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पौष्टिक ब्रेकफास्ट जूस और स्मूदी : - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Juices, Smoothies recipes in Hindi)
બ્રેકફાસ્ટ માટે જ્યુસ અને સ્મૂધીસ્ રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Juices, Smoothies recipes in Gujarati)

Healthy Breakfast Indian Juices, Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Healthy breakfast Indian juices, healthy breakfast smoothies. A great way to kick start your morning is a glass of fresh homemade juice or a chilled smoothie. Also on days that you don’t have time for breakfast, drinks especially smoothies are a best option to rely on.

They will boost your energy, give you the necessary nutrients and satiate you as well. So instead of leaving for work on empty stomach, grab a glass of smoothie. 

Pineapple Sweet Lime DrinkPineapple Sweet Lime Drink

5 Benefits of Juices and Smoothies for Breakfast

1.    Juices are a natural detox. They help you flush out toxins from your body and cleanse your system with Nature’s nourishing basket of fruits and vegetables. 

2.   The thought behind whipping and serving healthy juices and smoothies is to inundate your system with vitamins and minerals. 

3.   Moreover juices and smoothies are also a great way to make up for the water requirements thus keeping you well-hydrated.

4.   The abundance of antioxidants in juices and smoothies builds you immune system which helps to fight infections. 

5.    They maintain electrolyte (sodium-potassium) levels in the body too.


We  present you a range of healthy juices and healthy smoothies for Breakfast. It’s all about what you put inside the juice or smoothie.

5 Healthy Ingredients for Juices and Smoothies for Breakfast

1.    Fruits : All fruits which are high in fiber and have a low glycemic are the best to be added in a mixer jar to make a juice or smoothie. Blueberries, Apples, Green apples, Oranges, Sweetlime, Strawberries, Papaya, Pear All these fruits have a low glycemic index.


2.  Veggies : You can also use the vegetables like Spinach, Kale, Carrot etc. Fresh herbs like Mint and Parsley are good as taste enhancers, though used in small quantities.


3.  Curd : If making smoothie, use curd. It is a probiotic which is easier to digest and also tops up your calcium and protein intake. 

How To Make Curd Or Dahi At HomeHow To Make Curd Or Dahi At Home

4.  Healthy seeds : These include chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds etc. can be bonus ingredients. These abound in protein and omega-3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation in the body. About a tbsp. of these seeds will suffice a glass of drink. 

Flax SeedsFlax Seeds

5.   Healthy Grains : Some people would love to make their smoothies more fiber rich. They can turn to wholesome grains like oats and make Strawberry Oatmeal Curd Smoothie.

Strawberry Oatmeal Curd Smoothie, Healthy SmoothieStrawberry Oatmeal Curd Smoothie, Healthy Smoothie

5 Worst Ingredients for Healthy Juices and Smoothies for breakfast

1.    Sugar – It is only full of calories and will lead to weight gain.

2.  Excess of plain milk – It is difficult to digest. More healthier options are almond milk of oats milk instead.

3.  Canned fruits - These are pre-loaded with sugar. 

4.  Ice cream – These are fat and sugar laden both. They are just a quick route to increasing belly fat. 

5.   Readymade sherbets and syrups – Again their base ingredient is only sugar.


Green Healthy Juices for Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast green juices There are a lot of greens to explore. The most common leafy vegetables which are used in juicing is spinach. Have it by itself in the form of Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammation Spinach Juice or combine it with other veggies to Super 7 Stress RelieverBrain Booster, Carrot Apple Beetroot and Spinach Juice Spinach and Mint juice is also a cool and healthy cleanser to start your day with.

Brain Booster, Carrot Apple Beetroot and Spinach JuiceBrain Booster, Carrot Apple Beetroot and Spinach Juice

Other common greens used are kale, coriander, mint, parsley, celery, mint. Try Carrot Coriander Juice to keep your heart in a healthy state and Palak Kale and Apple Juice to build your immunity to fight infections. 

Palak, Kale and Apple JuicePalak, Kale and Apple Juice

Almond Milk Smoothies for Healthy Breakfast

For Vegetarians, Almond milk is a blessing as it contains proteins, good for heart and a powerful antioxidant. Try our Saffron Cardamom Almond Milk which has dates as a sweetener. There is also the  Chocolate Almond Milk for Vegans.

Saffron Cardamom Almond Milk, Healthy Vegan Breakfast RecipeSaffron Cardamom Almond Milk, Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipe

While Almond Milk is easily available in the market, if you want to try making it at home we have mastered that art as well. See detailed recipe of Almond Milk. This doesn’t require any soaking or cooking. Just blending! Try it out…   

 Healthy Breakfast Fruity Smoothies

healthy breakfast Indian fruit smoothies. Ah! These smoothies are pleasing to most palates. The sweetness the fruits lends is the true reason behind it. While you can include real sweet fruits like banana, chickoo, custard apple etc., you must remember that these are high in carbs and glycemic index. Addition of small quantity can be considered, but weight watchers must totally avoid them. 

