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15 knife recipes

Last Updated : Feb 21,2020

चाकू रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (knife recipes in Hindi)
છરી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (knife recipes in Gujarati)

Can diabetics, heart patients and over weight individuals have  ?

Can healthy individuals have ?

क्या मधुमेह रोगी, हृदय रोगी और अधिक वजन वाले लोग मेथी पापड़ खा सकते हैं?
क्या स्वस्थ व्यक्ति मेथी पापड़ खा सकते हैं?
No, this is not healthy. Let's see why.
Yes, this is healthy. But restrictions apply to some.
Let's understand the Ingredients.

What's good.

What's the problem?

Yes, this recipe is good for diabetics, heart and weight loss.

No, this recipe is not good for diabetics, heart and weight loss.

What is a healthy toast option to have?

We suggest you try homemade almond bread made without eggs and toast it. A good option is toasted almond bread with avocado which is a perfect gluten free breakfast option.  Whole wheat bread is better choice than white bread made from refined plain flour to make toast like mixed sprouts open toast, oats moong toastcottage cheese tomato and chutney sandwich or creamy alfalfa sprouts and apple on toast.


What is a healthy accompaniment to this roti?

We suggest you pair it with homemade curds using cows milk or low fat curds, lauki pudine ka raita, mixed veggie raita, low calorie spinach raita or a cucumber and pudina raita.  Homemade full fat curds

Diabetics, use low fat panner or low fat curds, reduce carb load with low fat curds

low fat paneer

BUT use low fat paneer instead of full fat paneer

BUT use  low fat curds instead of  homemade full fat curd recipe

 how to make curd at home with full fat milk recipe

Also reduce the carbohydrate load by having your pulao with some protein from  low fat curds. Remember that it's best to have this pulao for lunch as you remain active through the day enabling the burning of calories instead of dinner. 


Yes, this is healthy but when having cereals such as jowarbajrabuckwheatragioats and barley, it's best to have some low fat curds with it for diabetics to reduce the carbohydrate load and it is recommended to control portion size of the cereal. Good for heart and weight loss but control portion size.

What is a healthy accompaniment to the Sabzi? Have healthy rotis or parathas.

We suggest a bajra roti, jowar roti, radish nachni roti recipe , basic ragi roti recipe, and whole wheat roti to make a healthy combination.

Healthy paratha recipes like yellow moong dal and spring onion paratha made with whole wheat flour + yellow moong dal. Paushtic parathasGreen Moong Dal and Spring Onion Paratha recipe are another option. 

We suggest you use this whole wheat naan which has no plain flour added to it. 

DAL + ROTI (cereal) enhances protein value

Combine dal with  bajra roti, jowar rotiradish nachni roti recipe , basic ragi roti recipe, and whole wheat roti, whole wheat bhakri recipe to make a healthy combination. Note that when you combine any dal with any cereal like bajra, jowar, ragi, buckwheat, barley or whole wheat to enhance the protein value

Combine Roti with a healthy Dal to enhance protein value

Combine roti with super healthy dal recipes like palak toovar dalkhatta urad dal recipesuva masoor dal recipehariyali dal recipe and healthy kadhi recipe or Radish Koftas in Kadhi recipe   to make a healthy combination. Note that when you combine any dal with any cereal like bajrajowarragibuckwheatbarley or whole wheat to enhance the protein value

Healthy Indian dips to have

Opt for pumpkin dip  , spinach and paneer dip, suva paneer dip or cauliflower and spinach dip  which are all healthy Indian dips for diabetics, weight loss and heart patients. 


Healthy Chutney to have

Have this with nutritious green chutney recipe which has ZERO sugar used in it made with mint leaves, onions and coriander, lehsun ka chutney, green garlic chutney or green chutney recipe.  Coconut based options are healthy coconut chutney made from coconut and coriander and coconut coriander green chutney for idlis dosa uttapam vada.

Read which idlis and dosas are healthy?

What is a healthier Indian dessert option ?

