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Healthy Juices

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ISBN: 81-89491-00-8

My book ‘HEALTHY JUICES’ comprises of a variety of appetizing juices that are made from natural fruits and vegetables and they do not contain any added sugar, salt, additives or preservatives. The juices here are clubbed under 5 unique sections viz. Power Juices (to boost energy and increase stamina), Cleansing Juices (to cleanse the system), Vitality Juices (to build up the immune system and fight diseases), Therapeutic Juices (to combat different ailments like hypertension, anaemia etc.) and Fresh and Fruity (a plethora of fresh fruit juices). Recipes are for people of all ages and yield up to 300ml (2 glasses) of juice.

So just have fun while making these juices, enjoy their taste and live a healthier, happier life! Here are few of my favourites.......

Melon and Papaya Tango
Cucumber Cooler
Fresh Complexion Express
Iron Relish
Anti Cholesterol Shake
Digestive Aid
Super 7 Stress Reliever
Fruity Express

Pages: 104
Recipes: 39
Pages in colour pages: 10

Price: Rs.99
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