Opt for other naturally sweet fruits like apple, papaya, pear etc. You can whip up recipes like Apple Dragon Fruit Vegan Smoothie and Papaya Pear and Yoghurt Smoothie. This is a complete health potion for early mornings. It comprises of papaya and pear along with Greek Yoghurt as well as coconut milk  and sunflower seeds for healthy fats. You are sure to not feel hungry for the next 2 hours after having this smoothie.  

Papaya Pear and Yoghurt SmoothiePapaya Pear and Yoghurt Smoothie

Start being healthy today!

Enjoy our healthy breakfast Indian juices, healthy breakfast smoothies and other healthy breakfast articles below.

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Kool Kiwi Smoothie
Recipe# 34395
30 Oct 18

 by Palak Rajput
No reviews
Kool Kiwi Smoothie, a cool cool exotic combo of kiwi and strawberries. A truly tangy drink that is balanced with curd and chocolate sauce. Makes a healthy breakfast and also a healthy snack when you are oh-so-hungry!.
Almond Honey Cinnamon Milk, Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipe
Recipe# 42189
17 Jan 19

  This recipe has an associated video
 by Tarla Dalal
Elegantly flavoured and pleasing to the palate, this Almond Honey Cinnamon Milk is a glassful of goodness! It is easy and cost-effective, yet tasty and brimming with nutrients. After several trials, we have arrived at the perfect blend of ingredients, so we suggest you go with it without any mod ....
Anti- Cancer and Anti- Inflammation Spinach Juice
Recipe# 42166
09 Feb 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Some foods are so easy to make yet so beneficial, you feel like saying – oh, why didn’t I know about this earlier! Well, the Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammation Spinach Juice is a perfect example. An apt blend of ingredients like spinach and tomatoes gives it a nice taste and consistency, while at ....
Apple Cinnamon Smoothie, Healthy Breakfast Smoothie
Recipe# 42236
07 Nov 17

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
Cinnamon-tinged apple, in any form, is heavenly. Here, the high fibre fruit is coupled with oats for more fibre, and a dash of curds for protein and calcium . This nutri-d ....
Apple Dragon Fruit Vegan Smoothie
Recipe# 42462
24 Jun 19

by Tarla Dalal
When it comes to foods like smoothies and salads there are so many different combinations possible that you can have a different one everyday!! Today why don’t you try this awesome Apple Dragon Fruit Vegan Smoothie, which is loaded with the goodness of apples and dragon fruit. While the bene ....
Avocado Almond Milk Vegan Smoothie
Recipe# 42134
31 May 18

by Tarla Dalal
Avocado is used as a substitute for butter and cream, with good reason. It has a neutral flavour and a super creamy consistency. This also makes it a wonderful addition to smoothies! You get a nice, creamy effect as if you have made the smoothie with ice-cream! Here, an amazing combo of chopped ....
Avocado and Tomato Salad, Healthy and Quick Salad
Recipe# 41364
13 Jun 19

 by Tarla Dalal
Many of us pass by the tray of avocados at the market, unaware that this wonderful fruit can be used for much more than puddings and milkshakes. In fact, it can be combined with juicy and fresh veggies to make scrumptious salads too. Quick and fabulous, this Avocado and Tomato Salad is sure to b ....
Avocado Coconut Milk Vegan Smoothie
Recipe# 42135
31 May 18

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
A creamy smoothie with a soothing taste, the Avocado Coconut Milk Vegan Smoothie is a treasure-trove of nutrients too. Coconut Milk and avocadoes are both ingredients with mellow flavours and creamy consistencies, so they team up very well. We have combined these with bananas, to get a nice frui ....
Avocado Spinach Pear Smoothie, Healthy Smoothie
Recipe# 41594
02 Mar 20

 by Tarla Dalal
Indian avocado spinach pear smoothie recipe | healthy pear smoothie with avocado and spinach | pear avocado spinach smoothie | with 6 amazing images. Indian avocado spinach pear smoothie is ....
Avocado Spinach Vegan Smoothie Recipe, Healthy Smoothie
Recipe# 42111
13 Jun 19

 by Tarla Dalal
There is nothing like slurping up a creamy smoothie to replenish your energy after a vigorous workout, as a quick and healthy breakfast , or when you feel hungry between meals. It is easily one of the healthiest snacks you can have, and fortunately ....
Black Grapes and Curd Smoothie
Recipe# 4238
05 Nov 15

