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 What is Calcium Deficiency

  Last Updated : Jul 28,2018

What is Calcium Deficiency?

Here’s how calcium deficiency occurs…..
As with other minerals, the body has a marvelous system for keeping the concentration of calcium in the blood and tissues just right. This is needed because if calcium concentrations fall too low or get too high, certain organs will fail to function. The first checkpoint is in the intestines. If you eat too much calcium or already have enough calcium in your blood, the intestines simply absorb less of the calcium in the food you eat.

If your body needs calcium, the intestine absorbs more. Bones are the second checkpoint. The intestine deposits the calcium in the bones and they act as a reservoir for calcium. When the amount of calcium in the blood dips too low, calcium is borrowed from the bones. This works for a time. When diets are low in this mineral, there may be a continuous withdrawal of calcium from the bones and not sufficient amount is available to be returned to the bones. Over time, this net loss will deplete the bones of calcium and lead to calcium deficiency.

4 Causes of Calcium Deficiency

1. Low levels of calcium in the diet
2. Vitamin D deficiency as vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium
3. Liver disease
4.  Other medical illness, like defective absorption of minerals in the stomach or intestine are a few other causes of calcium deficiency.

3 Symptoms of calcium Deficiency

1. Brittle bones
2. Joint pains
3. Yellowing of teeth

3 Consequences of Calcium Deficiency
1. Bone and Teeth Abnormality : The major outcome of calcium deficiency is bone and teeth abnormalities which are seen quite different in children and adults.
2.  Rickets, Calcium deficiency in children: If children are deprived of calcium in their early stages of growth, it progressively leads to weakening and softening of bones making them fragile. Bowing of legs, enlargement of wrists, knees and ankles, poor muscular development, beaded ribs, large foreheads and protruding chest are some of the other features of rickets.
3. Osteoporosis, Adult Rickets: The low levels of calcium in adults leads to loss of bone mass to such an extent that the bones lose strength and becomes unable to perform its supporting role in the body. Fractures may occur due to minor falls and bumps or bones may even break under their own weight. People with osteoporosis may have a hump in their backs, curvature of the spine and rounded shoulders. These conditions may be caused by the buckling of their weakened spines, no longer being strong enough to hold the body upright.

To overcome calcium deficiency please check which Calcium Rich Foods to have and what is your Daily Calcium Requirements

Below we give you some Calcium Rich recipes to follow.

