Fruits and Veggie Salad has a little bit of everything, giving your palate a dynamic experience, with different flavours and textures. It is very satiating and ideal for weight-watchers as it includes a wise mi ....
Bean Sprouts and Suva Tossed Salad
Recipe# 36414
05 Apr 19

by Tarla Dalal
A light and colourful way to begin lunch! Suva, tomatoes and bean sprouts combine beautifully with salt and lemon juice in this tangy, crunchy Bean Sprouts and Suva Tossed Salad. Suva is an excellent source of iron, while bean sprouts and tomatoes are rich sources of vitamin C which helps to absorb ....
Rajma, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onion Salad
Recipe# 760
14 Jan 19

 by Tarla Dalal
A scrumptious salad that combines the goodness of cooked rajma and bean sprouts with crunchy spring onions and tangy tomatoes. A dash of lemon juice further perks up this salad, making it a zesty treat for your palate! Enjoy the Rajma, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onion Salad chilled, to experience ....
Broccoli, Bean Sprouts and Green Peas Salad, Healthy Salad Recipe
Recipe# 37302
26 Mar 18

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
A combination of antioxidant and fibre rich greens like broccoli and green peas with bean sprouts is an asset for weight-watchers . The sesam ....
Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad in Creamy Celery Dressing
Recipe# 22239
11 Jan 11

 by Tarla Dalal
Toss up a tongue-tickling salad of bean sprouts, spinach and veggies, laced with a creamy celery dressing made with low-fat curds. Contrasting shades of carrot and greens in an off-white background make the Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad in Creamy Celery Dressing a delight to behold, while the tangy ....
Lettuce and Bean Sprouts Salad in Lemon Dressing
Recipe# 36097
28 Jun 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Your eyes are the windows through which you see the world, which makes it very important that they are sharp and clear! Here is a scrumptious salad of vitamin A rich lettuce and tomatoes paired with protein rich bean sprouts, which are excellent for clear vision. The tangy lemon dressing is al ....
Papaya, Cabbage and Bean Sprouts Salad
Recipe# 455
26 Nov 13

 by Tarla Dalal
Combining fruits and veggies in a salad is always a great idea as it produces a very balanced taste and texture. However, the combo has to be selected carefully so that the ingredients complement and bring out the best in each other. That way, the Papaya, Cabbage and Bean Sprouts Salad, ably support ....
Sprouts, Spring Onion and Tomato Salad
Recipe# 2957
14 Nov 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Quick, easy and tasty too – what a combination! The best part is that this Sprouts, Spring Onion and Tomato Salad has as much nutritional appeal too, making it a must-have in the preconception period and first trimester. Tangy and crunchy, it is an excellent source of folic acid, iron and protein. T ....
Roasted Capsicum and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad with Peanut Dressing
Recipe# 39213
20 Nov 19

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
Exotic! That’s what this salad is. With a rare combination of roasted capsicum and alfalfa sprouts with an even more tasteful dressing based on peanuts with a dash of lemon, this salad is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids , vitamin B1 and ....
Sprouts and Veggie Salad
Recipe# 22250
03 Jul 19

by Tarla Dalal
This simple, easy-to-make dressing calls for just low-fat curds and lemon juice. Lettuce and sprouts add not only a nice crunch, but vitamin C as well to this Sprouts and Veggie Salad. Sprouting increases the nutrient content manifold, thereby topping the list of nutritious foods. A dinner of S ....
Mixed Sprouts Salad
Recipe# 7444
12 Apr 15

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
This is an unusual salad, in which mixed sprouts combine with tomatoes, radish, fenugreek leaves and chopped coriander, to provide an appreciable mix of nutrients that help balance your blood sugar levels. The Mixed Sprouts Salad is further enhanced with a tempering, which helps to boost the flavour ....
Pear Spinach and Bean Sprouts Salad
Recipe# 5563
23 Aug 11

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
This unusual salad has pear as its main ingredient as pear, and is also dressed in the pulp of the same fruit. A dash of mustard added to the dressing gives this salad a tongue-tingling flavour and rich aroma. In addition, this fruit combines a medley of greens, veggies and sprouts, including sp ....
Methi Sprouts Salad
Recipe# 4398
01 Jul 05

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
Being rich not only in iron, but also in other nutrients like vitamin A, calcium and protein, this classic salad is the best way to start your day.
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