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 Our Most Popular Winter Recipes

  Last Updated : Jan 08,2019

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Spicy Winter Indian Recipes

Come winter and the palate yearns for hot and spicy Indian foods. All the better if it is crunchy! Whether it is a bowl of steaming rice with rasam, fluffy chapattis right off the tava, crispy pakodas, or a sumptuous paratha with tongue-tickling fillings, we tend to enjoy hot and pungent foods more in the winter than in the summer, perhaps in answer the taste buds’ craving! It could also be because the time spent in the kitchen is more pleasurable in the winters, without the sweat and grime that is so much a part of our hot Indian summer.

Hot foods with intense flavours and rich textures tend to give us a sense of well-being on cold winter days. We can feel the effect of good food cruise through our cells, warming the body and putting a content glow on the face! Just the thought of taking a break during work, curling our fingers around a piping hot cup of Masala Chai with a plate of crispies to munch on and a couple of good friends to chat with, is simply heart-warming.

With the harsh winter weather, you are surely prone to the seasonal flu.  Suffering from running nose and congestion? Sip on some garlic rasam to sooth your throat. Rasam means "juice" in Tamil and Telegu. It can be made in different flavours using various ingredients. 

Pick up your shopping bags and head to the market. Load it with the best and brightest of the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Flawlessly green surti papadi, juicy carrots; bright and fresh sarson and of course, the season’s very special kand. Ditch your regular parathas and relish these Spicy Chawli Leaves and Spinach Stuffed Parathas for breakfast. Indian gooseberries (amla) are found abundantly during winter. Make a tongue tickling Spicy Amla Pickle which is a perfect accompaniment for your meal. 

Deep fry some spicy rice samosa packed with an Oriental flavor or make this delightful Calcutta chaat with tangy chutneys, topped with different spices. Roll together mashed potatoes with green peas and cheese together in whole wheat-maida roti and make this spicy roti roll. Toss in some leftover idli with crunchy onions, tangy tomatoes and peppy spice powders to make this amazing Tava idli.  Indulge in these unique snacks and delight your taste buds.

For dinner, Stir fry Noodles in Schezuan sauce, the colorful, crunchy vegetables in tangy sauce offers sheer excitement to the taste buds. Also, this fusion recipe Dalia Vegetable Risotto is not only colorful but, also a storehouse of nutrients like protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron as well as fibre.

Here are some recipes that are guaranteed to give you this magical experience! These recipes are perfect for the winterspicy, hot, crispy, and all that you could ask for.

