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Cooking with Sprouts

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ISBN: 978-81-89491-72-7

Sprouting gives seeds a complete health boost, enhancing their nutrient content and making them easier to digest and absorb. Not just that, the seeds also become crunchier and tastier when sprouted! All of which makes them an ingredient one must include in their daily diet. But still, I am sure none of us can eat a bowlful of sprouts again and again, in the same boring salad style (with lemon and salt) or as a conventional subzi. You need not cope with boredom anymore!
In “Cooking with Sprouts”, you can now consume this tiny treasure trove of nutrients in the form of interesting and delectable 45 recipes that are divided under sections such as “Soups And Salads”, “Snacks”, “Subzis And Stir fries”, “Rice” and “Traditional Favourites”.

Join me on this healthy journey. Let’s learn to make sprouts and explore a variety of Indian, international and low-cal recipes using them!

Pages : 102
Recipes : 39
Pages in Colour : 8

Price: Rs.99
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