by Tarla Dalal
Black Grapes and Curd Smoothie, this magic formula is rich in energy and protein. The addition of yoghurt makes this a delightful drink and a good source of calcium and protein ....
Black Raspberry Smoothie Recipe
Recipe# 42506
23 Mar 18

by Tarla Dalal
With the invigorating flavour of black raspberry in a base of curds, laced with honey and vanilla essence, this Black Raspberry Smoothie is a must-try recipe! Healthy and low in carbohydrates, this tasty smoothie can be had for breakfast or as a sn ....
Blueberry Apple Smoothie
Recipe# 41600
11 Oct 18

by Tarla Dalal
When you can lay your hands on a batch of frozen blueberries, don’t miss out on this exotic and compelling treat! The blueberries are combined with apple and thick curds, which add not only volume but also creaminess to the smoothie. This thick and luscious smoothie also has a well-balanced ....
Blueberry Coconut Water Smoothie, 3 Ingredient Smoothie
Recipe# 42133
23 Mar 18

 by Tarla Dalal
The Blueberry Coconut Water Smoothie is a nice and pulpy smoothie with the pleasant taste of coconut and the zesty tang of blueberries. The addition of coconut meat gives a nice pulpy consistency to the smoothie. However, you need to clean the coconut meat well and remove any brown skin before u ....
Blueberry Green Almond Milk Smoothie, Powerful Antioxidant Smoothie
Recipe# 42330
09 Jun 18

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
A tangy and luscious smoothie with the unmistakable touch of blueberries, this smoothie is a must-try whenever you can lay your hands on this antioxidant rich berry. This nutritious glassful brings together super healthy ingredients like blueberries, spinach, almond milk and oats in a very tasty ....
Carrot and Red Pepper Juice
Recipe# 39020
26 Apr 19

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
Drink your vegetables for a change! In addition to tasting great, this melange of carrot, capsicum and tomatoes will do great things for your eyesight. Vitamin c-rich capsicum will also help build immunity and ease stress before you set out for the day.
Carrot Coriander Juice
Recipe# 5531
21 Mar 20

 by Tarla Dalal
carrot coriander juice for detox | carrot coriander juice for healthy heart | how to make carrot juice for healthy skin | carrot juice for cancer | with 4 amazing images.
Carrot Spinach and Parsley Juice
Recipe# 40845
04 Jul 19

by Tarla Dalal
Juices are a good way of keeping up your veggie consumption even on busy days. You can quickly prepare a glassful of Carrot Spinach and Parsley Juice and slurp it up in a jiffy, or even carry it along in a leak-proof container to relish on-the-go. This lovely juice helps you top up on fibre, t ....
Chocolate Date Almond Milk
Recipe# 42787
04 May 20

by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
chocolate date almond milk recipe | Indian healthy chocolate date almond milk | vegan date and chocolate almond milk | with 5 amazing images. chocolate date almond milk recipe is an
Coconut Water with Coconut Meat
Recipe# 40496
12 Apr 20

by Tarla Dalal
coconut water with coconut meat | coconut water with malai | benefits of coconut water | nariyal ka paani with malai | with 14 amazing images. Coconut water with coconut ....
Date Milkshake
Recipe# 42638
20 Jun 18

 by Tarla Dalal
The Date Milkshake is a quick, tasty and wholesome recipe, which is just right for Ramzaan! All you need to do is whirr together some milk and dates in your blender, with just a hint of cinnamon, the magic ingredient that makes this sim ....
Homemade Almond Milk Made with Soaked Almonds
Recipe# 42192
19 May 20

 by Tarla Dalal
This wholesome almond milk made with soaked, unpeeled almonds is easy to make and also cost-effective compared to commercial brands. We trialled different methods before arriving at this awesome one, which gives a good taste and consistency. Don’t peel the soaked almonds. Just blend them with a ....
How To Make Chaas , Indian Buttermilk Recipe
Recipe# 42745
22 Jan 20

 by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
healthy chaas recipe | protein and calcium rich chaas | 2 ingredient chaas recipe | with 7 amazing images. healthy chaas recipe is a protein and calcium rich chaas made of just 2 ingredi ....
Hydrating Energizing Smoothie
Recipe# 41614
31 Mar 19

  This recipe has an associated video
by Tarla Dalal
No reviews
This Hydrating Energizing Smoothie translates into joy for every cell of your body! With the vibrant colour of spinach, a tempting tinge of basil and the ever-popular fruity flavour of bananas, this smoothie is a sure-shot hit with everybody. Avocadoes give it a really luscious mouth-feel while c ....
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