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63 roasted chana dal recipes

Last Updated : Apr 12,2023

भुनी हुई चना दाल रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (roasted chana dal recipes in Hindi)
દાળિયા રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (roasted chana dal recipes in Gujarati)

84 roasted chana dal recipes | Indian recipes using roasted chana dal |

roasted chana dal recipes | Indian recipes using roasted chana dal | We show you how to use roasted chana dal from Chutneys using roasted chana dal, Evening Snacks using roasted chana dal, Indian jar snacks using roasted chana dal to healthy snacks. So go ahead and follow these super large collection of roasted chana dal recipes.

Kanchipuram IdliKanchipuram Idli

Chutneys using roasted chana dal

Chutneys add value to any dish. They can be used as flavouring substances, toppings or accompaniments, but they enhance the taste of the dish in some way or the other. There are tongue-tickling tangy chutneys, such as the tamarind based ones, as well as soothing chutneys that usually use coconut as the base. Normally, one chooses a chutney that complements or balances the taste of the dish it is used in or served with.

1.      Coconut Chutney for idli dosa a well-rounded flavour that goes well with most variants of Idlis , Dosas , Appe , be it plain, veggie-topped, or more exotic options like Rava Idli or Ragi Dosa .

 Coconut Chutney ( Idlis and Dosas)

 Coconut Chutney ( Idlis and Dosas)

2.      Coconut Chutney super popular coconut chutney recipe is made by grinding grated coconut, coriander, roasted chana dal, green chillies, kadi patta with some water.

 Coconut Chutney ( Desi Khana) Coconut Chutney ( Desi Khana)

3.      Coriander Green Garlic Chutney rare combination of coriander and fresh green garlic makes the Coriander Green Garlic Chutney flavourful, colourful and healthy! 

 Coriander Green Garlic Chutney Coriander Green Garlic Chutney

4.      Green Garlic Chutney a popular condiment of the Indian cuisine. It is served as a side-dish with deep-fried snacks, spreads for rolls.

 Green Garlic Chutney Green Garlic Chutney

Evening Snacks using roasted chana dal

Assorted evening snack option with roasted chana dal. Choose from dosa, idli and bhel recipes. 

1.      Mysore Masala Dosa with Green Chutney made by smearing dosas with a special Mysore chutney that is sweet, tangy, spicy and garlicky, and then stuffing it with delectable Potato Bhaji.

Mysore Masala Dosa with Green Chutney
Mysore Masala Dosa with Green Chutney

2.      Vegetable Rava Idli with Coconut Chutney sumptuous rava idli is a perfect dish to start your day with. The mild tanginess of curds and subtle notes of chilli paste make the Idli very flavourful.

 Vegetable Rava Idli with Coconut Chutney

 Vegetable Rava Idli with Coconut Chutney

3.      Sukha Bhel best chaat for sudden hunger pangs, be it on a noisy railway platform or a quiet roadside!

 Sukha Bhel ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes)

 Sukha Bhel ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes)

4.      Double Decker Idlis stuffed with Potato and Chutney recipe will make you stop and pay some attention to the versatility of the humble idli.

5.      Rice Noodles Khowsuey an exotic addition to your menu, the Khowsuey can be made easily and quickly with ingredients very commonly available in your kitchen!

Indian jar snacks using roasted chana dal

When you are travelling or when you are just simply hungry and you want to just munch on something, here are some interesting Jar snack recipes using roasted chana dal would make your life easier.

1.      Daria Chikki there is no disputing the fact that anything that is homemade with love tastes much better than store-bought ones.

2.      Khakhra Chivda made with wheat flour, khakhras are quite as satiating as rotis but can be quite thrilling for kids to munch on.

 Khakhra Chivda ( Tiffin Treats)

 Khakhra Chivda ( Tiffin Treats)

3.      Papad Poha Flaked rice and papad sautéed with spices and peanuts.

4.      Poha Chivda made from an assortment of ingredients ranging from poha, roasted urad dal and peanuts to cashews and curry leaves.

Poha ChivdaPoha Chivda

5.      Jada Poha Chivda a mix of sweet, salty and nutty flavours, and a wondrous blend of textures, the Jada Poha Chivda is sure to appeal to young and old alike.

