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Post Surgery Full Fluid Diet recipes

Last Updated : Feb 07,2024

परिपूर्ण तरल आहार | पोस्ट सर्जरी पूर्ण तरल भारतीय - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Post Surgery Full Fluid Diet recipes in Hindi)
ફુલ ફ્લુઇડ ડાયેટ રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Post Surgery Full Fluid Diet recipes in Gujarati)

Full Fluid Diet | post surgery full liquid Indian recipes |

Full Fluid Diet | post surgery full liquid Indian recipes | A full liquid diet bridges the gap between the clear liquid and soft diet. This is suggested post-operative after a clear liquid diet or when milk is allowed but patient is not yet ready for semi-solid foods. This is also apt for patients who have problems with chewing or swallowing or are opting for tooth surgery.

This diet consists of foods which are liquids or which readily become liquid on reaching the stomach. It includes foods allowed in clear liquid diet plus milk and no fiber to very small amounts of fiber, protein and fat. This is to rest the digestive system.

You need to have at least 6 to 8 such meals in a day. This diet can be given at an interval of 2 to 4 hours. It gives around 1000 to 1200 calories and 30 to 35 gm of protein. However these diets do not suffice all your nutrient needs and hence are not advisable for extended period.

List of full liquid Indian diet post surgery allowed

Water – Water is one of the key nutrients. It is needed to maintain the water balance of the body. You need to consume at least 10 glasses of water in a day. This can also include plain coconut water (without malai) or in the form of Coconut Drink and Honeydew and Tender Coconut Water. Ensure to use a very good quality blender so no chunks remain behind. You get a smooth chunk-free drink.

 Coconut Drink

 Coconut Drink

Cooked Thin Dals – Plain thin dals without any ‘tadka’ or tempering are the bests suited in a Full Fluid Diet. A simple Masoor Dal water with salt will help you make up for some protein needs. You can also try Strained Toovar Dal Water.

Masoor Dal WaterMasoor Dal Water

Gruels and Porridge – Simple porridge with a thick liquidy to gooey textures can be included. Try Jowar Porridge. Remember there should be no pieces of food which can hurt your teeth or may be difficult to digest. Adjust the consistency to slightly liquidy to suit a Full Fluid Diet.

 Jowar Porridge for Babies

 Jowar Porridge

Cooked Barley Water -  This is one the best foods to make up for your energy needs of the day. You don’t need a completely strained barley water like clear fluid diet any more. Pressure cook the barley with little salt, blend it, strain it if necessary and serve. Learn how to make Barley Water for Full Fluid Diet.

 How To Make Barley Water for Babies ( Above 6 Months)

 How To Make Barley Water for Babies ( Above 6 Months)

Milk, Milkshakes and Smoothies – Milk either in plain form or in the form of milkshakes has been added to the list now. While you can add sugar, try and restrict or use it in small quantities. We suggest fruit based milkshakes like Banana Milkshake or Papaya Smoothie.

 Banana Milkshake

 Banana Milkshake

Curd – A bowl of plain curd is the most soothing to the stomach due to its probiotic nature. It is very easy to set dahi at home. Learn how to make Curd. If mangoes are in season, try Mango Yogurt. Fruit flavoured yogurts are allowed but they should be well blended with no fiber remaining behind.
 Healthy Mango YoghurtHealthy Mango Yoghurt

Lassi – Thick luscious Indian lassi are truly satiating. When a full meal is not allowed in Full Fluid Diet, this is a real pleasing drink. You can have Sweet Lassi or Salted Lassi.

Salted LassiSalted Lassi

Strained Fruit Juices (without pulp) – Juices are loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially sodium and potassium which help are needed to maintain the sodium-potassium balance in the body. Straining is recommended to avoid the fiber intake which can be irritating to the digestive tract. Strained Sweet Lime Juice and Strained Orange Juice are the most preferred during recovery stage.

 Strained Sweet Lime Juice, Clear Liquid Recipe

 Strained Sweet Lime Juice, Clear Liquid Recipe

Strained Vegetable Juices (without pulp) – When you think of vegetable juice, the most taste friendly recipes are Homemade Strained Tomato Juice (without any seed) and Homemade Strained Carrot Juice. Filled with vitamin A and C, these juices help build your immune system and aid in quick recovery. These are suited in clear liquid to full fluid diets.

 Homemade Strained Tomato Juice

 Homemade Strained Tomato Juice

• Vegetable Soups – Plain blended vegetable soups and broths are a part of Full Fluid Diet. No chunky soups or clear soups with chopped vegetables. Simple Broccoli Soup and Garlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup are wise choices.

 Garlicky Lentil and Tomato SoupGarlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup

Cooked and Pureed Fruits – Pureed Fruits which are not soft but have been sufficiently thinned down are allowed. You can serve a Papaya Puree but with slightly more thinned down consistenvy. For that blend the papaya in a high quality mixer with little water. Ensure that no fibrous part remains behind.

 Papaya Puree for Babies

 Papaya Puree for Babies

Eggs (only in beverage form) – Eggs can be blended into a smoothie and consumed. Carrot Tomato and Egg Smoothie is a classic example of this. A very high quality blender is highly suggested for this recipe.

Tea and Coffee – Tea and coffee are allowed, but we would suggest that you restrict its consumption due to the presence of caffeine in it. Here’s how you can make Perfect Homemade Tea and Instant Coffee.

 Coffee, Instant Coffee Coffee, Instant Coffee

• Ice-creams – Creamy Ice-creams are allowed but not suit all ailments and patients. Try Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream. Hence, these are strictly added to your meals only under your doctor’s and dietitian’s supervision.  

 Rich Vanilla Ice-cream

 Quick Vanilla Ice- Cream

• Small amounts of oil, ghee and butter – Use them very sparingly.

List of Foods Not Allowed in Full Fluid Diet

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Soft mashed foods like Mashed Potatoes
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Whole cooked grain and pulses
  • Bread
  • Rice and pasta
  • Rotis and Parathas
  • Cooked Sabzis
  • Chunky Soups
  • Chips and fried snacks
  • Cakes and muffins
  • Popcorn
  • Whole eggs
  • All other solid foods      

Full Fluid Diet

Food not allowed in full Fluid Diet

P.S. This is also a general Full Fluid Diet. Depending on the surgery, certain foods may be allowed and not allowed. For eg, acidic foods are usually not suggested in gastric surgery.

Similarly, kidney surgery may further have some water intake restriction. So we recommend, you follow such diets under your doctor’s and dietitian’s supervision.

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Recipe# 42301
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