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Last Updated : Jul 04,2024

झटपट भारतीय प्रेशर कुकर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick Pressure Cooker recipes in Hindi)
ઝટ-પટ બનતી પ્રેશર કૂકર રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick Pressure Cooker recipes in Gujarati)

Quick Indian Pressure Cooker Recipes, Veg Pressure Cooker Recipes

Quick Indian Pressure Cooker Recipes, Veg Pressure Cooker recipes. A pressure cooker is a fixed pot, with a ton of steam inside, develops high pressure, which enables ingredients to cook quicker. The Indian housewife feels crippled without a pressure cooker. Indian families migrating to different nations incorporate the pressure cooker as the most important need on the packing list! 

 Pressure Cooker Veg Pulao, Veg Pulao in Pressure CookerPressure Cooker Veg Pulao, Veg Pulao in Pressure Cooker

 Sai Bhaji ( Pressure Cooker)

Sai Bhaji ( Pressure Cooker)

Pressure cookers force liquid into food, helping it cook faster and allowing your cooks to quickly tenderize tough foods. The pressure cooker is highly efficient — it uses far less energy than many other appliances, since it cooks so quickly.

Quick Pressure Cooker Indian Rice Recipes 

Pressure cooker is used in every Indian household on day to day basis and rice is one common dish prepared in every Indian house.

An elaborate yet easy khichdi that makes a wholesome and delicious meal, the toor dal khichdi is made of toor dal and rice combined with not just whole spices but also onions, garlic and tomatoes. This imparts a tangy twist to the dal khichdi making it holistic in terms of taste too.

When you don’t have time to prepare a Kadhi, you can just serve toor dal khichdi with curds and papad like Fried papadRoasted papadFried Khichiya PapadRoasted Khichiya PapadInstant Whole Wheat Masala Papad or Papad ki Churi and there you have a sumptuous dinner on the table!

 Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi

Quick and easy but enchanting, the matar pulao is a timeless classic of North Indian cuisine. The rich taste of ghee and the mind-blowing aroma of whole spices makes this dish of matar pulao a really mouth-watering one, so good that you can just have it plain without any accompaniments.

This green pea pulao is super quick and easy to make as we have made it in a pressure cooker and hence called matar pulao in pressure cooker. This is a one-pot meal dish, it is a go to matar pulao recipe for long lazy and tiring days! Have green pea pulao along with dal, kadhi or any raita, trust me its tummy filling. Also, you can add fried potato or paneer pieces to make it even tastier!!

Matar Pulao, Green Pea PulaoMatar Pulao, Green Pea Pulao

Quick Pressure Cooker Indian Sabzi Recipes

Pressure cooker is use to make many Indian curry’s. Many Indian women make use of pressure cooker to cook things as the process is quick and time saving.

Oondhiya is a classic Gujarati vegetable from the city of Surat and hence also called Surti undhiyu. Oondhiya is a preparation of vegetables and fenugreek muthias cooked in an aromatic blend of spices. A traditional undhiyu recipe requires hours on end to make. Here, we have presented a faster version using a pressure cooker that also uses less oil.

undhiyu recipe | Surti undhiyu | Oondhiya | authentic Gujarati undhiyu |undhiyu recipe | Surti undhiyu | Oondhiya | authentic Gujarati undhiyu |

Tiring day at work and looking for a quick tasty gravy recipe for dinner? Aloo mutter curry is one of the best options and really very easy to make. My mother taught me this Punjabi aloo matar recipe when i was going to university for studies as it is quick and easy to make. If you are a beginner you can never go wrong with this Aloo mutter recipe and this recipe is made using basic ingredients which would definitely be available in Indian kitchens.

 Aloo Mutter, Aloo Matar Pressure Cooker

Aloo Mutter, Aloo Matar Pressure Cooker

Quick Pressure Cooker Indian Dal Recipes

Maa Ki Dal, flavoured with tangy tomatoes, curds and cream- it’s a rich feeling you can enjoy. Ensure that the beans and dal are soaked well overnight.

We have made this Maa Ki Dal in a pressure cooker and this pressure cooker Maa ki Daal is very popular as it saves loads of time for the busy housewives. The taste of pressure cooker Maa ki Daal is not compromised as it tastes the same as the traditional restaurant style Maa Ki Dal which is simmered all night long to get the unique flavour.

maa ki dal recipe | pressure cooker maa ki dal | Punjabi kali dal | black gram dal |

maa ki dal recipe | pressure cooker maa ki dal | Punjabi kali dal | black gram dal |

This Spicy Yellow Moong Dal is so tasty you will want to make it every day, and you can – because it is so simple and easy-to-make. Unlike traditional methods of making dal with a ghee-loaded tempering, this healthy moong dal is made without any oil and yet tastes the same.

