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Last Updated : Jul 13,2023

फ्रेन्च व्यंजन - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (French style Indian recipes in Hindi)
ફ્રેન્ચ વ્યંજન - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (French style Indian recipes in Gujarati)

Indian style French recipes | vegetarian French recipes |

Indian style French recipes | vegetarian French recipes | French style Indian recipes |  We present you some basic French recipes which we have cooked in India and adapted them to ingredients locally available. See our veg French baked dishes, veg French soups to French bread recipes.

Indian Style French Baked dishes

Bakes dishes are very popular in French cuisine. Fresh vegetables with creamy white sauce, topped with cheese, or potatoes layered with creamy sauce, Casseroles and much more, French cuisine has a large collection of simple and complex baked dishes with clean flavors.

Oats and Vegetable Au Gratin Fresh vegetables, layered with creamy white sauce and topped with cheese! This is all that Vegetable Aur Gratin is about, clean flavors from the vegetables and creaminess from cheese.

It is very easy to make this dish at home with local ingredients which are easily available in the pantry. Oats and Vegetable Au Gratin can be made even more tasty by adding dry or fresh herbs which are now easily available at vegetable markets and supermarkets in dry and fresh form.

 Oats and Vegetable Au Gratin Oats and Vegetable Au Gratin

Gratin Dauphinoise Another French classic baked dish, from South-eastern region of France. This humble dish is made with two major ingredients, potatoes and cream. Potatoes are topped with cream and cheese and is seasoned with dry herbs and chilli flakes. Topped with cheese this dish is baked to perfection and served hot as a side with meal.

 Gratin Dauphinoise, French Baked Potatoes and Cream Recipe Gratin Dauphinoise, French Baked Potatoes and Cream Recipe

French Casserole  A one pot meal fit for a family dinner eve! This baked dish is loved by everyone and stands as one of the most important dishes during family get togethers and festivals. Our version of a French Casserole includes a combination of creamy rice and tomato gravy topped with cheese. This dish is layered and baked until the cheese melts through and forms a lovely golden crust.

French CasseroleFrench Casserole

Cheese Soufflé Baked in ramekins Soufflés originate in France and find their way from 18th century till now. A simple dish made with eggs, flour and flavorings. Soufflé can be both savoury and sweet, our version is a popular savoury Soufflé. Cheese souffle is adored around the world for its beautiful mild cheesy taste and warm mouthfeel. Cheese Soufflé is served warm, it is served as a main. If Soufflé is sweet it can also be served as a dessert.

Cheese SouffleCheese Souffle

Spinach and Corn Quiche Spinach and corn are made for each other, and with cheese and white sauce this is a match made in heaven. Spinach and corn quiche is a classic main, made with short crust pastry base and filled with savory spinach and corn filling. Quiche can also be made with a variety of other fillings like Spinach and cottage cheese quiche or Vegetable quiche.

Spinach and Corn QuicheSpinach and Corn Quiche

Indian Style French Soups

Soups are a part of the 4 course or 7 course meal served in fine dining restaurants in France and a hold a very important place. Soups also called as ‘Soupe’ in french is served to stimulate hunger and get you ready for the next course.

In Indian homes we can twist these classic French soups and serve them as a main course with some croutons or toasted bread.

Onion and Thyme soup  Onion soup is the most loved soup in France. This is our variation of the classic French soup which can be easily made at home with ingredients easily sourceable. Made with vegetable stock, onion, spring onion greens and thyme. Served hot with fresh toasted bread this is a perfect comfort food.

onion thyme soup recipe | onion soup | healthy onion thyme soup | low calorie French style onion soup | onion thyme soup recipe | onion soup | healthy onion thyme soup | low calorie French style onion soup |

French Onion Soup  The classic never goes out of fashion, French onion soup is one of them. Made with a handful ingredients this is the most delicious soup people love to savour. Onions cooked in butter until caramelized and finished with stock and croutons, this is the most simplest to make and serve and the most honoured too in French cuisine.

French Onion Soup, Vegetarian French Onion SoupFrench Onion Soup, Vegetarian French Onion Soup

Corn Chowder  Chowder is a variety of soups which is chunky in nature as compared to other soups. Corn chowder is one of the favourite soups eaten by people all around the world. A simple dish made with corn kernels, onion, generous amount of butter and celery. Corn chowder has a sweet and earthy taste and is served as a main course. This soup bowl is a comfort food for many.!

