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Ice-creams & Frozen Desserts

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ISBN: 81-86469-71-0

This collection of 48 delicious creamy flavours are all made easily at home using only your blender and refrigerator! These ice-creams are completely natural, preservative free and economical too.
Try the traditional favourites like vanilla, chocolate and mango and some new flavours like apricot and custard ice-cream among others. There are Indian favourites like thandai ice-cream and gulab jamun kulfi too.....isn't your mouth watering?
There's a section on frozen desserts, sundaes and ice-cream accompaniments like crepes, nougat basket and brandy snaps to complement all the delicious ice-creams you make.

Recipes included are
1. Rich vanilla ice-cream
2. Orange ice-cream
3. Apple cinnamon ice-cream
4. Apricot and custard ice-cream
5. Fig ice-cream
6. Chocolate chip cookie ice-cream
7. Mango kulfi
8. Rose and almond ice-cream
9. Plum and banana sorbet
10. Coffee parfait

Pages : 96
Recipes : 65
Pages in Colour : 8

Price: Rs.299
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