We suggest you try low fat gajjar halwa recipe which uses dates as a sweetener and low fat milk which works well for diabetics. Also Dry fruits stuffed dates is healthy. Make oats and mixed nuts ladoo recipe which is sweetened by jaggery,  oats and dates kheer and anjeer and mixed nuts barfi, dates and nut coconut balls sweetened by dates and zero sugar used,  and healthy fig ice cream (not for diabetics).

Try a jowar based Indian dessert which is a complex carb and will be absorbed slowly in the blood stream and not cause a spike in insulin. The jowar apple sheera recipe is made with the addition of cows milk and apples and sweetened with honey.

What is a healthier Cake option or dessert option?

We suggest eggless date and almond cake made from dates as the sweetener and good for diabetics, weight loss and heart. There is no flour used in the recipe.    Almond Berry Coconut Cake though it does contain some honey but is  far healthier as it is made from almond flour.  An amazing dessert is the Chocolate Coconut Vegan Dessert made with healthy ingredients.


What is a healthier Indian achar or chutney?

There are many healthy Indian pickles and achar with ZERO sugar and less oil. Try punjabi lehsun achartendli ka achar and low salt green chilli pickle.

Which ladoo is fairly healhty?

Try picking a ladoo recipe which has no rava or sugar to it and less fat. In Wheat flour and jaggery ladoo we have replaced rava and sugar with wheat flour and jaggery. Yet this is to be had in restricted quantity. Make oats and mixed nuts ladoo recipe which is sweetened by jaggery and oats is super healthy. 

Which are healthy raita options?

Healthy raita to try is lauki aur pudine ka raita recipecucumber pudina raita recipe, flax seed raita  recipe

Which is a healthy pizza to have? 

Make sure the base of your pizza is healthy and then fix the rest. This bhakri pizza recipe is made from jowar and bajra flour. Then there is the nutritious mini pizza made with low fat cream cheese. 

Healthy baked dishes

Healthy baked dish made with low fat milk is oats and vegetable au gratin recipe

Which are healthy Indian soup options?

We suggest you opt for healthy soups like spinach paneer and dal soup recipebroccoli broth reciperajma soupminty vegetable and oats soup, healthy indian tomato soup or moong soup

Some healthy Salad options for you

Soups and Salads make a great combination for a healthy meal. We have a huge collection of healthy salads and try some popular salads like Sprouted and boiled moong, Mooli ka salad, Sprouts spring onion and tomato salad and Lettuce orange and spinach salad

Which are healthy pasta or noodle options?

We suggest you have chunky tomato whole wheat pasta recipe, whole wheat vegetable noodles  or whole wheat pasta in low calorie white sauce recipe in limited quantiy where whole wheat pasta or whole wheat noodles is used and the sauces don't contain any fat. 

What are the healthier Idli recipes?

See the healthiest idli options like dal and vegetable idli recipe, moong sprouts and palak idli recipe, green moong dal and vegetable idli recipe or barley idli which has no rice. Serve it with a healthy sambar or coconut chutney. Read which idlis and dosas are healthy?

What are the healthier dosa recipes?

Opt for nachni dosa, quinoa dosa, oats dosa,  4 Flour Dosa recipe, spinach dosa  or buckwheat dosa which has ZERO rice used. Serve it with a healthy sambar recipe or coconut chutney. Read which idlis and dosas are healthy?

Can you suggest some healthy Indian wraps?

Yes, make sure that the base of the wrap is not made of plain flour and you have vegetables added to it. The jowar veggie wrap is made from jowar flour. Paneer Veggie wrap  are other good healthy Indian wraps.

Healthy Indian smoothies to have

apple and date smoothie with curds, apple shake,  Healthy peanut butter, blueberry almond milk smoothie and mango banana spinach smoothie bowl. All these smoothies have zero sugar used. 

Here are some Healthy Indian snack options.

You can have Baked Samosa with mixed sprouts, Matarsutir Kachori,  Oats Moong Dal TikkiBaked methi muthia recipe,  Zunka recipemoong dal dhokla recipe bajra carrot onion uttapam recipe , baked palak jowar murukku, mini jowar pancakes, oats upma, baked sev , baked whole wheat puris, paneer pudina tikki or buckwheat pancake as one healthy recipe option. 

What is a healthy panki to have ?