what is calcium deficiency

 by Tarla Dalal
dahi bhindi recipe | healthy dahi bhindi recipe | Rajasthani dahi bhindi | okra with yogurt | with amazing 18 images. dahi bhindi recipe is a Rajasthani dahi bhindi which is a healthy dahi bhindi recipe. Ingredients used to make dahi bhindi are extremely simple and basic. Made from ladies finger (bhindi), low fat curds and Indian spices, this Rajasthani dahi bhindi is very tasty. Dahi bhindi is the simplest sabzi recipe that can be included to your daily fare. Here, we have made few changes and made it healthier. The bhindis are steamed, we have used low fat curds and less oil to make it healthy dahi bhindi. If you are looking for a healthy and nutritious sabzi, this recipe is for you!! I bet the ingredients used in dahi bhindi recipe would be available in every Indian household pantry!! Traditionally, bhindi is deep fried and used, but here we have steamed it which made the sabzi healthier. We have also cut down the amount of oil in dahi bhindi recipe. If you like dahi bhindi the normal way, you can deep fry the bhindis. Despite having very little oil, your favourite lady finger sabzi is as tasty as ever! dahi bhindi can be prepared in short time of 15 minutes. To make okra with yogurt we have started with steaming bhindi in a steamer. Once the bhindi are steamed, it might look slimy yet you don’t need to worry as further, it will tend to lose its sliminess. Next, we have made a curd base mixture where we have combined curd with coriander powder, red chilli powder, besan which will help in thickening the sabzi and also if you avoid adding besan there are high chances of your curd curdling. We have mixed all of these well and kept aside. Further, for the tempering, we have heat oil in a broad non-stick pan and add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fennel seeds followed by asafoetida and curry leaves. Once, all of these is cooked add the curd mixture and steamed bhindi, cook well and serve dahi bhindi with coriander garnished on top. Here's a great way to enjoy a Rajasthani delicacy that is simply sumptuous and low in calories. Choose young and tender bhindis for this Rajasthani dahi bhindi that will cook quickly. Above all, the rich and fascinating aroma is so tempting that you won't feel that you're eating low calorie food. You can relish it with bajra roti or roti. Enjoy dahi bhindi recipe | healthy dahi bhindi recipe | Rajasthani dahi bhindi | okra with yogurt | with detailed step by step recipe photos below.
 by Tarla Dalal
thandai recipe | Rajasthani thandai drink | Homemade thandai Holi and Diwali recipe | how to make thandai powder at home | with 18 amazing images. thandai recipe | Rajasthani thandai drink | Homemade thandai Holi and Diwali recipe | how to make thandai powder at home tastes absolutely heavenly, far superior to the readymade mixes available in the market. Learn how to make thandai powder at home. To make thandai, combine the prepared powder and milk in a deep bowl, mix well using a whisk and refrigerate for 2 hours. Strain the mixture through a strainer, add the sugar, pepper powder and saffron and mix well. Pour equal quantities of the thandai into 4 individual glasses and serve chilled. Milk, energised with almonds and spices, Rajasthani thandai drink is the perfect drink to serve on special days and festive occasions like Holi and Diwali. The aroma of fennel, cardamom, pepper and saffron of how to make thandai powder at home rise atop the dense flavour of fully boiled milk, to pamper the senses and rejuvenate the spirit. A mixture of these spices and nuts when blended, mixed with milk and kept aside for 2 hours blends beautifully with the milk. You can strain the mixture before serving if you want it smooth, but if you like the coarse mouth-feel of ground almonds and poppy seeds, you can enjoy the Homemade thandai Holi and Diwali recipe as it is without straining. Serve it for parties or special festive occasions. Tips for thandai. 1. Use of full fat milk is a must to enjoy thick thandai. 2. If you don’t have powdered sugar, grind the table sugar in a mixer and sieve it before use. 3. You can microwave the saffron in a microwave safe bowl for 10 to 15 seconds, crush it and then add it to the drink. This helps to lends a better colour of saffron to the drink. Enjoy thandai recipe | Rajasthani thandai drink | Homemade thandai Holi and Diwali recipe | how to make thandai powder at home | with step by step photos below.
Some foods are so easy to make yet so beneficial, you feel like saying – oh, why didn’t I know about this earlier! Well, the Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammation Spinach Juice is a perfect example. An apt blend of ingredients like spinach and tomatoes gives it a nice taste and consistency, while at the same time these ingredients are bursting with nutrients that work against cancer and inflammation, two of today’s killer diseases. Because we do not strain the juice, make sure you blend it really well. Give the mixer a break in between to avoid over-heating. Once done, chill the juice and serve to boost the taste. If you don’t want it cold, you can have it right away! You can also try other nice juices like the Muskmelon Watermelon and Wheat Grass Juice and Palak, Kale and Apple Juice .
