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Delicious Diabetic Recipes

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ISBN: 978-81-86469-69-9

Delicious Diabetic Recipes gives easy to follow information on some basic facts about diabetes as well as diabetic diet. It is a collection of meticulously planned recipes from different cuisines like Indian, Continental, Italian, Chinese and Mexican to add more variety to our meals. So, the next time someone says that a diabetic diet is boring and uninteresting, tell him or her to refer to this book.

Recipes included are:
Mint and Masoor Tikkis
Soyabean Biryani
Mexician Pita Pockets
Dieter's Pizza
Tum Yum Soup
Tangy Italian Salad
Apple Rabadi
Orange Rum Cake

Recipes : 75
No. of pages : 160
Pages in colour : 8

Price: Rs.250
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