spicy winter indian recipes

 by Tarla Dalal
Does rice always have to be in the main course? No, it is such a versatile ingredient it can be used to make anything from crunchy and savoury starters to sweet and luscious dessert. Here is one such delectable starter, Spicy Rice Samosa, made of a plain flour dough packed with an Oriental flavoured rice filling. You will enjoy the crispy outer covering as much as you enjoy the soft and spicy filling. You can also try other recipes with rice like Rice and Cheese Balls and Rice Kheer
 by Tarla Dalal
Let’s take the best of all our favourite recipes like katti rolls, burgers and frankies, and make our own delightful creation now! Everything about this recipe is perfect, right from the crispness and perky flavour of the potato rolls, to the soft and pliable rotis. A combination of refined and whole wheat flours are used to give the rotis their special texture, while a mix of mashed potatoes, green peas and cheese together with a blend of spices gives the potato rolls their dashing flavour. Sprinkling some tangy masala water on the rotis before rolling them improves the flavour and also retains their moistness, while an onion masala mixture adds to the crunch. Enjoy the Spicy Potato and Roti Roll fresh, to relish the best texture and check out for more Wraps / Rolls recipes that you can snack on or enjoy as a One Meal Dinner .
 by Tarla Dalal
Rich in zinc, calcium and protein, this lip-smacking Spicy Red Chana Subzi along with roti and curds will make a sumptuous and complete meal. This recipe makes use of the popular pav bhaji masala along with tomatoes, onions and other spice powders, to produce a rich flavour that tickles the taste buds.
A tangy soup that is aromatic and spicy. Tomatoes introduce tartness to the soup, while blended carrots add thickness, making it a filling meal. Milk is added to balance the tanginess of the tomatoes and lemon juice. Plenty of pepper, chillies and garlic enhance the spice quotient. It is perfect if you want something light and tickles your taste buds- the spicy tomato soup, is thoroughly enjoyable! Serve with Cheese Croutons , Pasta Salad with Basil Vinaigrette and Vegetable Cutlets.
 by Tarla Dalal
The Italian make risotto with a special variety of rice that is called arborio. I have used bulgur wheat as a substitute for rice in this recipe to enrich this delicacy with fibre to help control blood sugar levels after a hearty and satisfying meal. The colourful veggies in this dish makes them extremely appealing and also irresistible due to their aromatic flavours while being cooked. This Dalia Vegetable Risotto is a storehouse of nutrients like protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron as well as fibre. Cook this dish as close to the serving time as possible, as it is best enjoyed as a one dish meal when freshly prepared.
Think of any veggie that appears in Chinese cuisine and you will find it in this spicy stir fry! Made of a colourful and crunchy combination of veggies along with noodles and tangy sauces, this Spicy Stir Fry in Schezuan Sauce features a medley of flavours and textures. With a crisp garnish of fried garlic and coarsely crushed peanuts, this dish offers sheer excitement to the taste buds. Serve this immediately to enjoy the crisp and juicy textures of the vegetables and the topping.
 by Tarla Dalal
Watch your leftover idlis transform into a scrumptious delight as you toss them with crunchy onions, tangy tomatoes and peppy spice powders. The master stroke in this Spicy Tava Idli recipe is the use of pav bhaji masala, a very popular flavour that is loved by young and old alike! Try to serve this as soon as possible, while the flavours and textures are in tact.
 by Tarla Dalal
An interesting preparation of fresh sweet corn, cut and cooked with the cob, later added to an onion and tomato flavoured gravy. The pounded peanut added to the gravy is another highlight of this recipe—the flavour is indeed unique, as you will realise as soon as you take the first spoonful of spicy corn!
 by Tarla Dalal
A delightful chaat that will thrill you to the core – hold it in your hand, capture a whiff of the namkeens dipped in sweet and tangy chutneys and topped with choice spices, dip your fingers and lick the chutney, take a mouthful and lose yourself in this Calcutta style spicy chaat.
 by Tarla Dalal
masala chai recipe | masala tea | Mumbai roadside Masala Tea | Indian spiced tea | with 10 amazing images. Masala Chai is a very famous hot beverage originated from India. Rainy or winter days, it is a go to beverage. For most Indians, the day starts with a cup of masala chai. Chai or tea is a popular beverage made using a handful of aromatic ingredients. The quantity of all the ingredients varies from person to person. Every household has their own style of making it. As the name suggests, masala chai literally translate to spiced tea. The flavour of the tea is very powerful, it is basically made by brewing black tea with masala. We have made masala tea by taking water in a deep pan, added tea powder, the colour and flavour of the masala chai will largely depend upon the strength of tea powder so, always make use of good quality tea powder or tea leaves then add sugar. Further we have added lemongrass which gives a refreshing flavor to the tea. Also, we have added grated ginger which plays an important role in giving tea a refreshing hint. Further chai masala is added which is made with Indian spices. You can readily find it in the market or use our chai masala recipe and boil it all together so that all the flavours are extracted. It will aromatic and the flavour will be properly infused. Lastly, milk is added. You can add milk according to your preference depending on how you like yourmasala tea. If you start walking around the streets of India, you will see a chaiwala around every corner selling tea with biscuits or cream rolls. Be it day or night. Late nights, the chai wala’s are seen selling tea on their cycles making Mumbai roadside Masala Tea very popular . Tea is one of the very famous beverage and people usually start their day with tea and some breakfast. Masala tea can soothe you when you are unwell, rejuvenate you when you are tired, and revive your spirits when you are bored. Start your day with Masala tea and serve it with biscuits or any of your favourite snack. Enjoy masala chai recipe | masala tea | Mumbai roadside Masala Tea | Indian spiced tea | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
