potato fingers

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Potato fingers refer to potatoes ( boiled or micro waved) which are cut lengthwise into 10 to 12 fingers. These potato fingers may be then rolled in cheese and baked for 5 to 8 minutes. They are usually served with sour cream and chives. Commercially available pre packed potato fingers are available in frozen state which can be fried or saute'd as per recipe requirement after thawing.

Pre-made potato fingers have been available for home cooking since the 1970s, usually having been pre-fried (or sometimes baked), frozen and placed in a sealed plastic bag. Later varieties include those which have been battered and breaded. They have numerous variants, such as "thick-cut fingers", "steak fingers", "shoestring fries", "jojo fries", "crinkle fries", and "curly fries". They can also be coated with breading and spices, which include garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, and salt to create "seasoned fries", or cut thickly with the skin left on to create potato wedges.

How to select

For preparing potato fingers at home, select potatoes which are hard and without any blemishes or dark spots. Frozen fingers may be purchase from refrigerated section after checking th 'best before' date.

Culinary uses

· Serve potato fingers hot with: tomato sauce or Red Pepper and Garlic Dip
· These thin strips of potato can be deep-fried and enjoyed with any sauce of your choice as a crispy tangy snack, notably ketchup, curry, curry ketchup (mildly hot mix of the former), hot or chili sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, feta cheese, garlic sauce, fry sauce, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce.
· These go very well with grilled chicken or steamed fish
· Oven frying delivers a dish different from the traditionally fried item.

How to store

The frozen fingers should be stored in the refrigerator and can be used even till a month.

Health benefits

· They can contain a large amount of fat (usually saturated) or oils from frying
· They are rich in carbohydrate and are a good source of energy.

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