Chola Dal Panki, this popular Gujarati snack has been tweaked by using chola dal instead of rice flour to increase the proteiniron and fibre content. 

quinoa veg upma

What is a healthier option to ragi rava upma?

oats upma is a super healthy Indian breakfast upma recipe which is made from oats, vegetables and spices. What we love about healthy Indian oats upma is that its very easy to cook and the ingredients are easily available in the Indian kitchen. Suitable for diabetics, weight loss and heart also.


Are there any healthy chaat recipes you suggest? 

Yes, we suggest the following healthy chaat options like Oats Chaat, Moong Dal ki Chaat, Gajar aur Moong Dal ki Chaat and Paneer aur Hare Chane ki Chaat, low calorie sev puri . All these chaat recipes have no fried foods and made from dals, oats, baked sev, baked papadi and chana which are healthy. 


Instead have the whole wheat and corainder seeds naan recipe which has ZERO plain flour and only 94 calories for whole wheat and corainder seeds naan

Healthy Indian Drinks 

Healthy Indian drinks to choose from tulsi tea recipe, masala chaas, low fat chaas recipe and neem juice


Healthy Indian Juices less than 50 calories to have 

Here are some healthy Indian juices we suggest but note these are not advised for diabetics as it is better for them to have the whole fruit and not the juice. 22 calories spinach and mint juice , 34 calories for carrot and red pepper juice and  31 calories for carrot tomato and beetroot juice.


What is a healthier option than using rice? 

We suggest the following healthy khichdi like fada ni khichdi recipe, vitamin khichdi recipe, buckwheat moong dal and vegetable khichdi, bajra moong and green peas khichdibarley khichdi and vegetable biryani from brown rice. All these recipes have ZERO usage of rice and portion control is suggested for diabetics. 

What is a healthy pizza option? 

We suggest you try a pizza with a healthy base option and does not use processed cheese. We have the mini oats bhakri pizza made from oats and whole wheat flour. 

What is a healthier sabzi or dal option ?

Here are some very healthy sabzis like paneer labadar dahi bhindi ki sabzi recipe, chana palak, mushroom mutter masalamooli ki sabzi recipe, bhindi masala recipe

Here are some super healthy dal recipes like palak toovar dal, khatta urad dal recipe, suva masoor dal recipe, hariyali dal recipe and healthy kadhi recipe

What is a helathier Chinese Vegetable ?

I would opt for Chinese stir fried vegetables

What is a healthier Indian snack option ?

Here are some healthy snack recipes like baked methi muthias, multiflour chakli recipe, multigrain healthy crackers and whole wheat methi khakhra recipe.

What is a healthy accompaniment to kadhi ?

Kadhi goes well with the following khichdi options : buckwheat moong and vegetable khichdi, vitamin khichdi, fada ni khichdi, bohri khichdi and buckwheat and sprouts khichdi. Note that these khichdi recipes have ZERO rice used in them and are diabetic, heart friendly.

What is a healthy Salad accompaniment?

Follow this healthy kadhi low fat kadhi recipe.

Fresh Cream : 1 tbsp of fresh cream (15 gm) provides around 18 calories, out of which 16 calories result from saturated fat. Till late, saturated fat was always looked upon as that evil fat which would lead to high cholesterol levels and strokes. Offhand, studies have revealed no such association. So, the next question that arises is “Are saturated fats healthy then?” What’s more important is to look at your diet in totality. Till no furnished evidence is available on this subject, you can add about a tsp of fresh cream once in a while to your meals to enhance the taste. Try and not to add it in bulk frequently. This holds true for a healthy individual or for those suffering from diabetes, heart problem etc. 

Yet looking for a more healthier option? Then, rely on more healthier type of saturated fats which contain MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which is the real buzz currently. Coconut, coconut meat and coconut milk are the perfect example of this.