 by Tarla Dalal
This Spicy Amla Pickle is a true tongue-tickler, with the perfect masala for tangy amlas! Ideal to serve with any meal, it tastes especially great with rice and dal. It has a lingering flavour, which is both spicy and sour, thanks to the use of various spices and seeds ranging from fennel and fenugreek seeds to chilli powder and asafoetida. The fennel and nigella are crushed and added to the pickle, to give an immense boost to its flavour and aroma. Using mustard oil too gives the pickle a classic flavour. Let the pickle soak for two hours before relishing it. You can also store it in the refrigerator for later use. Have a go at other delectable pickles like the Quick Carrot and Capsicum Pickle and Raw Papaya Pickle .
A rasam that imbibes the goodness of garlic, this is good for digestion as well as for general well-being. Make this rasam at least once a fortnight and enjoy its flavour along with its health benefits. Medu Vada makes an ideal match for Rasam. Just soak the vadas in the rasam and enjoy.
 by Tarla Dalal
A great way to use up left-over rice or pulao and create an altogether new recipe. These parathas are very common in Gujarati homes, where the rice left-over from dinner is seasoned further, stuffed into parathas and served for breakfast or lunch the following day. These parathas can be served with Methambo or Quick Mango Chunda.
 by Tarla Dalal
Chana dal has a somewhat rustic but very satiating texture, flavour and aroma compared to other dals, and if used properly, it can turn into a brilliant accompaniment, as in the case of this Spicy Sindhi Dal. Smartly flavoured with everyday ingredients like green chillies and onions, this dal gets its intense taste from a combination of readily available spice powders and a dash of lime juice as well. Serve hot with a bowl of steaming rice or phulkas.
 by Tarla Dalal
This Spicy Yellow Moong Dal is so tasty you will want to make it every day, and you can – because it is so simple and easy-to-make. Unlike traditional methods of making dal with a ghee-loaded tempering, this dal is made without any oil and yet tastes the same. Moong Dal is a storehouse of nutrients like protein, iron and folic acid, so you can relish this dal without any guilt of putting on extra kilos and with the satisfaction of providing your body machinery with required nutrients. Check out out collection of Zero Oil Recipes and enjoy guilt-free meals.
 by Tarla Dalal
There is a difference in every aspect of this puri – at one level, there is a scrumptious filling of soaked, ground and sautéed urad dal spiced with a special masala; and then there is the dough tinged with the heady aroma of nigella seeds. Without a doubt, these spicy urad dal puris will set you apart as a gourmet cook!
 by Tarla Dalal
This Spicy Chole draws from the goodness of all the aromatic spices in your masala dabba. It is so sumptuous and rich, you will not even realize that it has no onions or potatoes in it! While bottle gourd contributes to the consistency of this special chole preparation, an intense powder of varied spices adds to its flavour. The pomegranate seeds, especially, contributes an appreciable tang and taste to the powder. Serve the Spicy Chole steaming hot with rice or rotis of your choice.
Greens and carrots, interestingly flavoured with ginger, green chillies and other common but effective taste-givers, form the stuffing for these sumptuous whole wheat parathas. The combination of spinach and chawli greens gives the parathas a unique, very appetizing taste that you are sure to enjoy. Since the Spicy Chawli Leaves and Spinach Stuffed Paratha has a rich and spicy taste by itself, you can just serve it with a cup of curds. This is a fabulous way to use chawli leaves, and you will be happy to see your whole family relishing it! Try other parathas like the Papad Stuffed Parathas or Paneer Stuffed Green Pea Parathas .
 by Tarla Dalal
A traditional tempering and fresh buttermilk transform leftover chapatis into a healthy and tasty snack – that you can have for breakfast or any time you are hungry! You can boost the nutrition quotient of the calcium and protein loaded Spicy Chapati Cooked in Buttermilk by adding a cup of vitamin-rich veggies at step 3.
 by Tarla Dalal
Sumptuous khichdi gets an exciting double-twist in this recipe. With the addition of spices, garlic and coconut, the khichdi itself gets a little richer, but when served with a tongue-tickling curry sauce, it becomes nonpareil! The tomato-based sauce is prepared with a masala paste that features almost all the spices in your larder, along with poppy seeds and nuts, which gives it a rich texture as well. Although you can experience the combined flavours of all the ingredients in the Spicy Khichdi with Curry Sauce, the magical aroma of aniseeds stands out in a sharp yet irresistible way.
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