 Jada Poha Chivda, Jar Snack

 Jada Poha Chivda, Jar Snack

Healthy Indian snacks using roasted chana dal

We have some super healthy Indian snacks using roasted chana dal from bhel , chivda to tikkis 

1.      Oats and Poha Sukha Bhel a healthier version than Sukha Bhel as this healthy recipe has no aloo, sev and deep fried chana dal and is made with oats.

 Oats and Poha Sukha Bhel Oats and Poha Sukha Bhel

2.      Baked Nachni Chivda a shock to diabetics that they can’t have deep-fried, oily chivda, but this recipe is sure to put the smile back on your faces.

 Baked Nachni Chivda

 Baked Nachni Chivda

3.      Oats Chivda sure to answer your appetite in a tasty and crunchy way,  made of roasted oats, poha, peanuts and chana dal with a sprinkling of spice powders for a dash of excitement.

 Oats Chivda, Poha Oats Chivda

 Oats Chivda, Poha Oats Chivda

4.      Hara Bhara Soya Tikkis goodness of soya, garlic and spinach is reinforced in these tikkis. Fibre from soya and spinach along with allicin in garlic inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the body. 


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Daria Chikki, Roasted Chana Dal Chikki
Recipe# 40998
08 Jan 21

 by Tarla Dalal
daria chikki recipe | roasted chana dal chikki | daliya chikki | Lonavala daria chikki | with 14 amazing images. While peanut chikki, til chikki and mixed nut chikki and cashew chikki are ....
Coconut Chutney  ( Idlis and Dosas)
Recipe# 1653
26 Apr 21

 by Tarla Dalal
coconut chutney recipe | thangai chutney | coconut chutney 6 varieties | coconut chutney for idli, dosa, uttapa | nariyal chutney | with 20 amazing images.
Poha Chivda ( Microwave Recipe)
Recipe# 4890
20 Aug 10

by Tarla Dalal
Crispy beaten rice flavoured with peanut and spices makes a delicious any time snack.
Healthy Lemon Rice
Recipe# 3584
11 Jan 23

 by Tarla Dalal
healthy lemon rice recipe | quick and easy healthy lemon rice | South Indian style healthy lemon rice | healthy lemon rice side dish | with 15 amazing images. healthy l ....
Coconut Chutney ( Desi Khana)
Recipe# 1467
11 Sep 19

by Tarla Dalal
coconut chutney recipe | coconut chutney for idli | coconut chutney for dosa | nariyal chutney | with 16 amazing images. This super popular coconut chutney recipe ....
Poha and Oats  Chivda ( Weight Loss After Pregnancy )
Recipe# 33027
20 Aug 09

 by Tarla Dalal
Poha and oats chivda,fibre rich oats, iron rich poha and protein rich chana dal make for a healthy variation of the traditional fried chivda. Make in bulk and store it in an airtight container. Enjoy as an in-between snack without worrying about straying from your weight-loss regime.
Instant Vegetable Rava Idli with Coconut Chutney
Recipe# 33104
13 Dec 21

 by Tarla Dalal
instant veg rava idli recipe | vegetable rava idli with coconut chutney | Indian vegetable suji idli for breakfast | instant semolina idli | with 60 amazing images. inst ....
Coconut Chutney ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes)
Recipe# 33386
06 Apr 19

 by Tarla Dalal
An all time favourite accompaniment to be served with south indian delicacy snacks.
Coriander Green Garlic Chutney
Recipe# 4695
13 Apr 22

by Tarla Dalal
coriander green garlic chutney recipe | kothmir hara lehsun chutney | healthy no sugar hara lehsun chutney | with 15 amazing images. coriander green garlic chutney recipe |
Healthy Chivda
Recipe# 7584
14 Jun 11

 by Tarla Dalal
Made in just 1 teaspoon of oil, this puffed cereal and cornflakes chivda is lighter and healthier than the original.
Sukha Bhel ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes)
Recipe# 33404
22 Aug 23