Moong Dal is a storehouse of nutrients like proteiniron and folic acid, so you can relish this dal without any guilt of putting on extra kilos and with the satisfaction of providing your body machinery with required nutrients. This Indian moong dal for weight loss is a wise choice for diabetics and heart patients too!

spicy yellow moong dal recipe | healthy moong dal | Indian moong dal for weight loss |spicy yellow moong dal recipe | healthy moong dal | Indian moong dal for weight loss |

Quick Pressure Cookier Indian Snack Recipes

When your kids get back home from school or from an recreational activity class and would be super hungry, you can make use to pressure cooker to make quick snacks for them and as the process of cooking in pressure cooker is quick, they wouldn’t have to wait too long.

30 minutes easy pav bhaji is an all time favourite recipe. Mumbai’s all-time favourite street food - 30 minutes easy pav bhaji is now so much easier to prepare, with our handy kitchen helper – the pressure cooker! Temper, sauté, pressure cook, that’s all there is to preparing a delicious bhaji to accompany fresh, butter-toasted pav buns.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

Quick Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes

Soups are easiest thing you can cook in pressure cooker. My aunt would make soup for her toddler in pressure cooker which would save her time as well.

If you and your family want to have something light for evening, you can make soups which are healthy, quick and easy to make. Soups like drumstick soup are perfect. This fabulous drumstick soup recipe with the strong aroma and flavour of drumstick, is surprisingly easy to make because it bypasses the cumbersome process of peeling the drumstick. In this innovative procedure, the drumstick is sautéed in butter along with the other ingredients, cooked, blended and then strained, so the saijan ki phalli soup benefits from the its strong essence without going through the long peeling process.

Half a cup of milk helps to balance the overwhelming flavour of the veg drumstick soup and to improve its texture too, while a dash of pepper acts as the classic and final stroke in this masterpiece.

drumstick soup recipe | veg drumstick soup | saijan ki phalli soup | healthy drumstick soupdrumstick soup recipe | veg drumstick soup | saijan ki phalli soup | healthy drumstick soup

Barley is a cereal that is easily available in India. It is a great source of proteiniron and fibre and tastes good too, if cooked with flavourful ingredients as we have done in this delicious healthy barley soup. The combination of masoor dal along with barley i.e. a pulse with a cereal makes this vegetable barley soup a complete source of protein, which is otherwise lacking in a vegetarian diet.

vegetable barley soup recipe | Indian style barley soup | healthy barley soup |vegetable barley soup recipe | Indian style barley soup | healthy barley soup |

Quick Pressure Cooker Recipe For Baby and Toddlers

You can use pressure cooker to make food for your toddlers. Pressure cooker cooking is really helpful to working and busy mom’s as they can quickly make porridge, khichdi or soups for their toddlers and rush back to work.

This Palak Paneer Rice for Babies is a delicacy that appeals to most toddlers because of its bright green colour. Kids who are 1 year and above also love the soft, chewy texture of paneer, which makes it doubly delightful. 

Spinach in this Spinach and Paneer Pulao provides much-needed folic acid for your growing baby while paneer is a good source of calcium and protein. Serve this satiating Palak Paneer Rice for Babies and Toddlers with a cup of fresh curds, to make a delicious meal for lunch or dinner.

Palak Paneer Rice for Babies and ToddlerPalak Paneer Rice for Babies and Toddler

Dal and Vegetable Mash is a simple, easy to eat weaning food for babies above 8 months who are already accustomed to strained liquids and dals. Learn how to make dal mash for babies at home in a step by step manner. We have shared a simple recipe of Dal and Vegetable Mash for Babies. You can substitute the yellow moong dal with green moong dal or masoor dal and carrots and French Beans with green peas.

dal and vegetable mash recipe for babies | dal and vegetable puree for babies | healthy dal mash for babies | how to make dal mash for babies at home |

dal and vegetable mash recipe for babies | dal and vegetable puree for babies | healthy dal mash for babies | how to make dal mash for babies at home |

Enjoy our Quick Indian Pressure Cooker Recipes and other quick recipe articles below.

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Recipe# 22784
15 Jul 23

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Maa Ki Dal
Recipe# 33369
01 Jun 23

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Oats Vegetable Khichdi, Healthy Oats Khichdi for Weight Loss
Recipe# 22327
02 Aug 23

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Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Homemade Tomato Ketchup
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09 May 23

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Pressure Cooker Naan Without Tandoor Oven
Recipe# 226
23 Dec 22

 by Tarla Dalal
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Dal Khichdi
Recipe# 39570
30 May 23

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khichdi recipe | dal khichdi | toor dal khichdi | how to make dal khichdi | with 31 amazing images An elaborate yet easy khichdi that makes a wholesome and delici ....
Masala Bhaat, Maharashtrian Masala Bhaat Health Recipe
Recipe# 3581
14 Nov 22

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Dal Dhokli ( Gujarati Recipe)
Recipe# 578
19 Mar 20

