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Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki recipes

Last Updated : Feb 26,2024

टिक्की रेसिपी, टिक्की रेसिपीओ का संग्रह - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki recipes in Hindi)
ટિક્કી વાનગીઓ, ટિક્કી વાનગીઓ સંગ્રહ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki recipes in Gujarati)

Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki Recipes

Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki Recipes. Foodies are game for a tikki any time of the day! We’ve even seen people who have tikkis with their morning tea – are you one of them? Even if you aren’t such a die-hard fan, we are sure you love tikkis too, because everybody does. Served with peppy chutneys like Mint Chutney, Sweet Chutney, Green Chutney, ketchup or curd-based dips, tikkis are so popular and varied that they classify as a special category in Indian cooking. Originally popular in North and Western India, they are now enjoyed by Indians all over the world. It is now common to find Aloo Tikkis served even in small eateries in remote parts of the country!

Mint Chutney, Pudina ChutneyMint Chutney, Pudina Chutney

What are Tikkis? 

Tikkis are small round or oval-shaped snacks, usually around 2 or 3 inches in diameter. Normally, potatoes are mixed with other ingredients like herbs, spices, dals, sprouts and other veggies too. This dough-like mixture is then shaped and cooked. They can be deep-fried or shallow-fried. Nowadays, we also encounter healthy versions that are baked or tava-cooked. We also see health-conscious people going for ingredients like oats and nachni flour to bind their tikkis instead of mashed potatoes.

Aloo Tikki
Aloo Tikki

Healthy Tikkis

While most tikkis are potatoe based, we have innovated the basic tikkis to a healthier option. Potatoes have been substituted with oats in this Oats and Moong Dal tikki  to make a fibre and protein rich snack. 

Oats Moong Dal TikkiOats Moong Dal Tikki

Diabetic-friendly ingredients like chana dal and cabbage, flavoured elegantly with mint leaves and cumin seeds powder, make brilliant tikkis! The crispness of the Chana Dal and Cabbage Tikki brought about by the interplay of chana dal and curds is indeed remarkable, but must be had fresh off the tava to enjoy the perfect texture. Being cooked with minimal oil, these tikkis are light but still sumptuous enough to keep you going till the next meal.

Chana Dal and Cabbage TikkiChana Dal and Cabbage Tikki

Make the most of cauliflower greens to up your haemoglobin levels! Though not very commonly used, these greens are a very good source of iron and lend themselves to the preparation of very tasty dishes, such as this Cauliflower Greens Mixed Sprouts Tikki

Cauliflower Greens Mixed Sprouts TikkiCauliflower Greens Mixed Sprouts Tikki

Tava Fried Tikkis

Tava Fried Tikkis. Given a choice, kids will say nyaaaaah to broccoli, but they are a must-have because of their nutritional benefits in this Cheese and Broccoli Tikki! So, tempt them with these yummy tikkis made with a combination of broccoli and cheese. Use olive oil to cook these tikkis as it is rich in vitamin E.

Cheese and Broccoli Tikkis, Cheese Cutlet RecipeCheese and Broccoli Tikkis, Cheese Cutlet Recipe

Let’s give a healthy twist to the evergreen Aloo Tikki! Using sprouted moong increases the nutrient-value by at least 15 per cent, while coriander and mint give an aromatic spin to the tale. Serve these fibre-rich Sprouts Tikkis hot and crisp, as soon as you prepare them.

Sprouts Tikki, Healthy- Starter Sprouts Tikki RecipeSprouts Tikki, Healthy- Starter Sprouts Tikki Recipe

Deep Fried Tikkis

Deep Fried Tikkis are super tasty. Our corn and capsicum tikkis are a lesson in contrasts. While one is sweet, juicy and yellow, the other is spicy, crunchy and green. . Nobody can withhold the temptation to bite into one of these green chilli flavoured tikkis, which are oh-so-crisp outside and super soft inside.

Corn and Capsicum TikkiCorn and Capsicum Tikki

The use of cooked semolina as the base instead of potatoes brings about an exciting twist to the rava green pea tikki. Once cooked, the semolina dough is used just like mashed potatoes. It is packed with an exciting green peas stuffing and deep-fried till crisp. Since rava itself is known to impart an exciting crispness, you don’t even need a coating of bread crumbs for these tikkis. 

Rava Green Peas TikkiRava Green Peas Tikki

Aloo and methi are made for each other! Whether as a subzi or a tikki, the twosome is sure to win the hearts of all diners, young and old. In this particular Aloo Methi Tikki, the presence of methi is strongly felt as it is used in both fresh and dried forms. The tikki is further enhanced with common spice powders and effective ingredients like cumin seeds, ginger, onions, and so on. 

