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Recipe# 3869
21 Mar 13

Panchmel ki Subji by Tarla Dalal
Panchmel is a district in gujarat bordering rajasthan. But the word "panchmel" has been commonly used to denote a combination of five ingredients. A judicious mix of five vegetables - gavarfali, chawli, capsicum, cucumber and carrots -constitute the panchmel of this mouth-watering recipe. Tossed in ....
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Recipe# 4343
27 Aug 14

Paneer Koftas in Curd Gravy 
by Tarla Dalal
The moment you think of paneer kofta, the first thing that comes to mind is tangy tomato gravy. While the koftas do taste awesome when topped with pungent tomato-based sauces, you will be amazed by the brilliance of this unique combination with a curd-based gravy! The mildly-spiced curd gravy thicke ....
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Recipe# 3858
11 Aug 14

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Papad ki Churi ( Rajasthani) 
by Tarla Dalal
Another favourite Marwari snack that often accompanies meals. As the name suggests it is a preparation of crushed papads which are tossed in spices and ghee. I have added some Bikaneri bhujia to this recipe to provide extra crunch. Bikaneri papads are a thicker and fierier variety of papads and are ....
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Recipe# 3866
01 Jan 1999

Papad Mangodi ki Subji by Tarla Dalal
Mangodis are made with seasoned moong dal paste. Shaped like small rounds or thin strands they are sun-dried and stored for use throughout the year. The intense desert sun helps to dry them rather quickly. Nowadays, they are also available at most provision stores. In the past, all the womenfolk got ....
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Recipe# 3880
01 Jan 1999

Pithore Kadhi by Tarla Dalal
This kadhi is similar to a pakoda kadhi except that these pakoda like "pithore" are made differently. The kadhi is tangy because it uses sour curds instead of fresh curds. The Rajasthanis have acquired a taste for sour curds but not many of us can appreciate such a sharp kadhi. You can use fresh cur ....
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Recipe# 3878
09 Apr 13

Pumpkin and Mixed Veggie Subzi 
by Tarla Dalal
Here is an interesting subzi from rajasthani cuisine that combines white pumpkin with other vegetables like carrot, cauliflower and french beans. It uses common spices, is very easy to prepare and is also rather light on the stomach, so you can make it any day for lunch or for dinner.
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Recipe# 1500
05 Nov 14

Pumpkin and Potatoes- Rajasthani Style by Tarla Dalal
Almost all the aromatic spices and seeds in your masala dabba come together in this recipe, transforming two simple, everyday vegetables into a mouth-watering delicacy. Curds, tomatoes and dried mango powder impart the required tang to the potatoes and red pumpkin cubes, while a couple of common spi ....
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Recipe# 3636
09 Sep 14

Pyaz ki Kachori by Tarla Dalal
These kachoris probably originated in Jodhpur but are today popular throughout Rajasthan. Very few households actually prepare these crisp, flaky deep fried kachoris stuffed with a onion filling. Steaming hot pyaz ki kachoris or aloo pyaz ki kachoris are sold at most 'namkeen' shops in Rajasthan. Li ....
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Recipe# 4345
04 Sep 13

Pyaz ki Subzi by Tarla Dalal
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An aromatic onion vegetable flavoured with dry masalas. It makes an excellent side dish.
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Recipe# 3908
01 Jan 1999

Raabdi with Bajra Roti by Tarla Dalal
Raabdi or "Raab" as it is commonly known, is a thick gruel prepared using bajre ka atta and curds or buttermilk. Raabdi can be served hot or cold. It is often eaten as a substitute for rice and is served with chaas (buttermilk) or milk. An earthenware pot full of the bajra flour and buttermilk is ....
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Recipe# 3882
01 Jan 1999

Rajasthani Kadhi by Tarla Dalal
The Rajasthani staple dahi pakoda kadhi is more popularly known as 'khatta'. Kadhi-chawal is a meal combination that features almost every other day in Rajasthani households. Nutritious and wholesome, this is one of my favourite recipes which was shared by a very close Marwari friend. I am sure y ....
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Recipe# 6430
01 Jan 1900

Rajasthani Style Kaddu Aur Soya ki Subzi by Tarla Dalal
Every province has its traditional style of cooking their favourite vegetables. Here, we have chosen a popular Rajasthani subzi usually made using potatoes and pumpkin, and smartly replaced starchy potatoes with multi-nutrient soya chunks instead. In all other ways, the Rajasthani Style Kaddu aur So ....
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Recipe# 3864
27 Oct 14

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Shakkar Para by Tarla Dalal
A traditional tea-time snack often made during festive occasions, Shakkar Para is – much to the joy of amateurs – also very easy to make! While there are several ways of making this mildly-sweet snack, this recipe is one of the easiest to follow. Never add the sugar directly to the dough without dis ....
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Recipe# 3899
08 Jan 13

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Shimla Mirch ki Launji by Tarla Dalal
A launji is made of a delicate balance of sweet and tangy flavours which each family has its own recipe, this one came from a friend’s home. She preferred to use capsicum instead of methi or tomatoes and the results were lip smacking. The secret of making a good launji is to let all the ingredients ....
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