black grapes

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black grapes

Also Known As
Black or Purple Grapes, Kala Draksh

Grape is one of the oldest cultivated fruits. It is a pulpy smooth skinned berry grown in clusters on wines available in many varieties and colors. Black grapes taste sweet, sour and have a characteristic tarry flavor. Grapes contain a lot of tannin, which lead to great red wine. The phytochemicals flavonoids give grapes the deep color and make it juicy.

Chopped black grapes
chopped black grapes
In order to chop black grapes, place them on a chopping board and cut each grape into halves. Now make vertical slits on each halve, arrange the strips together and make horizontal slits to get chopped grapes. The slits can be made finely or thickly to get finely chopped/ roughly chopped grapes as per requirements. Chopped grapes are usually used as toppings on fruit tarts or as an edible garnish on desserts. Use a mix of various colours of grapes and chop to add to the eye appeal as an garnish.

How to Select
Grapes are usually packed in bunches, and stored in soft cardboard boxes. Choose the red to dark black colored grapes, as they are more nutritious as compared to white grape variety. Ensure that the grapes are fully ripe with minimal or no blemishes or skin ruptures before buying. Also while selecting see to it that the grape bunches are well colored with plump berries firmly attached to green pliable stems.

Culinary Uses
Fresh black grapes make a delicious snack. It can be used for dressing or garnishing snacks, salads or juices. The fruit can be slit into thin slices and put as a topping on many snacks and deserts. Apart from being a flavorful fruit, can also be used to make red wines.

How to Store
Black Grapes can be refrigerated in sealed bags or frozen for long-term storage. Wash the grapes only at the time of serving. Its storage life is 30- 180 days depending on the temperature at which stored.

Health Benefits

· The mouth watering black grapes have plenty of health benefits, attributed due to the presence of flavonoids.
· It reduces clumping of blood platelets and reduces blood clots and strengthening heart wall.
· Saponins present in the skin stop the absorption of cholesterol, thus lowering atherosclerosis.
· It has antioxidant properties, flushing out the toxins helping to fight cancer cells, largely preventing breast, liver, lung and prostrate cancer.
· The polyphenols in grapes can protect elastin fibers and collagen in the skin, which resist free radicals.
· The fatty acids in grapes can breathe life into lifeless hair.

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