 by Tarla Dalal
Use of whole-wheat pasta and lots of vegetables is the specialty of this fibre rich dish. The milk and the cheese in the sauce enriches it with the much-needed calcium for growing kids.
 by Tarla Dalal
The Palak Raita with Onions and Tomatoes is a vibrant gastronomic treat, that is visually very appealing too. The bowl features a splash of colours like green and red, and a burst of flavours from black salt, onions and tomatoes. The raita is so simple to make, yet tastes very refreshing. It has no masala powders, but the tinge of black salt works well with the onions and tomatoes to boost the flavour of the palak raita. Onions also give it an exciting crunch, while tomatoes share their tanginess. Serve this awesome raita chilled. Makes a fiting accompaniment to rotis like Multigrain Garlic Roti , Stuffed Bajra Roti , Jowar Methi Roti , Jowar Bajre Ki Roti and parathas like Green Pea Parathas and Paneer Paratha .
 by Tarla Dalal
Broccoli is an all-in-one ingredient, which is a good source of nutrients like iron, folic acid, vitamins A and C, along with calcium too. The interesting veggie has a unique flavour and texture, which really please the palate. Once you develop a taste for it, you will want to keep having it often in some form or the other. And, what better way to consume this amazing veggie than in the form of a satiating and comforting soup. Combining broccoli with onions enhances its flavour, while milk improves the texture of the soup and adds a soothing element to the flavour chart. We have used low-cal milk to prepare this recipe, as excess fat inhibits the absorption of calcium. Enjoy this hearty soup for an effective calcium boost. Team up with Paneer Shavarma Wrap to create a sumptuous, satiating meal.
Indian almond milk recipe | unsweetened vanilla almond milk | instant almond milk | almond milk without soaking | with 7 amazing images. Indian almond milk recipe | unsweetened vanilla almond milk | instant almond milk | almond milk without soaking can be consumed daily by one and all. Learn how to make unsweetened vanilla almond milk. To make Indian almond milk, combine all the ingredients in a mixer and blend till smooth. We recommend a high quality blender like a bullet blender or a vitamix. If the quality of the blender is not good, the milk will not be smooth and there will be small almond pieces left. Refrigerate and serve chilled. It stays fresh for 3 days. Here is how to make pure, soothing and tasty unsweetened vanilla almond milk! This pure almond milk is rich in protein and iron, and wonderful for endurance athletes. It is a good substitute for milk for lactose intolerant people. This is an instant almond milk which does not require and soaking of Almonds and then straining the blended milk. It has a pleasant taste, which is further enhanced by vanilla essence. What’s more to perceive is that this homemade almond milk is free of preservatives and sugar, while being more economical at the same time. With too many carbs to its credit, this Indian almond milk can be enjoyed by diabetics too! Heart patients can also benefit from the fibre and omega-3 fatty acids present in it. The fat in this milk is healthy fat and gives you a feeling of satiety. So try and replace a fried fat laden snack with a glass of this healthy almond milk when hunger strikes. This instant almond milk can be used as a base for making many recipes like Avocado Almond Milk Vegan Smoothie and Healthy Peanut Almond Milk Oatmeal, for Breakfast and Homemade Almond Milk Made with Soaked Almonds. Tips for Indian almond milk. 1. We recommend a high quality blender like a bullet blender or a vitamix. If the quality of the blender is not good it will not be smooth and there will be small almond pieces left. 2. The flavour of this milk can be enhanced further with a dash of honey. 3. You can make a batch of this Almond Milk and store it in the refrigerator. It stays fresh for three days in an airtight container. Enjoy Indian almond milk recipe | unsweetened vanilla almond milk | instant almond milk | almond milk without soaking | with step by step photos.
