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64 pav bhaji masala recipes

Last Updated : Oct 20,2020

पाव भाजी मसाला रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (pav bhaji masala recipes in Hindi)
પાંવ ભાજી મસાલો રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (pav bhaji masala recipes in Gujarati)

92 Recipes using Pav Bhaji Masala 

Recipes using pav bhaji masala. In Indian cooking, pav bhaji masala is used in recipes ranging from street food, sabzis, breads to pulao. First lets see how pav bhaji masala is made at home. 

Pav Bhaji ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Pav Bhaji ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Pav bhaji masala powder recipe is made by dry roasting Kashmiri dry red chillies, coriander seeds, cloves, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon and cardamom. These spices are then blended with the addition of mango powder and black salt to make pav bhaji masala. See pav bhaji masala recipe

Pav Bhaji Masala used in Indian street food.

Pav bhaji masala is used originally in Mumbai street food. The awesome taste of pav bhaji is mainly due to its hidden ingredient of pav bhaji masla. 

1.       Tava Pulav - Quick and easy to make, Tava pulao is definitely a loved street food among Mumbaikars. Cooked rice tossed with some veggies like tomatoes, capsicum, carrots on a big iron tava and spiced up with Pav Bhaji masala. It is cooked on the same Tava as Pav Bhaji to maximize the taste and is served with fresh kachumbar or raita.

 Tava Pulao, Tawa Pulao Recipe

Tava Pulao, Tawa Pulao Recipe

2.       Masala Pav - Another favourite from the streets of Mumbai is Masala Pav. This flavourful pav is stuffed with a mixture made with onion, tomatoes, capsicum and spiced up with pav bhaji masala and garnished with fresh coariander.

 Masala Pav ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

 Masala Pav ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

3.       Pav Bhaji Masala Toast- This is a quick fix to satisfy your Pav Bhaji craving. This toast is perked up with a mixture made with similar ingredients used in Pav Bhaji.

A mixture made with boiled and mashed potatoes, onions, capsicum, pav bhaji masala and some freshness from coriander and tomatoes is spread over a sliced bread and toasted in generous amount of butter. A perfect snack for 4 pm hunger.!

 Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast, Quick Snack

Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast, Quick Snack

4.       Pav Sandwich - Sandwich is something that can be easily found on every street in Mumbai. With over 20 plus options sandwich vendors sell some amazing sandwiches one of them being Pav sandwich. Pav toasted in generous amount of butter and pav bhaji masala stuffed with fresh sliced tomatoes, onions and boiled potatoes. A perfect snack for the evening hunger.

 Pav Sandwich, Masala Pav with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions

Pav Sandwich, Masala Pav with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions

Pav Bhaji Masala in Sabzis

  • Chatakedar Paneer - Paneer with Pav bhaji masala is another delicious combination.! This Chatakedar paneer recipe has everything you need to excite your taste buds.

          With the softness and creaminess of paneer and flavours from pav bhaji masala it can be served with roti, naan or phulkas.

 Chatakedar Paneer

Chatakedar Paneer

  • Paneer Bhurji - The regular paneer bhurji perked up with spiciness of pav bhaji masala. This is one of the easiest recipes you can make with paneer, chopped onion, tomatoes, green chillies, just add pav bhaji masala along with your regular masalas and you have a perfect sabzi to go with your roti or plain paratha.

 Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji

  • Mixed sprouts and Palak sabzi - A healthy yet tasty sabzi with goodness of sprouts and spinach perked up with pav bhaji masala’s spiciness and flavours. Boiled sprouts provide as a good source of proteins and spinach a good source of iron, but these healthy ingredients need a burst of flavours to make it tasty, this is given by pav bhaji masala.

 Mixed Sprouts and Palak Subzi

Mixed Sprouts and Palak Subzi

  • Red Chana Sabzi - Easy and ideal for tiffin Red chana sabzi is just what you need when you are tired of eating regular sabzis. Made with boiled red chana which is rich in zinc, calcium and protein, onion and tomatoes and flavoured with pav bhaji masala to make it even more delicious. Red chana sabzi with a hot roti or plain paratha makes a wholesome healthy meal.

