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Idlis & Dosas-Hindi

Pages : 102
Recipes : 96
Pages in Colour : 8
ISBN: 81-89491-13-X

This book is a small, but delightful collection of recipes which are a gateway to a whole new world of Idlis and Dosas.
Also included is a section on how to make delicious delicacies using leftover Idlis and Dosas.
You will really discover a whole new world of Idlis and Dosas.

Recipes included are-
Corn Idli
Kanchipuram Idlis
Spinach Appam
Neer Dosa
Crispy Cup Dosa
Paper Dosa
Pulse Appe
Vegetable Stew

Price Rs.89/-  | Weight: 120gms
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Kadhai and Tava Cooking Delights-Hindi

ISBN: 123456789


Price Rs.344/-  | Weight: 450gms
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Kam Calorie Paushtik Aahaar (Hindi)

Pages : 148
Recipes : 138
Pages in Colour : 16
ISBN: 81-86469-63-X

This is a first attempt by an Indian author to analyse the nutritional value of Indian food.

It also provides information on healthy eating habits. Each recipe is low in calories, yet delicious.

The nutritional content of each recipe is tabulated along with its calorific value.

Price Rs.209/-  | Weight: 290gms
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Kebabs and Tikkis-Hindi

Pages: 96 (all colour)
Recipes: 61
No. of recipe pictures: 42

ISBN: 1234567890

I love entertaining and having parties, like most of you. And when I talk to fellow-hosts, I find that they are almost always worried about what snacks to serve – the main course and desserts are easier to finalise! It so happens that after much thought they usually settle for common, tried-and-tested dishes such as Paneer Tikkas. Hmmm, there will be a time when your guests would have had enough of it!
Some of the kebabs in this book have been deep-fried or cooked in ghee.

Price Rs.299/-  | Weight: 500gms
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Madhurima (Hindi)

Pages : 150
Recipes : 140
Pages in Colour : 10
ISBN: 81-900353-3-9

Vegetarian cookery has never been so much fun. Tarla Dalal introduces you to vegetarian world cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican, Italian and of course Indian.

Recipes included are -
Citrus Cooler
Lentil and Vegetable Broth
Chhilkewale Parathe
Handi Khichdi
Malai Cauliflower
Corn Panki
Mee Hoon
Vegetable Burgers
Taco Salad
Macaroni Hotpot
French Apple Tart
Cocoa Fudge Cake

Price Rs.250/-  | Weight: 325gms
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Microwave Se Pakaiye Vyanjan (Hindi)

Pages : 60
Recipes : 52
Pages in Colour : 8
ISBN: 81-86469-55-9

Do you use your microwave only for reheating food?

Then, this book is for you !

It is designed to help you make optimum use of your microwave oven.

It teaches you to cook mouthwatering delicacies in minutes.

From basics like soups to more time consuming dishes lik ....

Price Rs.189/-  | Weight: 383gms
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Microwave Snacks and Desserts-Hindi

Recipes : 74
No. of pages : 122
Pages in colour : 14
ISBN: 978-81-89491-30-7

All your favourite dishes can be cooked in the microwave with a minimal fuss. You’d be surprised how quickly the snacks and desserts can be prepared and you can cook and serve in the same dish too, so there’s less washing.

This book has sections on starters and snacks, tea time treats and b ....

Price Rs.230/-  | Weight: 300gms
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Microwave Subzis-Hindi

Pages: 102
Recipes: 40
Pages in colour: 8

ISBN: 9789380392011

Microwave Subzis is a well-planned and comprehensive collection of 40 recipes of delicious Indian subzis prepared in the microwave. The recipes in the book have been clubbed into five very interesting sections: Roz Ki Subzi, Paneer Ki Subzi, Desi Subziyan, Daawatwali Subzi and Swadisht Curries. They ....

Price Rs.89/-  | Weight: 89gms
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Pages : 132
Recipes : 105
Pages in Colour : 8

ISBN: 81-86469-87-7

MITHAIS, also known as "Mishtaan" (meaning sweet food), are synonymous with celebrations in India. Any good news is that of a promotion, marriage, birth in a family is invariably heralded with a box of sweets. Our favourite expression is "muh meetha karo".
An astounding variety of sweets is avai ....

Price Rs.250/-  | Weight: 261gms
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Paneer Snacks-Hindi

Pages: 104
Pages in Colour: 104
Recipes: 42
Images: 41
ISBN: 978-93-80392-08-0

Paneer, commonly known as cottage cheese, is a prominent and popular ingredient when it comes to snacks. Be it in the form of tikkis and kebabs or as a part of stuffed cutlets and pakodas, you will always find paneer featuring in a snack platter. This book is dedicated to that magic ingredient, and ....

Price Rs.125/-  | Weight: 150gms
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