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मनोरंजन के लिए पौष्टिक नाश्ते रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Healthy Snacks Entertaining Ideas recipes in Hindi)
મનોરંજન માટેના નાસ્તા વાનગીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Healthy Snacks Entertaining Ideas recipes in Gujarati)

Healthy Snacks entertaining ideas, Indian snacks for entertaining

We all look for something delicious to eat at parties or even at small get-togethers with friends, but often only unhealthy options come to our mind. The nutritious and exotic snack options in this section offer a healthy snack approach to entertaining your guests. These recipes are designed to be served at parties, and take into consideration factors like taste, aroma, attractiveness and elegance.

Jowar Upma

Jowar Upma

Helathy Paneer snacks ideas for entertaining 

Well, paneer is one of the healthiest ingredient that you can think for making nutritious  snacks. It abounds in protein which is absolutely necessary to maintain the health of each and every cell of our body. It thus works towards building health of immune cells too and aids in building a healthy immune system. 

For paneer snack ideas you could try it in the form of cubes to create tempting snacks like Hara Tava Paneer or Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll.

Hara Tava Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe )

Hara Tava Paneer ( Healthy Starter Recipe )

Alternatively paneer can be crumbled to make calcium rich stuffing as done in the recipe of Paneer and Spring Onion Wrap. This would serve as a satiating snack at parties. And for pick-me-up snack options, you can crumble paneer and use it as a binding agent to make a truly flavourful tikki – Moong Dal and Paneer Tikki.

Moong Dal and Paneer Tikki (low Calorie Snack)

Moong Dal and Paneer Tikki (low Calorie Snack)

Given a thought, it's always a good idea to have one paneer snack in your entertaining option as paneer is easy to source from the local market at any time. Moreover its bland taste dwells very well with any kind of spices or masalas you add. So go ahead and explore the world of paneer snacks for your guests. 

Healthy Tikki Ideas for Entertaing 

Indians love their Tikkis and Kebabs for daily snacks as well as entertaining. Famous in the north of India, these days tikkis hold a place in every menu. And in reality, there is a lot you can explore too! The only concern in their method of cooking, which is deep-frying. This adds in unnecessary calories and fats to our meals. Here we have shared a few healthy tikki options, which have been cooked on tava with minimal oil. These recipes will facilitate you overcome the notion that tikkis taste god only when they are fried. 

Vegetable Shikampuri Kebab

Vegetable Shikampuri Kebab

No fried Aloo Tikki, but instead try Sprouts Tikki,  Spinach Chana Kebab and Moong Dal Paneer Tikki. These tikki have healthy ingredients like oats, moong dal, paneer which will keep you fuller for a longer time as they have fiber and good fat. 

Sprouts Tikki, Healthy- Starter Sprouts Tikki Recipe

Sprouts Tikki, Healthy- Starter Sprouts Tikki Recipe

Healthy Snacks with Bread for Entertaining 

When kids are around in a party, you got to have some toast or sandwich on the menu. Well, it’s a fact that bread excites kids the most. But as a host you need to make some healthy options for those little blooming buds too. 

Firstly what you should buy is whole wheat bread or a more better option is to invest into multigrain bread. If you have time on hand the previous day, you can make Whole Wheat Bread or Multigrain Bread in your own kitchen. Secondly ensure to add loads of veggies along with a host of flavourful spices, fresh herbs and colours. Rajma and Paneer Sandwich is a filling protein rich snack which kids are sure to enjoy. 

As an open toast option, you can try Mixed Sprouts on Open Toast. Creatively cut the whole wheat bread or multigrain bread into roundels and top with nutria-dense sprouts and colourful veggies. The kids will be happy to enjoy this tit-bit snack, while their mothers have the satisfaction of avoiding that so-called ‘junk food’ for them. 

Mixed Sprouts Open ToastMixed Sprouts Open Toast

Pizzas are equally enjoyed by kids, you will agree this. One nourishing fare in this category is Paneer and Pesto Mini Pizza. Do try this eye appealing snack for your upcoming party, especially if you have too many kids in the room. 

Paneer and Pesto Mini Pizza

Paneer and Pesto Mini Pizza

Healthy Steamed Snack Ideas for Entertaining

If you have hosted a party often, you will realize that there are always a list of guests who would not pick any snack other than steamed ones. These guests want to stay steer off unhealthy fat almost completely and love healthy steamed snacks. Now you don’t need to ponder with regards to what to cook for them?

If they have a liking for Indian taste, then serve Sprouts Dhokla and if they are more tuned towards international flavours, then Healthy Momos and Vegetarian Sushi with Wasabi Sauce will surely not fail to please them. 

Sprouts Dhokla

Sprouts Dhokla

Healthy Dhokla Ideas for Enteraining

Instead of serving rice based Dhokla's for entertaining, make Moong Dal Dhokla's or Khaman Dhokla which is rich in besan

Dhokla Simla Mirch

Dhokla Simla Mirch

Healthy Toast Ideas for Entertaing 

When kids are around, get some toast made. Make sure you have whole wheat bread at home or multigrain bread and make Carrot Paneer ToastCelery Garlic ToastPaneer Cucumber Dill toast.

Paneer, Cucumber and Dill Toast

Paneer, Cucumber and Dill Toast

From steamed dhoklas and idlis to pancakes and toasts, these recipe ideas will surely steal the hearts of your guests. 

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Tava Alasanda Vada, Healthy Non Fried Vada
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14 Apr 23

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Phudina Aloo (100 Calorie Snacks)
Recipe# 32591
19 Oct 20

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Suggested serving size for 100 calories: 1 serving simple, tasty and nutritive – this chaat loaded with the green goodness of coriander and mint leaves is low in calories but high in vitamin a and iron.
Stir Fry Whole Wheat Noodles with Paneer and Bean Sprouts
Recipe# 33224
16 Oct 20

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Noodles just got healthier than you ever imagined! This lip-smacking treat combines whole wheat noodles with a basketful of healthy ingredients like veggies, paneer and bean sprouts. With garlic, onions and black pepper, the Stir-Fry Whole Wheat Noodles with Paneer and Bean Sprouts is amazingl ....
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Moong Dal Ki Chaat (100 Calorie Snacks)
Recipe# 32449
12 May 22

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13 Feb 24

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Mini Low-cal Pita Pockets  ( Healthy Starter Recipe )
Recipe# 35015
04 Apr 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Pockets of joy to pep up your parties! pita bread made with whole wheat flour and filled with chickpeas patties are teamed up with healthy bread mayonnaise and veggies for a wholesome, low-cal experience. While regular pita pockets contain approximately 250 calories, these contain only 123 each.
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