buckwheat pancakes recipe | gluten free buckwheat pancake | kuttu pancake - diabetic snack | with 28 amazing images. tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes is an Indian style chilla which is nutritious and tasty at the same time. Learn how to make tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes. In this Indian buckwheat pancakes, the not-so-common buckwheat combines with sour low-fat curds and bottle gourd to make iron and fibre-rich gluten free buckwheat pancake. To make buckwheat pancakes, combine the buckwheat and curds with 2 tbsp of water in a deep bowl and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep aside to soak for 1 hour. Blend the buckwheat-curds mixture to a coarse mixture without using any water. Transfer the coarse mixture into a deep bowl, add the ginger-green chilli paste, coriander, turmeric powder, asafoetida, bottle gourd, salt and 1 tbsp of water and mix well. Keep aside. Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and grease it using 1/8 tsp of oil. Pour a ladleful of the batter on it and spread in a circular motion to make 100 mm. (4”) diameter thick circle. Cook, using 1/8 tsp of oil, till it turns light brown in colour from both the sides. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to make 7 more pancakes. Serve immediately with mint and onion chutney. These kuttu pancake - diabetic have 1.7 g per pancake and thus are a good option as a diabetic snack and also for women with PCOS who intend to achieve weight loss target. Fiber aids in managing blood sugar levels. Buckwheat is also a complete vegetarian food. It has all the 9 essential amino acids which most other grains don’t have. Benefit from 2.1 g of protein per pancake and nourish your cells and tissues. This gluten free buckwheat pancake is a good option for those who cannot tolerate gluten also. Have snack tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes along with Green Chutney or Mint and Onion Chutney for a delicious treat. Tips for buckwheat pancakes. 1. Remember to clean and wash the buckwheat before using as it tends to have dirt particles. 2. Grind to a coarse mixture only to enjoy its texture and mouthfeel. 3. Serving immediately is very important to relish its flavour. Enjoy buckwheat pancakes recipe | gluten free buckwheat pancake | kuttu pancake - diabetic snack | tasty healthy Indian buckwheat pancakes | with step by step images and video below.
palak matar paneer sabzi recipe | palak matar paneer masala | spinach and green peas sabzi | Punjabi palak matar sabzi | with 65 amazing images. palak matar paneer sabzi recipe | palak matar paneer masala | spinach and green peas sabzi | Punjabi palak matar sabzi is an addictively tasty sabzi. Learn how to make spinach and green peas sabzi. To make palak matar paneer sabzi, heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan, add the cumin seeds and asafoetida and sauté on a medium flame for 30 seconds. Add the spinach and sauté on a medium flame for 3 minutes. Add the paneer, green peas, turmeric powder, chilli powder, milk, garam masala, coriander-cumin seeds powder and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Serve hot. This quick and easy, no-fuss dish brings together three of your favourite ingredients – spinach, cottage cheese and green peas. A tempering of everyday ingredients and a dash of common spice powders gives the trio a fantastic taste. Palak matar paneer masala is thus a must try! This quick everyday spinach and green peas sabzi is a little watery because the spinach is cooked as such and not blended, but nonetheless it tastes too good for you to even think about the consistency. Relish it fresh off the pan! This sabzi combines beautifully with Indian breads of all kinds, be it rotis or phulkas. All health conscious people including those suffering from diabetes, heart and obesity can reduce the oil to 2 tsp and include this Punjabi palak matar sabzi in their diet. They can also make their choice in between full fat paneer and low fat paneer. This sabzi is a storehouse of other key nutrients like fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, mangnesium and phosphorus. Tips for palak matar paneer sabzi. 1. You can buy ready-made paneer or make paneer at home. It can be made in advance and refrigerated too. 2. Do not sauté the spinach too much, else it might lose its colour. 3. If you are using less oil, then we suggest you cook on a slow flame. 4. Also if required sprinkle little water to avoid the spinach from sticking to the pan. 5. This sabzi can be packed and carried to work. Enjoy palak matar paneer sabzi recipe | palak matar paneer masala | spinach and green peas sabzi | Punjabi palak matar sabzi | with step by step photos.
 by Tarla Dalal
Fresh Fruits Stuffed Rasmalai is a dessert beyond comparison, a creation that has to be experienced to be understood! The rich, milky flavour of succulent rasmalai is complemented beautifully by a fruity stuffing, and enhanced further by a topping of masala milk. When you refrigerate the assembled dessert for some time, the fruits regain their crunch, while the rasmalai soaks in the milk and imbibes a richer flavour. Each spoonful of this dessert is an experience to savour, and makes you long for another serving!
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