Shallow Fried Tikkis

Shallow Fried Tikkis. Paneer tikki is such a popular snack! this version is made even more irresistible with a rich dry fruit stuffing that complements the soft paneer very well. Fresh paneer together with chopped coriander and green chillies, rolled in flour and shallow- fried to perfection.

Broccoli and Paneer Tikki ( Healthy Starter)Broccoli and Paneer Tikki ( Healthy Starter)

Tikkis are popular street food in Delhi

The tikki is one of the most popular street foods in the Delhi region. As you pass by vendors selling tikkis, you can hear the sizzling sound of tikkis being shallow-fried with oil and ghee on large tavas. The tikkis can be enjoyed just like that, accompanied by some chutney, or they can be made into a chole tikki chaat,  topped with chole, curds, sev, chopped onions and tomatoes, seasoned with peppy spice powders, and garnished with coriander.

Chole Tikki ChaatChole Tikki Chaat

One of the most popular street foods, Aloo Tikki is an evergreen one too, loved by several generations of Indians. Hot and crisp aloo tikkis are to be relished right off the tava, to warm your body and soul even on a cold, rainy day! 

Tikkis are also popularly served as appetizers or starters at parties and in restaurants. Normally, when they are served as appetizers or cocktail accompaniments at parties, the tikkis are made small and bite-sized, so that they can be handled easily by the guests. Many big restaurants offer tikki platters, where you can taste many varieties of tikki at one go, accompanied by salads and a few types of chutneys and dips. Tikki sizzlers, where the tikkis are served piping hot on a sizzler plate, topped with chole, salads and sauces, is also gaining popularity now.

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki

The world of tikkis is too large and too versatile. You have endless variety to choose from, and on top of that you can make your own yummy variants. Here are some of our favourites for you to try and be inspired by!

Enjoy our 60 Tikki Recipes, Collection of Tikki Recipes and other starters and snack recipe articles below. 

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Corn and Capsicum Tikki, Sweet Corn Veg Tikki
Recipe# 2900
22 Mar 24

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
corn and capsicum tikki recipe | sweet corn veg tikki | Indian corn and capsicum cutlet | with 23 amazing images. corn and capsicum tikki recipe | sweet corn veg tikki ....
Potato Tikki Sandwich
Recipe# 5267
15 Nov 22

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
potato tikki sandwich recipe | aloo tikki sandwich | spicy potato sandwich | with 41 amazing images. Scrumptious and satiating, the aloo tikki sandwich is the ideal snack to appease your hu ....
Oats Moong Dal Tikki
Recipe# 35288
09 May 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
oats moong dal tikki recipe | moong dal tikki with oats | healthy oats moong dal tikki | with amazing 23 pictures On a diet or wanting to eat super healthy Indian snack? ....
Chole Tikki Chaat
Recipe# 1098
15 Jul 22

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
chole tikki chaat recipe | aloo tikki chole | Punjabi chole tikki chaat | Indian street food chole tikki chaat | with 35 amazing images. chole tikki chaat also ca ....
Green Pea and Paneer Tikki ( Finger Foods for Kids )
Recipe# 33620
19 Oct 22

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
green peas and paneer tikki recipe | green peas, potato and paneer tikki | matar paneer cutlet | with 28 amazing images. matar paneer cutlet, delicious and healthy vegetarian cutlets are so ....
Vegetable Tikki, Healthy Non Fried Veg Tikki
Recipe# 40631
11 Nov 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
vegetable tikki recipe | healthy tava vegetable tikki | quick non fried vegetable tikki | with 33 amazing images. vegetable tikki recipe | healthy tava vegetable tikki
Ragda Patties ( Gujarati Recipe )
Recipe# 558
03 Nov 23

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
Gujarati ragda patties recipe | gujarati style ragda pattice | stuffed potato patties in dry peas curry | ragda petis Gujarati snack | with 65 amazing images. Gujarati r ....
Moong Dal and Paneer Tikki (low Calorie Snack)
Recipe# 3552
03 Apr 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
moong dal tikki recipe | moong dal vegetable kebab | healthy moong dal paneer cutlet | with 40 images. moong dal tikki is a healthy Indian starter to serve. Learn to make
Cheese and Broccoli Tikki, Cheese Broccoli Cutlet
Recipe# 30833
09 Jul 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
cheese and broccoli tikki recipe | cheese broccoli cutlet | Indian broccoli cheese tikki | cheesy broccoli tikki Indian starter | with 21 amazing images. cheese and broc ....
Tava Alasanda Vada, Healthy Non Fried Vada
Recipe# 42526
14 Apr 23

