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Low Glycemic Veg Lunch recipes

Last Updated : Mar 15,2024

कम ग्लाइसेमिक शाकाहारी दोपहर के भोजन की - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Low Glycemic Veg Lunch recipes in Hindi)
લો ગ્લાયસેમિક વેજ લંચ રેસિપીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Low Glycemic Veg Lunch recipes in Gujarati)

Low Glycemic Veg Lunch, Indian Low GI lunch recipes

What Is Glycemic Index (GI) Of Food?

The glycemic index, invented in 1981 by David Jenkins and Thomas Wolever of the University of Toronto, is a system for classifying carbohydrate-rich foods, according to how fast they raise blood-glucose levels, compared to a standard food i.e. glucose, inside the body. In simple terms, a food with a lower glycemic value raises blood glucose slowly than a food which scores higher.

Glycemic Index Range

Zero to 55 – Low glycemic index foods (free foods / eat freely/ consume frequently).
56 to 69 – Medium glycemic index foods (foods to be restricted or consumed with low GI foods).
70 + – High glycemic index foods (preferably to be avoided).

Remember that the Glycemic Index is just one part of helping you make healthy food choices. But, other factors like the form (raw or cooked) in which the food is ingested; the fat, fibre and protein content of food as well the process of digestion also has an impact in the selection of foods.

When we think of lunch, we look upon it as the biggest meal of the day. But that doesn’t mean that we hoard on calories and fat. The idea is to make wise choices to have a multi-nutrient meal without much carb and unnecessary fat intake. Here low glycemic foods can show their magic, as they satiate you for long hours without piling on unnecessary calories. Below are some healthier low glycemic lunch food choices.

Low Glycemic Index Healthy Indian Soups

Soups are highly appetizing. Colourful veggies are the main highlight of soups. They not only have eye appeal, but the deeper the colour of the veggies, the more the nutrients and antioxidants in them. Choose fiber rich veggies like broccoli, lettuce, carrot, mushrooms, tomato etc. over high carb nveggies like potato and yam.

A simple Healthy Indian Tomato Soup is a great choice when you think of low glycemic index lunch. Begin your meal with it and you will feel highly rejuvenated. The glycemic index of tomato is less than 15, thus making it to low GI food. With 68 calories and 10 g of carb, you are all set for a healthy beginning.

 Healthy Indian Tomato Soup

 Healthy Indian Tomato Soup

A nourishing broth option which you can opt for is Garlic Vegetable Soup. Garlic is known to have many health benefits right from protecting the heart to anti-bacterial benefits. The veggies used in this recipe are all which have a low glycemic index. It is further thickened slightly with the use of small quantity of oats.

 Garlic Vegetable Soup ( Healthy Heart)

 Garlic Vegetable Soup ( Healthy Heart)

Another healthier option is Mushroom Barley Soup. What sets this soup apart is the unique combination of flavours: soothing barley and the delicately flavoured mushroom. The result is a wonderful soup bursting with flavours, albeit all mild. The use of vegetable stock makes it extremely pleasurable to sip on. Mushrooms are low in calories and glycemic index both. It also has little barley for added crunch.

Mushroom Barley Soup RecipeMushroom Barley Soup Recipe

Low Glycemic Index Healthy Indian Salads

Salads are healthy, tasty, awesomely attractive and will make you shine with good health. All you need to do is to combine the veggies you have in your refrigerator, sprinkle a little salt and lemon juice and your healthy salad bowl is ready to be enjoyed.

A classic example is Rocket Leaves Broccoli and Veg Work Salad. All the veggies like carrot, rocket leaves, broccoli, cucumber and zucchini used in this salad are low on glycemic index scale. And the dressing is just olive oil and lemon juice. This makes a perfect low calorie choice as a lunch meal. It’s light, filling, nutritious, and so convenient to pack in the morning.

 Rocket Leaves, Broccoli and Veg Work Healthy Salad

 Rocket Leaves, Broccoli and Veg Work Healthy Salad

Salads need not be looked upon as made with veggies only. Sprouts are also a wise choice for salads. Sprouted Moong Salad with 85 calories is an accompaniment or side dish with dinner or lunch. It’s a good source of several nutrients like B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. These sprouts are a protein boost.

 Sprouted Moong Salad
Sprouted Moong Salad

Fruits can equally be used to make interesting salads. Apple, the most commonly eaten fruit in very household, has here been transformed into Minty Apple Salad. It is so refreshing that even kids cannot deny reaching out for it. Apple not only keeps you full for long hours because of its low glycemic index and high fiber count, but it is also beneficial for those aiming for a trimmed waistline and those aiming to manage high sugar and cholesterol levels.

Minty Apple SaladMinty Apple Salad

Low Glycemic Index Healthy Indian Main Meal

Indian main meal or the staple diet is roti and sabzi.  To make a low glycemic meal the idea is to include more sabzi and less roti. This is because though certain whole grains and flours fall under medium to low glycemic index range, they have carbs. So if you aiming weight loss, do not go overboard on rotis.

Buckwheat has a glycemic index of 55, just borderline of low glycemic foods. It can be incorporated in the diet in the form of Suva Buckwheat Roti.

Suva Buckwheat Roti

Suva Buckwheat Roti

Oats Roti is another high fiber option to choose. Pair it with whole wheat flour instead of refined flour (maida) which is high on glycemic index scale. We suggest the use of peanut oil to cook these oats rotis, as the MUFA content in this oil helps to reduce inflammation in the arteries and thus protect the heart.

Oats Roti
Oats Roti

For healthy subzis, we have choices like Stir-Fried Bhindi with Peanuts. With 10 g of carbs and 4.2 g of fiber, you can definitely look forward to including it in your meal.

 Stir Fried Bhindi with Peanuts  Stir Fried Bhindi with Peanuts

Gavarfali ki Sukhi Subzi is yet another simple preparation of cluster beans cooked in a curd based gravy. Cluster beans is one such vegetable which helps to remove the unwanted toxins from our stomach and thus relives digestion related trouble - constipation. It also has the ability of guar to show hypercholesteremic effect is due to the presence of high fiber. They can safely be included in a diabetic meal too.

Gavarfali ki Sukhi Subzi Gavarfali ki Sukhi Subzi

Low Glycemic Index Healthy Indian Grilled Veggies

While the tradition of grilled veggies in Indian is not popular, we have some choices for you to try. The idea behind this is to choose low glycemic index ingredients and include them as a part of your meal. The highlight of this Grilled Broccoli recipe is the flavour-packed and colourful protein rich broccoli, which works effectively with lemon juice, pepper powder and olive oil. Try it!

Grilled Broccoli Recipe

Grilled Broccoli Recipe

Similarly, Grilled Zucchini brushed with olive oil, seasoned with pepper and crushed garlic and cooked on a griller pan is also a wise choice! A bowl of healthy soup with this grilled vegetable can make a nourishing low glycemic index meal.

Grilled Zucchini RecipeGrilled Zucchini Recipe

You can also try Roasted Bell Peppers as an acoompaniment to your main meal. It is a good source of fiber. While they can be added to any salad or sabzi, they can also be cooked alone as in the case of this healthy accompaniment. All you need to do is invest ina  good griller pan and you are set to enjoy this low calorie veggie grilled to perfection.

Roasted Bell Peppers, Healthy AccompanimentRoasted Bell Peppers


Enjoy our Low Veg Glycemic Index lunch Recipes, Indian Veg low GI lunch recipes and other glycemic index recipe articles below.

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