 Spicy Red Chana Subzi

 Spicy Red Chana Subzi

Pav Bhaji Masala in South Indian food

  • Cheese Burst Dosa - Another variation in dosa which is loved by everyone especially the children for its cheesy goodness. However, this cheesy goodness is perked up by the use of pav bhaji masala to make the stuffing for Cheese burst dosa. Crunchy onion and fresh tomatoes mixed with some pav bhaji masala and schezwan sauce is spread over the dosa along with the cheese mix to give it a cheesy and spicy flavour. This dosa is a perfect treat for snack time.! 

  • Spicy Tava Idli - Tired of regular idli chutney and sambhar? Well here is a quick fix for the idlis, Tava idli a perfect snack in the evening with burst of flavours from the pav bhaji masala and fresh coriander. Easy to make and served this recipe only requires easily available in your kitchen, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice, regular masala along with pav bhaji masala and fresh chopped coriander. Ready in minutes a snack your family will applaud you for.

 Spicy Tava Idlis

 Spicy Tava Idlis

  • Medu Vada Tava Sandwich - This is how a south Indian would like their sandwich! A Medu Vada cut in half and stuffed with delicious stuffing made with fresh veggies and spiced with pav bhaji masala. A perfect example of south meets west this sandwich is sure to impress your guests and put the leftover medu vadas to a delicious use. Serve this sandwich hot or warm with a coconut chutney and enjoy!

  • Mysore Masala Dosa - Popular on the streets of Mumbai and in restaurants as well.! Mysore masala dosa is everyone’s favourite when it comes to dosa varieties. With spicy stuffing inside a perfectly crisp dosa this is best served hot with a coconut chutney, and the secret ingredient to make this flavourful stuffing is pav bhaji masala. Mix vegetables tossed in butter, chilli powder and pav bhaji masala spread evenly on the dosa is what makes Mysore masala dosa an all-time favourite.

 Mysore Masala Dosa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe)

Mysore Masala Dosa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe)


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Assorted Uttapa Platter
Recipe# 40223
30 Sep 18

by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
The Assorted Uttapa Platter is so tasty and colourful to look at, the very sight of it makes you drool! Dainty uttapas made with readymade dosa batter are topped with appetising mixtures of veggies, sprouts, cheese and spice powders. Most of the toppings are very easy to make – just involving the ch ....
Baked Pav Bhaji Pasta, Pav Bhaji Pasta
Recipe# 40837
09 Aug 20

 by Tarla Dalal
baked pav bhaji pasta recipe | pav bhaji pasta | Indo Italian pav bhaji pasta | with 36 amazing images. When an all-time favourite desi snack crosses paths with a popular Italian dish, the result is this fascinating ....
Beetroot Pav Bhaji Recipe
Recipe# 42491
03 May 18

by Tarla Dalal
The deep red colour of cooked beetroots and the palate-warming flavour of pav bhaji masala team up to make this Beetroot Pav Bhaji a delightful dish that everyone will love. The grated beetroot is combined with other veggies that go into the classic bhaji like onions, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, ....
Bread Snack ( Tiffin Treats)
Recipe# 40356
01 Oct 20

by Tarla Dalal
Here is a tasty and convenient alternative to bread sandwiches. In this delicious Bread Snack, cubed whole wheat bread slices are sautéed with crunchy, juicy veggies and tongue-tickling spice powders. While garam masala is a standard addition to such dishes, adding a dash of pav bhaji masala makes t ....
Chapati Masala Noodles
Recipe# 22635
21 Jan 10

 by Tarla Dalal
Leftover chapatis get a thrilling makeover in this recipe. Tossed with crunchy veggies and spice powders, the humble chapati transforms into a spicy and tangy snack, with the same irresistible charm of noodles. The addition of pav bhaji masala is really the master stroke in the preparation of the Ch ....
Chatakedar Paneer
Recipe# 32941
11 Jan 09

 by Tarla Dalal
A lip-smacking preparation of paneer that is sure to excite your taste buds. Perfectly suited to the expectations of desi food lovers, Chatakedar Paneer features succulent cottage cheese cubes enhanced with not just tangy tomatoes, dried fenugreek leaves and regular spice powders like chilli and cor ....
Chatakedar Paneer ( Microwave Recipe)
Recipe# 34561
22 Feb 13

 by Tarla Dalal
If there is one ingredient that is as indigenous as it is international, we would say that is our favourite paneer. Try tossing fresh, soft paneer with pav bhaji masala, and this chatakedar paneer will become a favourite beyond comparison!
Cheese Burst Dosa, Snack
Recipe# 42167
11 Oct 17