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traditional Gujarati dal dhokli recipe | dal dhokli | with 48 step by step amazing images. Dal dhokli is a Sunday morning delight in most traditional Gujarati households! A perfect combination of spiced whole wheat ....
Masoor Dal Tadka
Recipe# 40586
04 Jul 24

 by Tarla Dalal
masoor dal tadka recipe | masoor dal fry | kali masoor dal tadka | Here is something you can prepare on any day, to enjoy the satiating wholesomeness of home-cooked meals! This Masoor Dal is prepared using common spi ....
Dal Fry
Recipe# 1965
12 Mar 22

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
dal fry | Punjabi dal fry | dhaba style dal fry | Indian dal curry soup | with amazing 26 images. dal fry recipe is a popular Punjabi dal fry ....
Stuffed Potato Dal Dhokli
Recipe# 41249
31 Jul 21

by Tarla Dalal
Dal Dhokli is an all-time favourite dish made in Maharashtra and Gujarat, in which strips of wheat flour dough are cooked in a tongue-tickling dal. In this exciting variant of the popular dish, the wheat flour dough is flattened and stuffed with a spicy and succulent potato mixture and then adde ....
Chole, Punjabi Chole Masala, Chole Recipe
Recipe# 2824
10 Oct 20

 by Tarla Dalal
chole recipe | Punjabi chole | roadside chole | Punjabi chana masala | with 18 amazing images. chole is a very popular roadside chole chaat
Dal Chenchki
Recipe# 41362
28 Nov 22

 by Tarla Dalal
dal chenchki recipe | Bengali dal chenchki | healthy dal recipe | with 32 amazing images. A very interesting way of preparing dal, learnt from the Bengalis, the dal chenchki has a really mo ....
Sai Bhaji (  Pressure Cooker)
Recipe# 33350
17 May 21

by Tarla Dalal
sai bhaji pressure cooker recipe | Sindhi sai bhaji | saibhaji | Indian style healthy sai bhaji | with 28 amazing images. sai bhaji pressure cooker recipe |
Panha, Aam Panna, Kairi Panha
Recipe# 4236
18 Apr 22

by Tarla Dalal
aam panna recipe | kairi panha | mango panna drink | cool summer drink for sunstroke | with step by step images. aam panna is a refreshing drink which rejuvenates ....
Lapsi, Pressure- Cooked Broken Wheat Dessert Recipe
Recipe# 33374
12 Mar 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
fada lapsi in pressure cooker recipe | pressure cooker lapsi | how to cook lapsi in pressure cooker | Gujarati fada lapsi in pressure cooker | with 16 amazing images. fa ....
Paneer Pulao, Quick Paneer Pulao Recipe
Recipe# 1747
21 Jul 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
paneer pulao recipe | paneer rice | quick paneer pulao in a pressure cooker | with 15 amazing images. To make the paneer rice recipe in a pressure cooker , take a pressure cooker. Put the o ....
Masoor Dal and Palak Khichdi
Recipe# 39569
06 Jul 21

by Tarla Dalal
masoor dal and palak khichdi recipe | masoor dal khichdi | split red lentil khichdi | with 32 amazing images. masoor dal and palak khichdi recipe | masoor dal khichdi< ....
Hariyali Dal (  Cooking with 1 Teaspoon Oil)
Recipe# 3573
29 Aug 20

 by Tarla Dalal
hariyali dal recipe | hariyali dal tadka | low calorie hariyali dal | daal hariyali | spinach chana dal | hariyali dal is a simple ever ....
Broccoli Bajra Salad, Whole Bajra Indian Snack
Recipe# 39662
04 Nov 22

 by Tarla Dalal
broccoli bajra salad recipe | healthy whole bajra snack | fibre rich Indian snack for weight loss | with 33 amazing images. broccoli bajra salad recipe | healthy whole b ....
Pressure Cooker Rava Cake, Eggless Sooji Cake Recipe
Recipe# 41325
29 Jun 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
Here is a spongy rava based cake with the crunch of nuts and an aesthetic touch of cardamom. The best part about the cake is that it is made easily in a pressure cooker, and does not require an oven. Curds and milk combine to give this Pressure Cooker Rava Cake its rich flavour and texture w ....
Peanut Chaat, Evening Snack
Recipe# 42151
13 Apr 23

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
peanut chaat recipe | Indian peanut chaat with tomatoes, onions | healthy peanut chaat | boiled peanut chaat | with amazing 25 images. peanut chaat recipe adds mo ....
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Recipe# 1344
20 May 22

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
mixed vegetable soup recipe |mix veg soup | vegetable soup restaurant style | with 29 amazing images. easy healthy mixed vegetable soup is a simple yet delectable soup which can be enjoyed ....
Hyderabadi Veg Haleem
Recipe# 41540
07 Mar 24

 by Tarla Dalal
Hyderabadi Haleem is a one-dish meal , which has gained international acclaim. In Hyderabad, the dish is an indispensable part of celebrity events like weddings, and is consumed especially during Iftaar, the evening meal following the day-long f ....
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