red chillies

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Also known as
Lal Mirchi, Lal mirch

Chilli is an erect, branched, shrub-like herb with fruits used as garnishing and flavouring in Thai dishes. There are many different species. Red chillies: These are fatter and less spicy, often sliced and used in Thai curry and soups. These chillies are hotter than jalapeños. Though much-maligned for imparting a hotness that can be unbearable and lasting, red chillies used in conjunction with other spices can add zing to any boring dish.

Chopped red chillies
Chop red chilly into small pieces, using a sharp knife. It can be used for tempering in dal or vegetables. It can also be spiced as topping on Pizza.
Pasilla chillies
Pasilla chilli is a long thin, green colored chilli which turns dark brown when matures and when dried has raisin-texture. The ripe pasilla is called as "Chilaca" or "Chiles Negro" and is available in Mexico. The pungency of pasilla is from mild to medium. In Spanish, Pasilla means "little raisin", an allusion to the deep brown dried pods and raisin like aroma of this flavorful Chilli. The long thin walled glossy dark green fruit at the immature stage ripen to dark chocolate brown with high yields and uniform high quality. Pasilla imparts a rich flavour to enchiladas and chilli sauces.
Red chilli roundels
Sliced red chillies
Place the red chilli on the cutting board and trim off and discard the root and stem ends. Slice using a sharp knife by cutting vertically across the cutting board. Slice them thinly or thickly as the recipe requirement.

How to Select
Pick some fresh from your vegetable patch; pick up a packet of chillies from the supermarket. It is of deep bright red colour. While buying fresh chillies look for shiny, deep red coloured, crisp and unwrinkled ones. Make sure they are bright and unbroken.

Culinary Uses
· Fresh red chillies are milder and great when chopped into salads or for decoration on dishes
· It tastes good as a topping for pizza, pastas etc.
· Shake up some chilli powder with potato chips for a different snack or heat some oil, add ground chillies, some garlic, a dash of salt and a dash of cumin powder to make a hot sauce that can be used to spice up a dish while serving.

How to Store
Leave them out on a counter for a couple of hours to make sure they don't have excess surface water, then bag loosely in plastic (the bag should be able to breath) or paper or netted bags. Store in the refrigerator, will stay good for 2 weeks.

Health Benefits
· All contain capsaicin, a biologically active ingredient beneficial to the respiratory system, blood pressure and heart.
· Other therapeutic uses include being a stomachic, carminative and anti-flatulence agent, and digesting
· Excessively spicy food can cause indigestion and heartburn. Chilli tends to mask other flavours if used indiscreetly. Hence, add in moderation.

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