 by Tarla Dalal
tava alasanda vada recipe | non fried black eyed beans tikki | healthy Andhra cowpea cutlet | tava chawli non-fried vada | with 30 amazing images. tava alasanda vada
Sprouts Tikki, Healthy- Starter Sprouts Tikki Recipe
Recipe# 35023
03 Apr 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
sprouts tikki recipe | protein rich moong sprouts tikki | healthy sprouts cutlet | with 19 amazing images. protein rich moong sprouts tikki is a healthy and delicious evening snack that you ....
Moong Sprouts and Spring Onion Tikki
Recipe# 40712
19 Mar 21

 by Tarla Dalal
moong sprouts and spring onion tikki recipe | diabetic friendly moong sprouts cutlet | healthy moong tikki | moong sprout cutlet Indian snack | with 17 amazing images. m ....
Hara Bhara Soya Tikkis
Recipe# 5280
02 Jan 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
hara bhara soya tikkis recipe | vegetable soya cutlet | veg soya tikki | with 36 amazing images. veg soya tikki is one of the best sources of protein and this Soya Cutle ....
Hare Chane Aur Soya ki Tikki
Recipe# 39639
03 Oct 22

by Tarla Dalal
hare chana soya tikki recipe | healthy pudina and chana soya cutlet | soya granules veg tikki | with 43 amazing images. hare chane soya tikki made with seasonal hara chana or green tender c ....
Aloo Tikki, Punjabi Aloo Tikki
Recipe# 32745
04 Nov 20

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
aloo tikki recipe | Punjabi aloo tikki | aloo ki patties | aloo ki tikki | aloo cutlet | with 15 amazing images. One of the most popular
Makhmali Paneer Tikka Made in Oven, Tawa
Recipe# 32713
28 Jul 23

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
makhmali paneer tikka recipe | makhmali paneer tikka in oven, tawa | Mughlai style makhmali paneer tikka | with amazing 16 images. makhmali paneer tikka is a variation to the very famous ....
Hare Chane Ke Kebab
Recipe# 5688
21 Apr 23

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
hare chane ke kebab recipe | hare chana ki tikki | healthy green chickpeas kabab | with 40 images. hare chane ke kebab is healthy tikkis cooked on a tava. Learn to make ....
Mixed Vegetable Cutlet, Indian Veg Patty
Recipe# 37476
08 Dec 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
veg cutlet | Vegetable cutlet | Indian style veg patty | mixed vegetable cutlet | with 22 amazing images. Vegetable Cutlet is a snack, appetiser and also a
Arbi Tikki
Recipe# 41346
04 Apr 23

 by Tarla Dalal
arbi tikki recipe | arbi cutlet | colocassia tikki | with 28 amazing images. These scrumptious crispy golden brown arbi cutlet are made with Colocasia root and flavoured with the Indian sp ....
Mint and Masoor Tikkis
Recipe# 3489
10 Oct 22

 by Tarla Dalal
mint masoor tikki recipe | pudina masoor tikki | healthy masoor tikki | low calorie Indian starter | with 32 amazing images. A healthy way of combining an unusual leafy vegetable like mint ....
Cauliflower Greens Mixed Sprouts Tikki
Recipe# 42537
02 Jan 23

 by Tarla Dalal
cauliflower greens mixed sprouts tikki recipe | cauliflower and sprouts tikki | healthy cauliflower greens tikki | with 18 amazing images. These healthy cauliflower greens tikki have health ....
Green Peas, Potato and Paneer Cutlet
Recipe# 1507
17 Nov 22

 by Tarla Dalal
green peas potato and paneer cutlet recipe | aloo matar paneer tikki | matar paneer cutlet | green peas and cottage cheese cutlet | with 35 amazing images. aloo matar pa ....
Paneer Amritsari Tikka ( Kebabs and Tikkis Recipe)
Recipe# 32715
16 May 14

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
Punjabi food embodies spices at their best! The Paneer Amritsari Tikka proves this fact once again. Succulent strips of paneer are marinated in a tongue-tickling mix of carom seeds and other spicy ingredients. Once the spongy paneer soaks in all the vibrant flavours, it is ready to be deep-fried and ....
Paneer Tikki
Recipe# 166
18 Apr 21

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
paneer tikki recipe | paneer cutlet | healthy paneer tikki | tava paneer tikki | with 26 amazing images. paneer tikki recipe | paneer cutlet
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