 Corn Chowder Soup ( Quick Soup ) Corn Chowder Soup ( Quick Soup )

Potage Darblay Potage Darblay or French onion and potato soup is another variation in the soup family. The word Potage Darblay is a thick soup made with potatoes and onions and flavored with butter, milk and cream. A simple soup that is quick to make and soothes the soul, Potage Darblay is worth a try on tiring days and long working hours.

 Potage Darblay, French Potato Onion Soup Potage Darblay, French Potato Onion Soup

Indian Style French Breads

French cuisine is known for their perfectly baked breads. From Baguettes to Croissants, French breads and bakery products are renowned worldwide and form the base for all bakery products. It is easy to bake these beautiful breads at home with our local ingredients too. We have many recipes of classic French breads which are super easy to make at home.

Baguette Crisp crust and soft centre, baguette is the most popular bread around the world! Making this bread is an art that french bakers have mastered over time. To make a perfect Baguette needs years of practice and patience, we have simplified this recipe for you so you can enjoy this bread freshly baked from your home oven. This bread is used to make variety of dishes like Roasted garlic crostini, Cheesy garlic pull apart bread, Ricotta and basil crostini and more. Baguette can also be toasted and served along with your favorite soup.

French baguette recipe | homemade French bread | classic baguette | how to make easy French Baguette at home | French baguette recipe | homemade French bread | classic baguette | how to make easy French Baguette at home |

Cinnamon French Toast French toast also known as eggy bread is a popular breakfast around the world. Easy to make and remarkable in taste, this dish is loved by many! This is recipe is as simple as it gets, bread is soaked into a mixture of egg, cinnamon and milk, pan fried with butter and served warm. You can also drizzle maple syrup or honey for extra sweetness and serve with some fresh cut fruits and berries. French toast can also be made eggless by replacing the egg with cream.

Cinnamon French ToastCinnamon French Toast

Brioche Loaf Brioche is a classic French bread made with lots of butter and milk. This bread is known for its beautiful yellow crumb and rich mouthfeel. Traditionally it is baked in a muffin shape, but you can also bake it as a loaf the way we have done. This bread is best served with a marmalade and a cup of coffee, an ideal breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning!

Brioche Loaf, French Brioche LoafBrioche Loaf, French Brioche Loaf

Bread rolls Bread rolls or Dinner rolls are an essential in French cuisine. It resembles Indian flat bread or Roti in our meals. This bread is easy to make and bake at home and is perfect to serve along with a continental or French meal. They can also be used as burger buns and can be stuffed with vegetables to make a perfect sandwich.

Bread Rolls Bread Rolls

Indian Style French Desserts

French desserts are simple yet complex, with different textures and flavours these desserts are considered an epitome of elegance worldwide. From simple Crème Brulee to complex entrements, French desserts drives the pastry world even today.

Crème Brulee The most classic of all classic desserts, Crème Brulee is indeed the simplest yet the most satisfying dessert. Made with egg yolks, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla essence it is a baked custard that is served with a layer of caramel. The mark of a perfect Crème Brulee is the crack of the caramel and the creamy custard below it. Crème Brulee is served cold, and every bite is a heavenly experience.

Crème BruléeCrème Brulée

Chocolate Éclair Chocolate Éclair are made with Choux pastry which literally translated to cabbage in French. Choux pastry gets its name from Cream puffs which resemble the shape of a cabbage. Chocolate Éclair belongs to the Choux pastry family. An airy, crispy pastry which is filled with custard and dunked in chocolate to give you a texture contrast in your mouth. This is one of the most popular dessert and is found in every bakery in France. Choux pastry is also used to make Profitroles, Paris Brest and much more.

Chocolate Eclairs, French PastryChocolate Eclairs, French Pastry

French Apple Tart French apple tart is made with a short crust pasrty base and filled with an apple filling made with apples, sugar and cinnamon. This tart is characterized by its crumbly base and sweet filling. French Apple Tart is not very sweet, it has a sweet and sour taste from the apples and a little spice from the cinnamon, so you can serve yourself another piece. It is best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if desired.

 French Apple Tart French Apple Tart

Crepe Suzette Crepe Suzette is another classic French dessert served with a warm orange sauce. Crepes are thin pancakes made with plain flour, milk and a little salt, they essentially do not have any added flavour so the absorb any flavour they are topped with. The orange sauce is made by adding a dash of Brandy or is flambèd with brandy and served warm. You can garnish Crepe Suzette with fresh fruits and icing sugar.

Crepes Suzette, Butter Flavoured Orange PancakesCrepes Suzette, Butter Flavoured Orange Pancakes

Happy Cooking!

Enjoy our Indian style French recipes | vegetarian French recipes |  and  other French Recipe articles below.

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