by Tarla Dalal
If the name makes you assume it is another one of those cheese stuffed dosas, you are in for a surprise as this is a notch higher. Lined with cheese and drowned in a milky cheese mixture, it is cheesier than you can imagine. Add to this a scrumptious Schezuan style stuffing and you get an absolu ....
Cheesy Khada Bhaji Wrap ( Wraps and Rolls)
Recipe# 32666
12 Oct 20

 by Tarla Dalal
The all-time favourite bhaji which is usually prepared in a thick, gravy-like consistency using fresh local vegetables and fine spices has been tweaked slightly. Here, we use potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflower chunks coated in a gravy of onions, capsicum and spices using chunks of veggies prevents t ....
Recipe# 16442
17 May 06

 by imohini
No reviews
Delicious and spicy recipe made with boiled and grated eggs cooked with chillies, onions, tomatoes and an array of spices.
Fada Ni Khichdi ( Gujarati Recipe)
Recipe# 579
05 Feb 20

by Tarla Dalal
fada ni khichdi recipe | broken wheat khichdi with vegetables | Gujarati style fada in khichdi | healthy broken wheat khichdi | dalia khichdi | with amazing 25 image ....
Recipe# 40584
23 May 16

 by Rabia ki Rasoi
No reviews
Today im going to share a healthy yet very delicious and simple pizza with some basic ingredients that are easily available.. Best part of the recipe is you dont need a microwave oven to make this pizza and your kids will enjoy all the veggies that you want them to eat .. Without wasting anymore ti ....
Indian Style Macaroni
Recipe# 41084
10 Jun 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Indian style macaroni recipe | macaroni pasta | masala veg masala pasta | Indian style macaroni pasta | with amazing 22 images Indian style macaroni recipe is a ....
Recipe# 16538
10 Oct 06

 by Foodie#351715
No reviews
A simple Recipe to make the famous Pav Bhaji without hassles. Add a cube of butter on the top of the bhaji.
Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast, Quick Snack
Recipe# 42152
28 May 20

 by Tarla Dalal
pav bhaji masala toast recipe | instant masala toast on tava | with 18 amazing images. In the mood for a serving of pav bhaji but don’t have the time to make it? Well, go for this Instant Pav Bhaji Masala Toast inste ....
Recipe# 15672
11 Jan 05

 by Pratitikaka
No reviews
Jain pav bhaji is a Jain style prepared bhaji recipe without any use of garlic or onions. This Jain bhaji is then served hot with dollops of butter as topping along with buttered pavs.
Jain Pav Bhaji  (using Raw Bananas)
Recipe# 40058
14 Apr 20

 by Tarla Dalal
If you thought Pav Bhaji cannot be made without potatoes, then this recipe will be an eye-opener for you. Made with raw bananas and other vegetables spiced up with red chilli paste and pav bhaji masala, this delicious bhaji tastes as wonderful as the original, especially after you garnish it with le ....
Jain Pav Bhaji ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )
Recipe# 33424
03 Jul 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Jain Pav bhaji recipe | Jain Mumbai roadside Pav bhaji | no potato, garlic and onion Pav bhaji | with 25 amazing images. Our Jain Pav bhaji recipe is a perfect no potat ....
Khada Pav Bhaji, Restaurant Style Pav Bhaji
Recipe# 42222
09 Feb 19

 by Tarla Dalal
‘Khada’ mean whole and not mashed, which explains the difference between this and the regular pav bhaji. Although it has the same tongue-tickling and invigorating taste, the veggies are not mashed to a pulp in this variant. This gives a different consistency and mouth-feel to the dish, while als ....
Masala Chana ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )
Recipe# 33446
06 Apr 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Masala chana, this is one cart vendor i want to bless, for providing a really nutritious meal! you can have the spiciness customised to your liking! most popular at chowpatty, beaches and at railway stations too.
Masala Pav ( Chaat Recipe )
Recipe# 2814
12 Mar 19

by Tarla Dalal
Masala pav is a spicy blend of tomato onion gravy cooked and stuffed inside butter laden pavs. Every pav bhaji vendor serves his own version of Masala Pav so that each one tastes different but equally delicious. Very often the pav bhaji gravy is tossed with pieces of pav and served with a slice ....
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