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Last Updated : Jun 22,2021

कॉपर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Copper recipes in Hindi)
કોપર રેસિપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Copper recipes in Gujarati)

Copper rich foods | copper rich Indian recipes | copper benefits | 

Copper rich foods | copper rich Indian recipes | copper benefits |

Top 15 Vegetarian Food Sources of Copper

  Food Source Copper (mg /1 00 gm)
1. Sesame seeds (til) 2.29
2. Sunflower seeds 1.90
3. Whole masoor (lentil) 1.87
4. Kulith (horse gram) 1.81
5. Walnut 1.67
6. Cashewnut 1.66
7. Rajma 1.45
8. Urad dal 1.34
9. Dark Chocolate 1.20
10. Barley 1.19
11. Soyabean 1.12
12. Bajra 1.04
13. Kabuli chana (Chick peas) 1.01
14. Almond 0.97
15. Peanu

What is Copper?

Copper is an essential trace mineral. Approx. 110 to 130 mg of copper is found in a an adult human body tissues, most profoundly in liver followed by heart, brain, kidney and skeletal muscles.

7 Key roles of Copper in the body…

1. Energy production
2. Help in growth
3. Together with iron it helps in formation of RBC (red blood cells)
4. Collagen formation in the skin and bones
5. Normal functioning of the nervous system
6. Build immune system
7. Act as antioxidant to fight free radicals

Causes of copper deficiency
• Genetic defect of copper metabolism
• Poor absorption
• Some other conditions of Nervous system

Outcomes of copper deficiency
• Neurological impairment causing Alzheimer’s Disease
• Osteoporosis
• Bone fractures
• Loss of skin pigmentation
• Cardiovascular complications in some
• Neutropenia, a deficiency of white blood cells (neutrophils) which help fight infection

How much do I need?
The RDA (recommended Dietary Allowance) for copper for an adult human being is around 2 mg / day.

Copper Rich Indian Recipes 

1. Sesame seeds: Beetroot and sesame roti is an impressive way of adding these tiny seeds to your diet. They not only abound in copper, but in iron also. Both these nutrient together help in RBC formation.

 Beetroot and Sesame RotiBeetroot and Sesame Roti

2. Sunflower seeds: These seeds are a store house of many nutrients. Being in rich in fiber they help in weight loss too. You can just roast them and add to salads and breakfast porridge like Strawberry Steel Cut Oats with Tea Masala.

Strawberry Steel Cut Oats with Tea Masala

Strawberry Steel Cut Oats with Tea Masala

3. Whole Masoor: Amongst the pulses, masoor is a very good source of copper. You must have explored masoor dal in your daily cooking. Try the whole masoor too. We present to you a healthy salad like Masoor Beets Zucchini Pepper Lunch Salad. This is a complete antioxidant boost.

Masoor, Beets, Zucchini , Peppers Lunch Salad, Healthy Veg One Dish MealMasoor, Beets, Zucchini , Peppers Lunch Salad, Healthy Veg One Dish Meal

4. Kulith: This is another pulse which is best had in the form of a salad like Kulith Salad. Rich in protein and copper it helps in growth of the cells and tissues.

Kulith Salad, Protein Rich Recipe

Kulith Salad, Protein Rich Recipe

5. Walnut: This is one nut which many of us avoid because we don’t find it pleasing. But, in reality, the fresh walnuts aren’t that tasteless. Use your creativity and use them to make Walnut Dip. Sounds attractive? Try it!  

Walnut Dip

Walnut Dip

6. Cashew nuts: These nuts can be munched as it is, since most of like its taste. But if you want to try something out of the box, go for Peppered Mushrooms Paneer and Cashew. It’s a stir-fry from Thailand, which needs no accompaniment.

Peppered Mushrooms, Paneer and Cashew

Peppered Mushrooms, Paneer and Cashew

7. Rajma: Rajma sabzi is what comes to our mind first. We have some more options beyond this for you to try.

 Rajma Dhokla

Rajma Dhokla

Rajma Dhokla and Rajma Tikki with Spring Onion Dip. Serve them to your kids and they will enjoy these delicacies for sure.

Rajma Tikki Satay with Spring Onion DipRajma Tikki Satay with Spring Onion Dip

8. Urad Dal: A unique combination of urad dal and palak, which can be prepared quite swiftly. Teamed up with onions, tomatoes and green chillies for volume and flavour, this unusual mix of Urad dal with Spinach carries a healthy dose of copper, iron and B-complex vitamins.

Urad Dal with Spinach, Healthy Urad Dal with Spinach

Urad Dal with Spinach, Healthy Urad Dal with Spinach

9. Dark Chocolate: A small piece of dark chocolate is allowed occasionally after meals, provided you haven’t stocked yourselves with sugar based mithai through the day. You can also try Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt. It is an experience that will linger in your memory!

Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea SaltDark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt

10. Barley: Barley, also called as jau, can be replace rice in Indian khichdi. If you do so, you will get Barley and Moong Dal Khichdi. All you need to remember is to soak the barley for 30 minutes before tempering.

Barley and Moong Dal KhichdiBarley and Moong Dal Khichdi

11. Soyabean: Soya is available in a variety of forms. Soya granules can be weaved into Soya Muuter ki Subzi. Tempered and sautéed tomatoes and onion along with Indian spices, makes this a true delight to taste buds. Green Peas further add fiber to it.

Soya Mutter ki Subzi ( Roz ka Khana)

Soya Mutter ki Subzi ( Roz ka Khana)

12. Bajra: This is considered a desi grain. Yes, Bajra Rotla and Bajra Khichdi are famous delicacies of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Either dish is highly satiating. A dollop of ghee is a must.

Rotla ( Gujarati Recipe), Bajra Na Rotla RecipeRotla ( Gujarati Recipe), Bajra Na Rotla Recipe

13. Kabuli Chana: Power Poha is a thoughtful combination of chick peas with famous Poha recipe. It is a wise to sneak in some protein, fiber and copper in diet. You just need to add kabuli chana. There is nothing much to update your culinary skills in this.

Power Poha, Healthy Kabuli Chana PohaPower Poha, Healthy Kabuli Chana Poha

14. Almond: This nut can be explored in many ways. It is easy to add it to soups, salads, biryanis and even desserts. Serve sweets and no one resists it. Oats and Mixed Nut Ladoo is an elegant way of adding it to your diet. No sugar and no maida in this Indian mithai. Try it!

Oats and Mixed Nuts Ladoo ( Healthy Laddu)

Oats and Mixed Nuts Ladoo ( Healthy Laddu)

15. Peanut: Well peanut chikki is most famous, but it is sugar-laden. If you are health conscious or watching your waistline, then try Low Carb Chocolate and Peanut Bars. Both chocolate and peanut are a good source of copper.

Low- Carb Chocolate and Peanut Bars, No Bake

Low- Carb Chocolate and Peanut Bars, No Bake

Top 15 Veg Food Sources of Copper

Benefit from the goodness of these ingredients by cooking our tried and tested delicious recipes shared here.

Happy & Healthy Cooking!!

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Recipe# 35090
26 May 21

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Bajra Methi Khakhras
Recipe# 3457
26 Sep 19

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Tendli Cashewnut
Recipe# 264
23 Sep 13

 by Tarla Dalal
Both tendli and cashewnuts are favourites along the south-western coastal regions of india, especially in mangalore. Tendli cashewnut is an interesting subzi that combines both. Simply flavoured with just a seasoning of mustard seeds and red chillies, this recipe ensures that all the focus is on the ....
Barley Feta and Spinach Salad, Healthy Salad
Recipe# 41370
18 Jan 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Salads are a boon for health conscious people. Easy and quick to make, they are tasty and bursting with good health. A scrumptious salad like the Barley Feta and Spinach Salad is filling enough to make a healthy snack. Cooked barley is combined with feta cheese cubes, juicy greens and crunchy ve ....
Kulith Salad, Protein Rich Recipe
Recipe# 33255
12 Mar 09

by Tarla Dalal
Kulith salad, the nutrient content and digestibility of pulses increase manifold when sprouted. It is not surprising then, that the protein-rich horse gram is used in the sprouted form in this recipe. Paneer adds to the protein content, while tomatoes, green chillies and coriander give the sal ....
Soya Poha
Recipe# 22271
11 Jan 16

 by Tarla Dalal
An interesting variant of the ever-popular Maharashtrian snack, here the poha is prepared with nutritious soya granules. While the Soya Poha tastes very similar to regular poha with the crunch of onions and the tang of lemon, it gives you the added benefits ....
Mini Nachni and Bajra Khakhra
Recipe# 5685
04 Nov 20

by Tarla Dalal
nachni bajra khakhra recipe | healthy ragi khakhra | masala nachni khakhra | healthy snack | nachni bajra khakhra is a jar snack which can be enjoyed by one and a ....
Cucumber Salad with Cashewnuts ( Soups and Salads Recipe )
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11 Jun 12

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An unusual salad in terms of the ingredients used, and the seasonings added to it. Crunchy cucumber and snappy cashewnuts make a wonderful combination and it is mixed in with coriander, lemon juice, soya sauce, sugar and chilli for a hot-sweet flavour. Roast the cashews before using them in the sala ....
Mushroom Barley Soup Recipe , Healthy Vegan Soup
Recipe# 33962
01 Feb 21

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If you are watching what you eat then the mushroom and barley soup is ideal. Couple it with whole wheat toast and you have a nutrient-packed, fibre -dense healthy vegan meal ready! Lemon juice and ground pe ....
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