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Apples have a round shape with a depression at the top where the stem is attached. Some apples are almost perfectly round, while others are more rounded at the top and narrower at the bottom. Apple fruits are firm and the skin is shiny and smooth. Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, yellows. The flesh is white or ivory. Before consuming, lightly scrub apples in cool water to remove the light wax coating or any dirt and any potential leftover insecticides. Then chop it in the desired form given below.

Apple cubes
Dice or cube ingredients by cutting them into uniform strips. Line up the strips with your non-working hand and cut them into square pieces. Cube them as per the recipe's need regarding the size of the cubes, (for example, "cut into ½-inch cubes"). Generally apples are cubed without removing the skin, but if the recipe requires peeled apple cubes, peel the apple and then cut inti cubes of desired size.
Apple skins swirls
Apple swirls can be made by moving the sharp thin knife with a twisting or whirling motion carefully. This looks spiral, whorl, or twist. It gives an interesting look to garnish desserts, apple pie or any fruit dish.

Apple wedges
Select a sharp chef's knife. Before you begin, you can either peel or unpeel as per one's choice. Chop the apple into half and scoop out the seeds from the center. Place the apple on a chopping board. Hold your knife comfortably, with your forefinger running down one side of the blade and your thumb pressed against the opposite side, chop it triangular in cross section. Apple wedges are wonderful to garnish any cake, desserts or a fruit platter.
Chopped apples
Apple can be peeled or unpeeled, as desired. Take a sharp knife, slice it from the top to remove the stem and then cut it into half from the centre. Cut the half portion into another half and remove the seeds from centre. Chop ingredients by cutting them in small pieces approximately ¼ inch in diameter, although the chopped food doesn't need to be exactly the same size. If the recipe calls for the ingredients to be "coarsely chopped," make the pieces slightly larger
Deseeded apples
Apple corer is used to extract the core from the apple without cutting the apple into sections and then individually cutting out each part of the core. This tool has a circular cutting edge that is forced down into the apple, allowing the apple to remain whole so it can then be easily sliced into sections for eating it out of hand or baking it whole with the outer skin intact.
Grated apples
Apple can be grated thinly or thickly using a grater as required by the recipe. Thinly grated apple can be added to beverage or in salad.
Sliced apples
Using the melon baller, scoop out the stems (top and bottom). Peel the apple, if you would like. Then, cut the apple in half. Slice using a sharp knife by cutting vertically across the cutting board. Slice them thinly or thickly as the recipe requirement, can used as a garnish or for recipes like apple pie, apple crumble or stewed apples.

How to Select
Purchase well-colored apples that are firm, with a fresh (not musty) fragrance. Skins should be smooth, with no bruises.

Culinary Uses
· Apples are a favorite fruit of many people for eating out of hand or in fresh salads. The fruit of many apple varieties are also excellent for making a wide variety of cooked products.
· Once cut, apples will discolour if left open to the air. To avoid discoloration, dip in an ascorbic juice (such as pineapple or lemon), sprinkle cut surfaces with lemon juice or cover with a cling film and keep refrigerated till use.
· Apples can be baked in an oven and served with custard or put into an apple pie or apple crumble. An apple is baked till it becomes soft. The core is removed and often stuffed with other fruits, brown sugar, raisins, or cinnamon.
· Apples are a natural way to sweeten cooked cereals, such as oatmeal, and they make wonderful desserts when baked in pies, cakes, muffins, and cobblers. Dried apple slices keep well and make a fine snack.
· Dried apple slices are also available which can be used as a snack or can be incorporated in various recipes.
· Apple juices, milkshake, ice cream and jam are favourite with most kids.
· Applesauce is a popular food that is simple to cook and made with few ingredients. The basic ingredients consist of cooking apples, sugar and water. Other ingredients, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, lemon juice or zest, and apple cider, can be added to enhance the flavor.

How to Store
Apples turn brown quickly especially when chopped finely or grated hence apply lemon juice. Store apples in a plastic bag in a cool, dark place of your refrigerator. Cold, humid storage ensures that apples maintain their crispness, juicy texture and full flavour.

Health Benefits
· "An apple a day keeps away" is enough to talk to about the fruit.
· Don't peel your apple. Two-thirds of the fiber and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel Antioxidants help to reduce damage to cells, which can trigger some diseases.
· Apples are beneficial in the treatment of both Constipation (raw apples) & Diarrhoea (cooked/stewed apples).
· Apples are also good for diabetics as the soluble fiber assists in regulating blood sugar, preventing a sudden increase or drop in serum sugar levels.
· Apples are of special value to heart patients, as they are rich in potassium and phosphorous but low in sodium. Also, effective for high blood Pressure because of its Diuretic effect.
· Apples have a mouth cleansing property which no other fruit possess.

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