Have one cup of homemade full fat paneer and you get 75% of your calcium requirements in the day while low fat paneer

5 things Sprouts Dhokla is good for:

Weight watchers 


Strong muscles

Good heart 

Improving RBC count

Raita is good for


Dahi Bhindi ki Subji is good for

5. Pregnancy 
Vitamin B6 diet  foods rich in green peas, carrots, toovar dal, rajma, kabuli chana
Vitamin B3, Niacin diet foods rich in almonds, jowar, wheat flour, bajra, toovar dal, dalia, chick peas, green moong dal
Vitamin B1, Thiamine diet foods rich in wheat flour, jowar, bajra, chana dal, flax seeds, garden cress, matki
Vitamin K diet foods rich in kale, spinach, broccoli, bhindi, green peas, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, avacado
Selenium rich recipes barley, broccoli, brown rice, eggs, flax seeds, wheat

Rajma salad is good for

1. Weight Loss
5. Lower blood pressure salads as rajma works to do that as its rich in potassium.

 Methiche Varan (toor dal) is good for

6. Kids
7. Cold and cough
Tikkar Roti is good for
No, please have a look at the ingredients and you will undestand the issues involved. We want you to understand the ingredients and what they can do to your body. Once you get that, healthy eating becomes automatic and then comes with that healthy living. All our recipes will have a reason on whether it's good or not. Read that. 
Buckwheat Dosa recipe
4 Flour Dosa recipe
Oats Dosa recipe
Nachni dosa recipe
Wheat Dosa recipe
Whole Moong Dosa
Mysore Barley Dosa recipe
Oats Idli recipe
Multiflour Idli recipe
Dal and Vegetable Idli recipe
Sprouts and Palak Idli recipe
Show only recipe names containing:

Almond Praline Cake ( Cakes and Pastries Recipe)
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23 Aug 12

 by Tarla Dalal
A spongy cake with a crunchy texture, this looks as if it is covered in translucent gold if you use chikki instead of praline!
Black Forest Gateau ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 32924
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A classic dessert of chocolate sponge cake layered with cream and cherries.
Brazilian Surprise Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
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This south american cake is sure to surprise you – of course, pleasantly!
Chocolate and Cream Cake ( Cakes and Pastries Recipe)
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Biscuit topped pastries reminiscent of the lusciousness of the famous oreo cookies.
Death By Chocolate Pastry ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 33940
23 Aug 12

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If this chocolate pastry does spell death, it is sure to be followed by heaven!
Decorating with Chocolate
Recipe# 38485
23 Aug 12

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Chocolate garnishes are extensively used in cakes, and also easy to make. Here are a few easy garnishes.
Double Chocolate Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 35844
23 Aug 12

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A double chocolate treat where two varieties of chocolate truffle (milky and dark) come together to delight your taste-buds.
Exotic Fruit Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 36937
23 Aug 12

 by Tarla Dalal
The fruits need not all be exotic – you can make do with those that you have readily on hand, but this cake will still taste exotic, thanks to the combination of ingredients and the careful preparation.
Gooey Coffee Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 35843
23 Aug 12

 by Tarla Dalal
Some things taste best at the zenith of gooeyness and cakes are no exception to this rule! you are sure to enjoy this saucy coffee flavoured cake.
Kit-kat Cake ( Cakes and Pastries)
Recipe# 33946
23 Aug 12

by Tarla Dalal
The already rich chocolaty flavour of this cake is further reinforced with layered dark chocolate icing and kit kat chocolate.
Brinjal Flower Vase ( Vegetable Carvings)
Recipe# 36990
16 May 12

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
A colourful cornucopia with radishes and spring onions for a cheerful sunday brunch party. A picturesque sight that entices your senses as you dig into the flavourful dishes.
Humpty Dumpty- Brinjal Cartoon ( Fruits and Vegetable Carvings)
Recipe# 36994
16 May 12

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
Get this playful mate for your kid’s next party. Watch the kids as they enjoy the chuckling antiques of this comic man.
Joker Mera Naam- Vegetable Joker ( Vegetable Carvings)
Recipe# 36995
16 May 12

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
A practical joker for you dinner table ever ready to charm your guests with his ceaseless supply of jokes!
Sauce Boats, Cucumber Boats ( Vegetable Carvings)
Recipe# 36982
16 May 12

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
Redefine the art of serving chutneys, sauce with the help of these cucumber sailors. Your friends would be dipping for more!
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