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Non-Fried Snacks (Farsan)

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ISBN: 9788189491826

Who doesn’t love snacks! Those mouth-watering deep-fried samosas, kachoris and wadas, which later leave us repenting the increased waistline! This book – Non-Fried Farsaans – is the end such worries. I am sure you will be happy to know that there are some farsaans that can be ‘non-fried’, that is, baked or cooked in very little oil without compromising on its taste. The unique recipes included in this book include the baked samosa and kachori, non-fried ghughras and wadas, which are my personal favourites too.
These and more recipes are packed into this book, divided into 6 sections (plus accompaniments) for easy reference. Tasty all-time favourites, followed by the ever-healthy dhoklas, the traditional pankis, pandolis and khandvis. And how can any book on Gujarati snacks be complete without a mention of the lesser-known, exotic khichus, handvos, patras and muthias.
With variety and variants for each farsaan, this book is a must-have! Stuff them with an extra dose of love and care and watch the smiles bloom on the faces of the diners!

Pages in Colour: 63

Price: Rs.250
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