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
sukha bhel recipe | dry bhel |Mumbai roadside sukha bhel | with 20 amazing images. Sukha bhel, the best chaat for sudden hunger pangs, be it on a noisy railway platform or a quiet roadside! ....
Curry Leaves Chutney Powder
Recipe# 1660
04 Aug 21

by Tarla Dalal
curry leaves powder | curry leaves chutney powder | South-Indian curry leaves chutney powder | karibevu chutney powder | Kari bevu chutney pudi |
Coriander Garlic Chutney, Palak Dhania Chutney
Recipe# 33385
13 Apr 22

 by Tarla Dalal
coriander garlic chutney recipe | green chutney for Indian deep fried snacks | palak dhania chutney | with 16 amazing images. coriander garlic chutney recipe | green chu ....
Oats and Poha Chivda
Recipe# 22296
01 May 20

 by Tarla Dalal
healthy oats chivda recipe | oats and poha chivda | how to make healthy oats poha chivda | with 18 amazing images. Oats and Poha Chivda is made from dry roasting oats and poha. Then a tempe ....
Double Decker Idlis Stuffed with Potato and Chutney
Recipe# 814
16 Mar 17

 by Tarla Dalal
In South India, idli is everyday fare, made once a day or sometimes even more frequently. As a result, nobody gives it a second thought. However, this recipe will make you stop and pay some attention to the versatility of the humble idli. In this yummy recipe, we have cooked the idli batter with ....
Hyderabadi Baingan Subzi
Recipe# 5291
18 Oct 19

by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
Grated cauliflower replaces coconut to create a healthier and heart-friendly version of the traditional Hyderabadi Baghara Baingan. Although most people will not think of pressure-cooking brinjals, here we have opted for that method so as to retain the nutrients and reduce the oil required. As a res ....
Hare Lehsun ki Chutney
Recipe# 32705
12 Apr 22

 by Tarla Dalal
hare lehsun ki chutney recipe | dhaniya lahsun ki chutney | healthy green garlic chutney | with 14 amazing images. hare lehsun ki chutney recipe | dhaniya lahsun ki chut ....
Papad Poha, Diwali Jar Snack
Recipe# 2884
28 Feb 23

by Tarla Dalal
papad poha recipe | Diwali jar snack | quick Gujarati papad poha chivda | roasted papad poha (roasted flat rice flakes with papad) | papad poha is a crunchy jar s ....
Low Cal Chivda
Recipe# 3562
26 Nov 12

 by Tarla Dalal
A delectable snack made with flaked rice seasoned with a right blend of spices. Use a thin variety of poha commonly known as "nylon poha", to make a crispier snack. This chivda can be stored in an air-tight container for several days. This guilt-free chivda is a good option for a mid-morning or a ....
Hara Bhara Soya Tikkis
Recipe# 5280
02 Jan 23

 by Tarla Dalal
hara bhara soya tikkis recipe | vegetable soya cutlet | veg soya tikki | with 36 amazing images. veg soya tikki is one of the best sources of protein and this Soya Cutle ....
Low Calorie Green Chutney, Hari Chutney – Diabetic Friendly
Recipe# 3537
23 Mar 20

 by Tarla Dalal
low calorie green chutney |low cal hari chutney | low cal coriander chutney | diabetic green chutney | with 17 amazing images.
Khakhra Chivda ( Tiffin Treats)
Recipe# 33116
05 May 21

by Tarla Dalal
khakhra chivda | instant khakhra chivda | khakhra chivda for tiffin | with 15 amazing images. khakhra chivda is where crushed khakhras are pepped up with roasted chana dal, peanuts, cashew ....
Dahi Saunfiyani Tikki ( Kebabs and Tikkis Recipes)
Recipe# 32726
16 May 14

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
The Mughals like their food bursting with flavour and brimming with rich ingredients. The characteristic is once again revealed in this irresistible Dahi Saunfiyani Tikki. Made of a mixture of curds thickened with chana dal powder, perked up with aromatic herbs like coriander and mint, and the unmis ....
Papad Poha ( Microwave Recipe)
Recipe# 4891
23 Dec 22

by Tarla Dalal
Flaked rice and papad sautéed with spices and peanuts. Using thinner variety of poha known as patla poha or nylon poha, helps to make crispier snack.
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