carp fish (rohu)

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rohu, ruee,rui


Carp fish is a common name for various species of an oily freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, a very large group of fish native to Europe and Asia. The Upper body is with dark scales while the Lower body and belly is golden brown. Dark brown dorsal fin and tail and the Pelvic, pectoral and anal fins are with red tint. They are typically found in weedy and slow flowing or standing waters of lakes, ponds, pools and rivers. The carp fish is a herbivore. In India, it is the most common fresh water fish, relished in Eastern states of West Bengal, Orissa and assam. Rohu when cooked as deep fried and seved as an appetizer is very sweet in taste.the prices of rohu are quite reasonable and that's why they are preferred by people who favour fish every day.

How to select

Knowing how to choose fresh fish or seafood is a vital skill for a seafood cook. While buying whole fish, look for bright, clear eyes. The eyes are the window to a truly fresh fish, for they fade quickly into gray dullness. Dull-eyed fish may be safe to eat, but they are past their prime. A fresh fish should smell like clean water, or a touch briny or even like cucumbers. Under no circumstances should you buy a nasty smelling fish. Look at the gills. They should be a rich red. If the fish is old, they will turn the color of faded brick. While buying fish fillets, look for a shiny skin which springs back after pressing. If there is liquid around the fish, it should be clear and not milky. It is always better to buy carp fish from a known fish seller or a well known fish store.

Culinary Uses

" The roe of rohu is also considered as a delicacy by Oriyas and Bengalis. It is deep fried and served hot as an appetizer as part of an Oriya and Bengali meal.
" It is also stuffed inside pointed gourd to make potoler dolma which is a delicacy often prepared to satisfy the palate of the discerning guest.
" Rohu is also served deep fried in mustard oil, as kalia which is a rich gravy made of concoction of spices and deeply browned onions and tok , where the fish is cooked in a flavorful and tangy sauce made of tamarind and mustard
" It is a specialty of Lahori cuisine in Lahori fried fish where it is prepared with batter and spices.
" In Iraq, it is popular as a barbeque fish.
" Carp fish can be grilled, steamed or even made into fish soups, cutlets and cold salads.

How to store

If you caught the fish yourself, you will get as much as a week to 10 days to store the fish in a refrigerator, preferably in a bed of crushed ice. A market-bought fish won't last that long, nor will a piece of fish such as a fillet or a steak. Those will remain at peak condition only for 3-4 days in refrigerator.

Health benefits

" Carp fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid content, but increasing your consumption of all types of fish and seafood is recommended to derive the best health benefits.
" Carp Fish are excellent sources of protein that are low in fat
" The protein in fish is of high quality, containing an abundance of essential amino acids, and is very digestible for people of all ages.
" Carp fish is also generally lower in fat and calories than beef, poultry or pork.
" It is also loaded with minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium.

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