avocado pulp

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avocado pulp

Also Known as
Avocado Pulp, Mashed Avocado

Take two avocados and with a knife slice around each avocado (around the large pit) in order to make two halves. Pull out and discard the large round pit.
With a spoon, scrape out the inside pulp of the avocado and place into a plastic bowl, or Tupperware bowl. Mash the avocado pulp with a fork or a potato masher until it is mashed up however leaves some small chunks.

How to Select
Select the ripe variety of avocado, without any bruises, for best pulp.

Culinary Uses
· Avocados can be part of a host of summer meals, from sandwiches to salads
· Use with tortilla chips as a dip, a filling for plump cherry tomatoes,
· as an accompaniment for Mexican entrees, or as a spread on sandwiches.
· Guacamole, which is made with avocado is a very popular Mexican accompaniment

How to Store
Best stored in refrigerator.

Health Benefits
· Avocado possesses wholesomeness, purity, ease of digestibility and has finest quality of protein.
· It is an excellent remedy for acute digestive disorders.
· Avocado is far more superior to any mouth lotion or remedies for bad breath.
· The oil can be applied to cure psoriasis.
· Avocados are a good source of Vitamin E, which is not only essential for the normal functioning of the body but is also a potent anti-oxidant which protects polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes from free-radical attack.
· Avocados also contain goodly amounts of Vitamin C (necessary for the production of collagen needed for the growth of new cells and tissues, prevents viruses from penetrating cell membranes, and also a powerful anti-oxidant), thiamine (converts carbohydrates to glucose to fuel the brain and nervous system), and riboflavin (helps the body to release energy from proteins, carbohydrates fat).

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